Itsuki No Komori Uta

Album: Koto of Japan (1800)
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  • Most common version:
    Odoma bon-giri bon-giri,
    Bon kara sakya oran-do
    Bon ga hayo kurya,
    Hayo modoru.

    Odoma kanjin-kanjin,
    Anhito-tacha yoka-shu
    Yoka-hu yoka obi,
    Yoka kimon'.

    Translation (common version):
    I will be here until Bon Festival,
    After Bon Festival, I will not be here.
    If Bon Festival comes earlier,
    I would return home earlier.

    I am from the poor families,
    They are from the rich families.
    The rich people wear good belts,
    Wear good clothes.

    Traditional version:
    Odoma iya iya,
    Naku ko no mori nya.
    Naku to iwarete uramareru,
    Naku to iwarete uramareru.

    Nenne shita ko no
    Kawai sa, muzo sa.
    Okite naku ko no tsura niku sa.
    Okite naku ko no tsura niku sa.

    Translation (traditional):
    I certainly hate
    Taking care of the crying child.
    They hate me for keeping the child to cry,
    They hate me for keeping the child to cry.

    The sleeping child's
    Cuteness and Innocent look!
    The crying child's ugly look,
    The crying child's ugly look.

    Lyrics from a song in Public Domain

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  • Shari from Gilbert, AzThere are two versions of this song: One that is more commonly heard and one the traditional version sung in the dialect of the people of Itsuki.
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