The Refugee
by U2


  • This song is an attempt to contrast the experience of Irish-American immigrants with African Americans. It's a lesser-known track from the group's third album, War, which was their American breakthrough. U2 never played it in concert.
  • Fellow Irishman Bill Whelan is credited as producer, although Steve Lillywhite, who produced their first two albums, also worked on it. Whelan would go on to produce Riverdance.

Comments: 3

  • Douglas from Staten Island , Nythe drums on this album were recorded under a staircase to get that echo sound.

    Fantastic album!!!!!!!
  • Sammy from New York, NyThis is a good song and should get it's props. I think it's filled with great anger and energy. Also contains a great guitar part from The Edge, but obviously a given!
  • Marty from Perth, AustraliaThey did'nt sing this song at Live Aid. They did Sunday Bloody Sunday, then Bad.
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