Sing For The Moment

Album: The Eminem Show (2002)
Charted: 6 14
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  • In this song Eminem raps about how people are always trying to be like him and what it's really like to be a rapper and how hard it can be. >>
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    Joe - Gloversville, NY
  • This samples the vocals from the 1973 Aerosmith hit "Dream On." While the sounds of Steven Tyler were sampled, his Aerosmith bandmate Joe Perry recorded the guitar solo used in this song specifically for Eminem.
  • The line, "You're full of s--t too, Guerra, that was a fist that hit you" is a reference to a fight Eminem had with John Guerra, who he saw kissing his wife outside a Detroit area bar in June of 2000. Police said Eminem hit Guerra with a gun, and Guerra received a settlement of $100,000. >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France
  • Eminem was addressing here the critics who didn't understand why people were identifying with him. He explained in an annotated comment on Rap Genius: "I realized I was becoming like the rappers that I looked up to as a kid. I identified with and loved LL Cool J and the Beastie Boys. I felt like if everybody didn't understand their music, it didn't matter - they were speaking to me. So that's what I was trying to make people realize on this track."

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  • Robert Thompson from Albania ShkoderTo simplify this for anyone wondering about the mix up around Aerosmith's "Dream On" and Eminem's "Sing For The Moment", this is not a "cover", this is not a "re-make" and this is not a "steal" either. From what i searched online (you can search and will find the same info by yourself), it turns out that Eminem *requested* from Aerosmith the permission to use a sample/s (keyword being "sample/s") on his song and they obviously agreed, and from what people say, gladly so. So gladly that Joe Perry himself plays the guitar solo in the end specifically for this record, meaning they actually put their time and effort into it (as much as that may have been, it always counts and i'm glad they did) rather than just saying "yes" and moving on with it.

    Now, for clarifying on what he "did to the song" or not, think about this. I was a teenager, i couldn't speak or understand English, hardly a couple of bits and didn't have access to internet until quite later. I had no idea who was Aerosmith and really hardly even Eminem but first i got to know Eminem and without having a clue what the song is about i fell in love with it and couldn't help but try to "sing" (what must have sounded like babbling nonsense) along every time with great joy and emotions. It's a song which if you let it in, it hits you in ways you might not expect, it simply makes you feel even if you're not into it or anything. But to continue my point further, this exact song right here, was my first meeting with Aerosmith's songs and i only found out a few months ago the 2 songs were actually even related because, 1. I had no idea of that song even existing and i thought maybe it's just one of those great ones i've never heard before and maybe i heard it but wasn't my taste (yeah, dead wrong on the last part there). And now 2. When i heard the song i was watching talent shows online (quite uncommon of me really) and i was dancing and singing along with it and sounded familiar but i couldn't believe it when i read it was from Aerosmith... Hate me for it if you want but i've always been much more of a Rock and Metal fan than any sort of pop-related genres. i always did appreciate honest art nonetheless, which is how i couldn't help but love the Aerosmith's version too, of course. You can't blame someone for having a different taste in art or seeing things differently from you, the closest you could get with blaming is, people not even trying to understand the true values in someone's art. Which seems to be a lot of that going on in here.

    So... in other words, Eminem practically praised and honored the legends by singing their legendary song and little did he (and obviously too many of you too) know, he was presenting the world to a different culture they were not before familiar with (like me and many others like me, not to mention the millions from the coming generations that will dig up and find a treasure). This is art, they can't feed it down our throat, they can only suggest it to us and let us pick it up and i think he did true justice to it since that part almost always gave me a change of heartbeats and knocked me back into the song to feel it all. This is a magical connection between 2 genres of music, 2 seemingly different cultures of art and i am convinced it could not be done much better, it is true art in its own right and we should be damn appreciative this happened and cherish the honor given to the original creators and the powerful message delivered by the creator of the lyrics too. Each have their own unique and indisputable values and should never be never sacrificed in the eyes of others to praise another because there's enough place in this world for all.

