Bad Child

Album: Single release only (2020)


  • Over bouncy keys and fat bass, Tones and I sings about being misunderstood.

    I guess I'm always gonna be the bad child
    And to every single person here that doubts me
    Telling me that they could live without me
    Cause they will never understand my weird mind
  • Released on March 12, 2020 as a double A-side single alongside "Can't Be Happy All The Time," the two songs are Tones and I's first new material since The Kids Are Coming. While the tracks on that EP were autobiographical, here she writes from someone else's perspective. "I've always wanted to write a song in someone else's shoes," she said. "'Bad Child' was the first time I got to do that. It's seeing life growing up through someone else's eyes."

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  • Middle ChildI'm sorry to all of the people out there who have mental health issues whose parents just make it worse. But I think one of my siblings would really be able to relate to this song.
  • OchakoI have a lot of mental health issues that make me really relate to this song. I am the kid that is always in trouble.
  • Lilly Hancockthis song is basicaly like my life story, my younger brother always gets what he wants, yet when i ask for something or am upset i get yelled at and locked outside.
  • Idk from No UI completely relate to this song my parents believe the only reason that I'm not as good as my brother is that I'm stupid not the fact that its obvious I have multiple mental health issues and they think the best way to fix it is to tell at me and stress me out more
  • Hailey Joy from TnThis song I can relate to sooo parents don't think that I'm a good child, but when my younger sis comes- Well done Sophie want to go get ice cream, you got B+ well done. For me I usually get...You got a A-, your a disgrace...why do I get that I don't get praise no matter how hard I try I just get hate. So now I resort to my music and work...though I am only thirteen I work and I do a good job, but no praise for it. Music calms me but my mom says the music I listen to is bad well that's what I relate to I listen to music that I relate to soo get out of my room!!!
  • Bad from ChildI love this song and it made some since
    The video is so beautiful it brings tears to your eyes
  • Lily The Bad Child I understand it
  • Eli from SwedenThis song is so Amazing, it's a 9/10 (my favourite singer is Billie Eilish but Tones And I is so frikkin' good too)
  • Alaina from Pine Rivers High Shool this song will change the world and tones and I are the best because they tell a story with every word and its not fake
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