Pull Harder on the Strings of your Martyr

Album: Ascendancy (2005)


  • Lead singer Matt Heafy (from their website): "Pull Harder is a look at a villainous tyrant; one who can simply kill and destroy on will, push his faith upon all, be hated by all other powers around - and still be loved by many that he rules." >>
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    David - Townsend, DE

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  • Nick from Cairns, AustraliaI'm sick of this trivium ripping off metallica s**t. I'm a metallica fan and have every cd and i'm not that convinced yet. If there iss anything that shows trivium sounds a bit like metallica its probably matt heafy's vocals in the crusade and maybe the guitar solo's. For instance, in the song becoming the dragon, the bassist paolo gregoletto played the outro solo with his bass. That's not neccessarily ripping off metallica's late bassist cliff burton. Paolo was just influenced by cliff to do something like that i guess.
  • Martin from Columbus, OhEvan do you know about music of course they sound like metallica they plagarize um walk down the street in a trivium shirt and you'll hear some sh*t bout them
  • Chris from Attleborough, EnglandTrivium are the best they rock their gig in cambridge was awesome
  • Steven from Viking, CanadaIn an issue of Guitar World magazine, Matt Heafy said that if he could steal anyones guitar powers, that he would steal DragonForce's Nintendo sounds.
  • Evan from Otway, OhI love this song, and band. These guys remind me of Metallica, just by the way they play. Anyways, my 2nd favorite Trivium song. Oh, and I freakin' love the drums in the very beginning of the song.
  • Jake from Tranmere, EnglandTRIVIUM ROCK anthem is the best though
  • Dee from Northfield, IlIf you listen to this song more closely, it's about George W. Bush.
  • Mike from Mason, OhTrivium is so badass
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