    Rap is not an entertainment thing where you just do whatever pleases the people, actually much less than Rock is. It's a form of communication, it's a universal language of delivering a message through the deeper senses of Human nature and it does work wonders, but whether it makes up beats on a box, clapping hands or beating drums or simply takes an existing record and augments its expressional range to another side that needs to be presented to the world, it matters not "to who" or "from who" but "how much", "how strong" and "how deep and wide" can it reach, which in this song proves to be exceptional, or at the very least, excellent, in my opinion. It is about the lyrics and atmosphere, which isn't there to make you feel right, it's there to tell you something which might help you become either aware or learn/gain the power to make yourself feel right. I fail to see how pre-determined people seem on missing that just because it's rap or something else.

    Please stop the hate and judgement, just live, love and sing for the moment, even if just for today, maybe tomorrow, the good lord will take you away... I hope i made myself clear and justified the length of this comment. Have a nice day. :)
  • Anthony from Hernando Ms.Favorite song by him he is so amazing he is mentioned in multiple songs and videos like Still Dre.
  • Anthony from Hernando Ms.Eminem is the best rapper ever everyone is entitled to their own opinions but he is.
  • Chassidy from TexasYou know, despite whether or not you like the song, HE MADE IT and there is nothing you can do about it. Get over yourselves. I personally think it's an amazing song, so those who enjoy it, hell yeah. Listen to it. And those of you that have nothing better to do than diss Eminem and hate on his song, no one is telling you to listen to it.
  • Andre from Tamsalu, Estoniato all of those dumb asses who say that eminem does not write his own lyrics, you have made me mad, for still not understanding, that 99% of his songs consists of his own lyrics, you ignorant people, 100 % of his musical success depends on his own lyrics... please little kids you need to to some research before righting some weird absurd stuff in here.
  • Mathews from Lusaka, ZambiaAs for me i never knew Aerosmath i knew him when Eminem did this song when you come to Africa-Zambia very few people know Aerosmath Eminem is the best rap. From Africa to the world Eminem forever.
  • Mathews from Lusaka, ZambiaAs for me i never knew Aerosmath i knew him when Eminem did this song when you come to Africa-Zambia very few people know Aerosmath Eminem is the best rap. From Africa to the world Eminem forever.
  • Aliyah from Lake Elsinore, Cai agree with nikky from Queensland Australia. i can relate to many of eminem's songs. he is my idol and the one i turn to when im depressed or having problems wit my family. and to all of you eminem haters... if you dont like eminem then why are you even on here ruining it for the rest of us eminem fans with your stupid ignorant comments. thank you for your time and I love you Emienm!!! Keep doing what youre doing because your lyrics have helped me through so many tough times in life. You pretty much like... Saved my life. :)
  • Michelle from Gaithersburg, MdWell I personally don't think that Eminem ruined the song. I think he did a great job with the sample he used from Aerosmith. Eminem is an amazing rapper. He comes up with great stuff.
  • Adi from Kathmandu, Nepali think aerosmith allowed this song to Eminem cuz the copyright to Dream On is split 50% to aerosmith and 50% to their ex manager who ripped them off when they were tripping...
  • Cynthia from Oregon, Orjust becuz eminem made some bad choices doesnt mean he is bad person..he has an education and he is trying to make it for his daughters
  • Cory Lynn from Ocean City, Mdisn't copyinig someone else's hit the best form of flattery?
  • Ben from Greater Vancouver, Bcok, way down there, Bethany. Seriously. He didnt even take the song, he just sampled it. And you dont like rap? ok fine, just dont be dissing it. geez.
  • Brett from Winter Park, FlActually my buddy was in Eminem's management team at the time Em was petitioning Aerosmith to use a sample of the song. The day after the lyrics landed on email of Joe Perry. Joe called the management team and asked for Em's number. Then called and Em and said to the effect liked the lyrics and he was hoping that em would let him play on the record, but it was not a stipulation of letting em use the vocal sample. Joe just wanted to play if em wanted to him and of course em would never have turned him down.
  • Evan from Norman, OkBethany, Eminem did not TAKE anything, he borrowed lyrics from another artist, with permission, to emphasis the message of the song. And I really don't see how it ruins Aerosmith's song. Did you listen to Eminem's song and because of the sheer power in his words made you think that Aerosmith's song was crap? Cause that's the only way I can see him ruining a song.

