Bad As The Boys
by Tove Lo (featuring Alma)

Album: Sunshine Kitty (2019)
  • Tove Lo details on this light bop, a summer fling that turned to heartbreak.

    I've met her in the summer
    Thinking life will get better
    But she's gone now
    Took my heart and sunk with it
    She was just as bad as the boys

    The emotional cruelty of Tove Lo's summer girl crush was on par with that of past dudes.
  • "Bad as the Boys" is based on Tove Lo's first relationship when she was a teenager. Said the singer: "It's about that sting you feel in your heart when you know summer is coming to an end and so is the romance."
  • The song also features a verse from the Finnish pop singer Alma. "Since I'm singing about a girl I wanted another female artist on it who also likes girls; so I hit up Alma," said Tove Lo. "She really felt the song and was down to sing it with me."
  • "Bad as the Boys" marks the third collaboration between Tove and Alma, after the pair appeared together on Charli XCX's 2017 track "Out Of My Head" and the remix of Tove Lo's "Bitches."


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