Give Me One Reason

Album: New Beginning (1996)
Charted: 3


  • Let's get the first big shock over with: This song was not by Janis Joplin in the 1960s. It certainly sounds like it could be. But "Give Me One Reason" was written by Tracy Chapman in the 1980s, recorded in 1995, and released in 1996.

    Chapman in fact makes a career out of '60s-style folk-blues rock, making her territory "folk revival," complete with the social and political message that also defined the Flower Power generation.

    "Give Me One Reason," then, is a straightforward blues love song, with a defiant slant daring you to argue with her to get her to stay.
  • Amongst many signs of popularity, this song has appeared in numerous seasons of the TV show American Idol, selected by contestants as their performance piece.
  • The album New Beginning got to #4 on Billboard's 200 Album chart, and this song's single went platinum. Tracy Chapman is also a four-time Grammy winner.
  • The Grammys categorized this as a rock song, which is a bit of a stretch. It won for Best Rock Song, marking the second consecutive year that award was won by a woman - Alanis Morissette won the previous year for "You Oughta Know."

    "Give Me One Reason" received three other Grammy nominations it didn't win: Record Of The Year, Song Of The Year and Best Female Rock Vocal Performance. Chapman won the Best New Artist Grammy in 1988.

Comments: 3

  • Willie Mai from TaiwanI believe Adam Levy played the lead guitar and solos for the original studio recording of this song.
  • Ron Snodgrass from Roseville, Cawhat is the name of the other guitarist that play the solo's and licks on give me one reason.
  • Camille from Toronto, OhGreat song with great sentiment. Most of us have had this feeling while in a relationship. To my way of thinking, she doesn't really want to leave. Love Tracy Chapman's delivery of the song. Always great to hear it.
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