Hey Daddy (Daddy's Home)

Album: Raymond Vs Raymond (2009)
Charted: 24
  • This is the first official single from Usher's sixth studio album, Raymond Vs Raymond.
  • The song was written by long-term Usher collaborator Rico Love and features American rapper Plies. Rico Love was the first artist signed to Usher's label, US Records, a subsidiary of J Records. His other songwriting credits include "Sweet Dreams" for Beyoncé, "Shone" for Flo Rida and Keri Hilson's debut solo single, "Energy."
  • On his previous release, Here I Stand, the then married Usher mostly sung tunes about fidelity and fatherhood. Raymond Vs Raymond is an attempt to re-establish the newly single singer as an entertainer whose life revolves around beautiful girls and clubs. Rico Love explained to The Associated Press, "Art sometimes imitates life. He's single again. He's having fun, he's back out there, he's back on the scene. So, of course, the music reflects that."
  • This is one of six tracks that Rico Love contributed to Raymond Vs Raymond. The Miami-based R&B writer recalled to MTV News about collaborating with Usher: "We was going back and forth. He was like, 'Come to Atlanta.' I was like, 'Come to Miami where I'm comfortable, so there ain't no excuses. I wanna work with my people, my producers. Come down to Miami.' He came to Miami and the first song he did was 'There Goes My Baby.' We did a few other records and then came 'Hey Daddy.' I wrote it in Miami, played it for him in Atlanta and we cut it in Vegas. That was the sleeper. It came out so crazy."
  • Florida artist DJ Mixx filed a lawsuit in July 2012, claiming Usher and Rico Love pilfered one of his tunes for this song. Mixx said that in 2008 he created a musical composition titled "Let's Go." He added that he shopped the tune around looking for songwriters to add lyrics to the track, including Usher, but nothing really panned out. However, his track ended up on Usher's album Raymond v. Raymond as this song.
  • Though Rico Love has penned tunes for a number of leading artists, Usher is his favorite one to work with. He explained during a Reddit AMA: "It's just so easy to cut vocals with him because he gets it. He doesn't just sing the song - the diction, the way he translates what I write, following directions quickly, the words, he does it in a way melodically that is just incredible. He is the easiest person to work with."


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