Itsuki No Komori Uta

Album: Koto of Japan (1800)
  • Itsuki is a remote village in the Land of the Rising Sun, and according to the 1972 publication Folk Songs Of Japan, its main claim to fame is "Itsuki No Komori Uta," which, says editor Donald Berger, is "the only example of a Japanese folk song in triple meter," although an earlier version appears to be in duple meter, but whatever "the melody is one of the most beautiful to be found anywhere", a sad song in the voice of a man of humble origin, it is published herein in 3/4 time.
  • There is no uniformity of translation, and the title can also be rendered "Itsuki No Komoriuta" or perhaps more fittingly in English as "Itsuki Lullaby" or "Lullaby Of Itsuki." The song renders equally well played with traditional Japanese or with Western instruments. >>
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  • Shari from Gilbert, AzThere are two versions of this song: One that is more commonly heard and one the traditional version sung in the dialect of the people of Itsuki.
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