by U2


  • This song contains snippets of advertising slogans from various companies, including Colgate, Daz, and Fairy Liquid. It begins with the German phrase "Vorsprung durch technik," the Audi slogan meaning "Lead through technology." The song was influenced by the futuristic novels of William Gibson.
  • This was inspired by U2's Zoo TV tour, where they bombarded the audience with images from huge monitors behind the band.
  • After the intro, the backing track is made up of soundchecks recorded on the Zoo TV tour.
  • This was the title track to what was going to be a mini-album, but grew to full-length.
  • The Zooropa album cover contains titles of songs that didn't make the cut.

Comments: 9

  • Mike from Buffalo, NdThe song "Somedays are Better Than Others" from this cd sadly isn't on SF. I have always enjoyed the wonderfully bizarre distorted guitar solo on that song. Was it really the Edge playing? So unlike his usual style, though even by then, he had begun using other tricks than the echo/delay signature sound that served the band well on it's first few albums. Anyway, "Zooropa" is a close second for me on this album.
  • Rick from Columbus, GaThis is the best rock song about outer space zoos ever! It totally rolls.
  • Lily from Godrics Hallow, Englandi love this song Vorsprung durch technik, ny new favorite phrase! LOL
  • Chadd Bryant from Prague, Ok"Let's skip the subway.. let's go to the overground... Get your head out of the mud baby!!"
    U2 rocks, no matter what genre music they play...
  • Grayson from Cleveland, OhLemon is probably the worst song on Zooropa
  • Cody from New York, Nyyou people are insane... this song is so much better than Lemon
  • Jeremy from Hopedale, MaZooropa is an ok song but Lemon is much better
  • Brian from Meriden, CtI thought, like Rich, that Lemon was a great song. But it took me a while to decide if I even liked the album at all and I have always been a huge U2 fan. I have never been into the Euro/techno thing and was in love with earlier albums so different from this period. But like the elite bands such as the Beatles U2 is not going to do the same thing for long. A continual evolution. Like our own. I came to like Zooropa but it's at the bottom of my U2 list. But that's relative. A great band is a great band. And it showed here. But that Audi phrase and the whole title-track...how about Trip Through Your Wires instead?
  • Rich from Commack, NyVorsprung Durch Technik! I love this song- #1 (Tied with Lemon) on my favorites list! I'd have to give this song a 9.9 out of 10. Why not 10? It should have been a tad bit faster.
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