by Tool

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  • This is a 56 second ditty on Aenima. So many of the tracks on the album are mind-numbingly serious and complicated, this "song" gives a small break or intermission from it all. It shows Tool's softer, comical side. >>
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    Angela - Sacramento, CA
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  • Isaakanderson from Louisiana if u listen to it its the next song Jimmy :P
  • Katrina from Orlando, FlPeter is right. I've had this cd since I was in high school (I've since graduated with my masters) and it took me years to realize this is the video game-sounding version of the beginning of the song Jimmy. I can't believe it took so long for me to notice it. I just had figured it was another random little track on the album.
  • Alex from Beech Grove, InI listen to full albums so I get to listen to every song. When I listen to Aenema and Intermission comes up, I smile for no reason and start to dance. Lmao!
  • John from Pittsburgh, PaLove how it goes right into Jimmy. Very cool and very creepy.
  • Peter from Hønefoss, NorwayThis is actually the Piano version of 'Jimmy', the following song on the album. I had to check my ears when listening to it, I guess this is worth noting on the song :)
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