    This is probably my favorite song of all time. First song I ever cried to.
  • Cody from Owen Sound, OnGives me chills when i hear it i was once that kid who didn't listen to any one else and listened to rap when i ever i was depressed
  • Zul from Cotonou, Beninhe answered to critics in the track by saying
    Music alter moods and talk to you
    but can it take a gun and cock it too
    then if it does the next time you assault a dude
    tell the judge its my fault and i'll get sued
  • Jeffrey from Houston,How, Danielle, can this be a rip off if there wasn't an original version. If you consider dream on as the original version, than your ignorant ass needs to understand that Eminem FEATURES Joe Perry on the cover. If proper recognition is provided, how, might I ask, is this in anyway a rip off since, obviously, Aerosmith was more than willing to lend him the beat, unless your "greatest band in the world" has sold out. As far as the whining, your immature mind can't quite comprehend that most music artists sing about past personal experience and he's simply following suit, it isn't his fault that his past was so bad. And if you can't a respect him for trying, then I don't know how anyone can respect you. There's a reason Eminem is considered one of the greatest lyricists of this time.
  • Ken from Bronson, Mihis answer to critics who
  • Austin from Smallsville, NeThe song is about the effect music has on people and how it can speak to you. It is also about missing the point to it. P.s stop whining about eminem taking tracks. View it as an honor that one of the best rap artist would want to sample one of the greatest rockstars.
  • Rudy from Laredo, TxI just registered just to comment on this song...It makes me sick that ppl insult eminem by saying that he 'stole' dream on by aerosmith, Eminem did not steal the beat he actually did the song as featuring aerosmith, Joe Perry plays the guitar solo at the end which if u notice is sorta different from the dream on version
  • Steve from Archbald, PaOkay now Hear me out do you think Aerosmith would have let Eminem take that portion of the song and use it if they thought he was going to kill the song "Dream On" ?
  • Peony from St Louis, MoThe combination of aerosmith and rap is simply brilliarnt. but more than anything, it is the message that touch me and make me fall in love with him.
  • Anna from Ottawa, CanadaI think this song is amazing, and you who think otherwise can go suck a donkey.. kthnx :)
  • Danielle from New York City, NyThis song Sucks!!! it is not a remake or sample or whatever petty name you want to call it, it is a RIP OFF!!! The REAL version is by AEROSMITH, one of the greastest bands in the entire world!!! and i think everyone should know who they are. All eminem knows how to do is how to whine about the stupid crap that went on in his life that nobody really gives a crap about.
  • Manuel from Puerto Rico, United StatesIt was made kind of old school because when rap began rappers would just rap over a record, not make their own music. If you look at it that way eminem is just doing things the way his predecessors would've done, not "stealing" someone elses song. His lyrics are very simplistic I'll admit, but most of what he says has a point, like in this song.
  • Dill from Greensburg, PaOK im not much of a rap person but i do know that this isnt a remake all it is is a song that FEAT. AEROSMITH. I like both songs but Eminems has a good point that Americas youth is in deep sh*t and most parents blame music but for most teens music is the reason that they dont do alot of stuff. I have to admit that if i didnt have music i probably would have killed myself along time ago. All eminem is trying to say in this song is quit blaming the music and the singers just because most teens want to be like their favortie singer doesnt mean that thats a bad thing. This song is also sayin that music is all that most kids can count on and for a few thats all they have is music so why try to destroy it. Like i said i dont like all that much rap but EMINEM knows how to put words into useful meaning when hes not talking about dumb drama between him and whoever.
  • Jessica from Lawrenceburg, KyHe hasn't retired. He released comments saying that he wasn't retired, and didn't plan on retiring any time soon. He's just on hiatus, producing for other rapper's CDs.
  • Joanne from Preston, EnglandThis song as to be my all time faveorite song EVER! eminem is easily the best rap artist i ave seen in my life time. and its a shame that he's retired now but hopefully he'll come back and do what he does best. Entertain and rap. Thats all i can say. he is brilliant.
  • Slim from Winston-salem, NcAnyone who wants to say that Eminem has no talent has not listened to his lyrics. I am the first to admit that damn close to 90% of his songs are nothing more than stand up comedy. But the simple truth is that Eminem is on a level that very few can ever come close to. He is on par with the greatest lyricists of all times...Emily Dickinson, Wordsworth, Blake, Wallace Stevens. Let be be finale of seem. Until any rap hating bastard has read real poetry they have no place commenting on things they are totally ignorant about.

