(Sing If You're) Glad To Be Gay

Album: Power In The Darkness (1977)
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  • "(Sing If You're) Glad To Be Gay" by the Tom Robinson Band (TRB) was recorded as part of a live EP in November 1977 and appears on Robinson's critically acclaimed debut album Power In The Darkness. As might be expected, this song calls on homosexuals to "come out" and declare their sexuality with pride. Robinson was an out – though not effeminate – homosexual at the time, although in later life he married and raised a family.
  • The song contains the interesting couplet:

    There's no nudes in Gay News, our one magazine
    But they still found excuses to call it obscene

    Those familiar with the story behind this claim might beg to differ.

    In June 1976, Gay News published a poem by the academic James Kirkup, The Love That Dares To Speak Its Name (a pun on Oscar Wilde). This "poem" described a centurion performing sexual acts on the dead body of Christ, and caused grave offense to many people, especially Christians.

    As a result of this, the Christian activist Mrs. Mary Whitehouse (one half of "Mary Long") brought a prosecution for blasphemous libel – the first in Britain since 1921 - against the paper and its editor, Denis Lemon. The trial, in July 1977, resulted in their conviction, a fine for both defendants, and a suspended sentence for Lemon; Kirkup was not prosecuted.

    The same issue of the journal contained an article by an anonymous pedophile in defense of his perversion.

    Cultural references aside, this song is a bitter attack on the police as much as on the law, a perennial favorite with Robinson. >>
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  • Matt from York, Pa"Those familiar with the story behind this claim might beg to differ. In June 1996..." Almost 20 years after the song was released. If it can be proven that there were nudes or something especially obscene in Gay News at the time the song came out, then one can "beg to differ". Maybe that couplet doesn't hold true anymore, but it's not proven that it did not at the time. Therefore, it is still a credible claim: that people called the magazine "obscene" simply because it featured "gay" topics. In my opinion, the libel suit against the magazine was an act of unnecessary and unlawful censorship. Why would a conservative Christian be reading Gay News, except to find reasons to be offended and bring opposition against it? The magazine was a special interest magazine, not one that would be found in a doctor's office like People or Times. Although, if I were chief editor, I would try to ensure that it could be. I guess I am what you would call a "family-friendly" gay man. Children are justifiably exposed to motifs of marriage and dating in mainstream media, but obviously we should try to limit their exposure to explicitly sexual material for as long as possible. Keeping that kind of material out of a magazine is a good way to reach a wider audience and increase social acceptance. And for the record, it highly offends me when anyone supports the defense of child molestation; a crime against humanity and innocence as wicked and sick as rape or murder.
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