Lullaby And Good Night

Album: Lullaby And Good Night (1868)


  • Originally written as part of a symphony by Johannes Brahms, this song was first written as an instrumental symphony originally entitled, "Wiegenlied, Opus 49 Number 4." The words to this well known lullaby were originally written by Brahms in German. The vocal version was originally entitled, "Guten Abend, Gut Nacht," which in German literally translates as "Good Evening, Good Night."
  • Brahms wrote the vocal version for Bertha Faber, a young mother from Germany who wanted a new song to sing to her first newborn child. Although there is no official date for which the English lyrics to this song were written, many sources say that the English lyrics carry some similarity to the original German Lyrics. >>
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  • Emily from Around Chicago, IlMy mother never new the words to this song, so she made up her own:
    "Lullaby/and goodnight/Go to sleep my little baby/And dream/Of the moon/and the stars in the sky/Cuddle up/With your blanket/And your Winnie the Pooh/And when you/Wake up/I'll be right here with you"
  • Annabelle from Eugene, OrI like the melody, but I could never stand it being sung by my Grandma Dorcas! Blaaaaaaaand! Face it! I hated it when she sang to me! The woman didn't have the voice of a musician! However, when the melody is just music, and especially when I've written song lyrics that are set to the tune of this melody, they are very sweet and tender. These songs would surely put my Grandma Dorcas to shame!
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