    100 Years from now, Marshal Mathers will be recognized as a master of words and one of the greatest artists of all times.
  • T. Michels from Venlo, NetherlandsGreat song! It always makes me realize how little we actually know about being a celeb. Thereby, Eminem is one of the best rappers alive. The Aerosmith-verse in het song really finishes it and totally makes the song complete.
    I didn't know from the Aerosmith-song until I red it here. So when I heard the song I was a bit suprised, because Eminem remade it. But damn, he remade it like no-one else could: Amazingly good.
  • Jamal from Delhi, IndiaI love Aerosmith and Eminem, and I think this song is just great. This is something Eminem does so well, takes good songs that fit in perfectly with his compositions, other good examples are Dido's song in Stan and Janis Joplin's 'Summertime' in a song from the Slim Shady lp.
  • Sarah Floyd from Bloomingdale, Ilwell in this song he wants everybody to live by the moment while you have the moment you have to live. that is what the song is saying to me. it also says sing with me maybe today maybe tomorrow. so do it now before its to late. this is a cool song.
  • Chris from Edmonton, Canadathis is one of the best rap songs ever. its full of emotion and i can tell its all real when he raps. the man knows how to write as well.
  • Nikky from Queensland, AustraliaI am indeed aware that this song is a remake, but why should eminem have to get so much sh*t because he remade some one elses great hit? Some children and even some adults have never even heard of the original song 'Dream on', im only 14, and i can relate to this song a great deal. Wat most of you dnt realise is that he wasnt trying to 'steal' anything, he was reminding us of wat goes on in the world that some people are unaware of. Eminem raps about wat matters, and even if this song isnt his original work, it still matters... am i right? A lot of, well, most of the kids i know need an idol or sumone like eminem they can look up to. Even though eminem is not the most responsible man on the earth, he knows wat matters, wat people care about and some of the sick and sad things people go through. Sometimes, us teens dont have anywhere else to go, so, we'll listen to songs that we can relate to and understand.. such as eminem.. Yes, maybe the original make of the song was a better one because it was 'rock', but alot of people i know hate that type of music, maybe eminem was trying to send a msg out to a newer generation?
  • Stuart from London, EnglandThe only good thing about this song is the Steve Tyler sample, the rest is sh*t, oh how I wish rappers could create their own hooks
  • Sarah Floyd from Bloomingdale, Ili like this song because he is telling u to sing before it is to late! I THINK!!
  • Nikki from Brampton, Canadai think eminem is very talented. he raps about real life stuff and you can feel what he's saying in his songs. i think this song is awesome! i think people should just take a second and sit down and actually listen to the lyrics. people always make fuss about em saying he swears and crap. but who does anyways? anyway i think people are idiots for thinking eminem is.
  • Dmytro from Toronto, Canadaeminem is like the only rapper who can actually rap and who has great songs such as this 1.and for all of u eminem haters : HE DID NOT COPY AEROSMITH'S SONG DREAM ON HE JUST TOOK A SAMPLE OF IT TO ADD IT TO HIS GREAT SONG.ty peace
  • Ashley from Newparis, OhEminem is a really great rapper and this song is not really a remake just the chorus is the same and this is a really good song. I think Eminem is the best. And why does it really matter if he used the same chorus alot of singers do but they change the whole song.
  • L3tiiciia from Los Angeles, CaEminem does make his own songs........and if he does use samples of other songs who gives a damn he makes the songs way better
  • Stacey from Nowra, Australiaand i agree 100% with Jamie eminem often takes samples of other peoples songs to make his better coz you understand how he is feeling better which always works out well coz his version and the original are completely different so he dosen't ruin them which is cool I LOVE THIS SONG
  • Robert from Mountain Lakes, NjI agree 100% with Bethany.
  • Bethany from Carrier Mills, Ileminem is fake, over rated, and untalented. And to all rap people: STOP TAKING GOOD SONGS BY GOOD BANDS LIKE AEROSMITH AND RUINING THEM ROYALY! thank you
  • Danielle from Mantua, NjI think that Eminem is really hot. He is a good rapper and he has a good education. I can't tell who I like more. Eminem or John Cena. All the people who like John Cena, raise the roof! When Eminem makes a new song, he really describes how he feels about it. But the good thing is, he puts his daughter, Hailey, in some songs. She is SOO adorable. Anyway, Eminem shouldn't take parts of other songs and makes them into his own. It's just like writting a definition out of the dictionary. You should use your own words. But Emienm doesn't do that. Well, gota go! Thanks~

