Writing To Reach You

Album: The Man Who (1999)
Charted: 14


  • According to Q Magazine's 1001 Greatest Songs, Fran Healy of Travis says he basically borrowed this from Wonderwall by Oasis: "I just changed the rhythm and melody. You can sing Waiting To Reach You over Wonderwall, and vice versa." As an acknowledgment, the song contains the lyric "what's a Wonderwall anyway?" >>
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    Edward Pearce - Ashford, Kent, England

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  • Nixy from Austraaaaaaalia, AustraliaI'm fairly sure Fran Healy (singer) said he wrote this song after reading a book. The book was a book of letters from the main character of the book to his love (or something along those lines). The inspiration and use of Wonderwall happened because it was on the radio and getting lots of airplay at the time Fran was writing the song. I remember reading this on the Travis website baaaaaack in the day when the album this song is on was first released and they had little snippets of info on each song.... I'm pretty sure it's right :P
  • Renee from SaskatoonThe mash-up song is called "Boulevard of Broken Songs" and was made by a DJ called Party Ben for the mash up album "American Edit", and going under the name Dean Gray. the song was banned by Warner music for copyright infringements or something.
  • Doug from Balintore, Scotlandall these comments are great, but what the hell is the song about?!
  • Sam from Christchurch, New Zealandjanine from germany, geraldine is actually refering to the new remix which included oasis, green day, travis, aerosith and eminem
  • Janine from Gk, GermanyLol, I think they only mixed it with 'Wonderwall' by Oasis - 'Boulevard of broken dreams' was released about 7 years after 'Writing to reach you' ;)
  • Geraldine from Sydney, Australiathey actually mixed this song with wonderwall by oasis and boulevard of broken dreams by green day
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