Cool Girl

Album: Lady Wood (2016)
Charted: 46 84
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  • The lead single from Lady Wood, this was written by Tove Lo with The Struts. The Swedish singer collaborated with the production duo on half of the tracks on her debut Queen Of The Clouds album, including the hit singles "Habits (Stay High)" and "Talking Body."
  • The song was inspired by a monologue scene from the creepy 2014 film Gone Girl involving its titular character played by Rosamund Pike. Tove Lo told The Sun: "I wrote it pretty soon after I saw Gone Girl. It's the moment she goes from being a victim to a psycho."
  • In the movie Gone Girl (based on a novel by Gillian Flynn) Rosamund Pike's character Amy is very manipulative, essentially playing the role of a "cool girl" in order to win over Ben Affleck's character Nick, acting like she is perfectly fine with pizza and beer and his wandering eyes.

    In most romantic relationships, each person is putting forth a different version of themselves to appeal to the other, which is what Tove Lo takes on in this song. When she sings, "Let's not put a label on it, let's keep it fun," she's giving the guy what he wants, a-la Amy in the film. In the bridge is when she gets real, expressing what she really wants:

    I got fever highs
    I got boiling blood
    I'm that fire
    We could burn together
  • Tove Lo told the BBC she penned the chilly lyrics about our weird need to play the game of "whoever feels less has the power" in relationships.

    The Swede added: "When you create, you try to get out of your safe zone. It's okay to be upset or depressed. You'll pick yourself back up. We shouldn't be so scared of our emotions... You think you want someone who doesn't want you, or you want someone who isn't fazed by anything you do. Really we all just want full on, real love."
  • In this song, Tove Lo tries to play it cool by keeping the guy she is attracted to at a distance: "Ice cold, I roll my eyes at you."

    She told the BBC: "Making the other person insecure is kind of stupid when you like someone. It takes more courage to have an open heart - that's what I'm trying to say, but it's sarcastic. It's like the opposite song!"
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