  • Katina from Brisbane, Australiathis song is more like his raw stuff like "marshall mathers" and others from his LP and EP. thats y i like it better than others. the aerosmith guitar just tops it off nicely. not that im sayin his others are bad, but there is one really shameful song. "ballz" by d12. that was the saddest excuse of a song there is but "ass like that", "just lose it" and "superman" are fun to shake ur ass to though.
  • Ashley from Moncton, CanadaThis has an awesome guitar solo done by Joe Perry at the end. I don't like Aerosmith, but I like that solo. And it isn't a remake! Stop saying that, there are samples of Dream On in it and the music is used in the background, it is not a full remake.
  • Sarah from Cambridge, Englandgood at least someone likes rap ill remember you when im famous!!!!
  • Jackie from San Diego, Caeminem does write his own stuff...maybe you havent heard of the word, but its called a RE-MAKE. even if you like the aerosmith song better...the lyrics are awesome. just listen.
  • Natasha from London, EnglandThis is the song that gets on my nerves,
    gets on my nerves,
    gets on my nerves.
    This is the song that gets on my nerves,
    and this is how it goes.
  • Drewso from Unknown, MaI Have to disagree I think it's about how the world not not alowing kids to be themselves "In A House That Allows No Swearing " things like that it's a good song Em I a jerk but he is a awesome rapper so I love his music just not him but each to there own
  • Jackie from Chicago, IlIt didn't take long for this song to grow on me. Same with 'Mockingbird'. i like his style of rapping, except for 'just lose it', but it is ok, i guess...
  • Mike from The 503, Orman eminem knows how to take a song and make even better then it was
  • Jamie from London, EnglandIt's not so much a remake as a song with sampling of another band's song. You wouldn't really call Like Toy Soldiers a remake would you? Ok some people do but i dont agree. Anyway, to my point:
    This song is about a lot of things, some of which have been covered. I don't know if anyone else noticed, but the song, especially the last verse, talks about how for some people, rap is the only thing for them in their lives, and how rap means nothing to said people's parents. If you take the line "We're nothin to you, but we're the f****** s*** in they eyes", you can see him attacking those who slate him, sayin gthat although to them he may just be another rapper, to "These kids who don't have a thing", he is all they have. Eminem can relate to this quite a lot, as growing up in Detroit hip hop was his only way to survive, and became his only way out.
  • Alex from Las Vegas , NvThe other day my niece came to me while I was listening to Aerosmith's "Greatest Hits". Dream On happened to come on. She was confused at why this song sounded different from Eminem's version. I told her, this was a song by Aerosmith. She said to me, "You know Aerosmith ripped off Eminem." ... "Um, no, honey."
  • Caitlin from Sailsbury, Ncat first i hated it cuz it took a great aerosmith(i love them) and used it and the song got overshadowed by the rap but i listened to it a few times thought aerosmith must have approved and learned to love it
  • Greg from Sugar Land, TxThe reason some people like this song is b/c they are TOTAL eminem fans. Many people hate this song b/c Aerosmith did it first. The chorus is the thing that usually makes people like songs so he picked a good one and it fit the meaning of the verses. Its good that he jus didnt remake the whole song he still writes his own music dont worry.
  • Chantal from Liverpool, CanadaTo be honest, it gets on my nerves..that the people who listen this re-make of the song "Dream On" don't even realize that it's Aerosmith's. I mean i thought Eminem was all cool by writing his "own" songs..well i guess i was wrong..And yeah i like the Aerosmith's version better..this song is meant to be "rock-like" not a rap song..thanks
  • Benjamin from Brooklyn, NyEminem really tells it like it is in this great remake of the Aerosmith classic. He talks about how people are always out to try and get him, because he is famous. He talks about how he is the only thing that certain kids have, and that the adults just dont get it when they try to be like him. Eminem is just AMAZING!!!!
  • Jared from Norwalk, OhThis is one of coolest remakes ever! You see other artists do remakes to songs but they usually suck, but Eminem's remake of this song is GREAT!

    EMINEM RULEZ!!!!!!
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