Fall to Pieces

Album: Contraband (2004)
Charted: 32 67


  • The members of Velvet Revolver had been through wild bouts of drug addiction and alcoholism which in many ways were the byproduct of the rock stardom they experienced with their previous bands (Scott Weiland was ex-Stone Temple Pilots; Slash, Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum were in Guns N' Roses).

    "Fall to Pieces" relates to their tribulations, specifically those of Weiland, who wrote the lyric. He said the song deals with two issues:

    1) Coming to terms with his heroin addiction.

    2) His relationship with his second wife, Mary, which was falling apart.

    In both cases, Weiland felt like he was "falling to pieces."
  • Musically, the song was built on a riff Slash came up with. The guitarist could certainly relate to the sentiment of the song: he was once declared medically dead after suffering from a drug overdose and collapsing near an elevator at his hotel. Paramedics rushed in to save him, giving him an adrenaline shot which saved his life. Unfazed, he signed himself out of the hospital that night, returned to the hotel and flew to the next stop on the tour.
  • When Velvet Revolver played this in Maryland on Scott Weiland's anniversary, he dedicated the song to his wife, explaining that she was one of the people who helped him overcome his addictions and alcoholism. >>
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  • In 2009, Weiland's second wife, Mary Forsberg, published her memoir which she titled Fall to Pieces after this song.

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  • Ann from Wausau,wiActually this about Scott's heroin abuse. You don't see the needle and the syringe but you see him make a fist and then grimace from the needle stick in his arm. And Duff McKagan is rescuing him from that overdose. This is symbolic because Duff did lead Scott in a strong effort to get him clean. After many rehab stints and as the lead singer that VR wanted for their band after STP broke up in later 2002, Scott had returned to full habit mode after doing well for a while a short time earlier. Some of this is in Duff's first book. Scott and his wife Mary were good friends with Duff and his wife Susan for several years before VR formed. They both had small children and Mary and Susan were both models and friends first. And then they brought their husbands into the friendship. So Duff already cared more about Scott than the rest of the band although Dave Kushner also knew and liked Scott from their earlier band experiences. Anyway after Scott went off the rails, lost his wife and kids and went to jail, things didn't look good. But Duff, Matt and Slash, as well as Dave really wanted Scott as the lead vocalist so they encourage him to go to rehab but once again Scott bailed on it. The guys were pissed after investing so much effort helping Scott but then he pleaded with Duff to help him. Duff had gotten sober through martial arts and Scott wanted to try it. Duff took Scott up to the isolated mountains near Seattle (Duff's hometown) along with his sensei, Joseph and Dave Kushner also went for support. The took a bag of detox drugs and specific instructions how to do it and keep Scott safe. They stayed up there for over a month and Scott became an ass kicking martial arts guy and this kept him sober and clean for over 4 years. So that is translated in the video as Duff rescuing Scott and for drama's sake, it is from a heroin overdose.
  • William from Princeton, WvCameron your right Slash did die. He died for 8 mins. However, your talking about Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue what had the two shots of adrenaline in his chest. Slash did not have the adrenaline shots. He also was with a pornstar he calls lucky and her boyfriend. He collaped in the hallway of a hotel room. Also Scott wrote this song the day he was relesed from jail. I was wrote on the feelings that he was going through at the time. This is all per Slash.
  • Slashlover from Halifax, NsI agree with u shrek, caitlin! Slash is so damn sexy! Once you watch something of his, you can't but dream of him! Hubba hubba! I would definitley go out with him if perla left him... Haha... I hope that doesn't happen... Right.. I'd be right over him before she could get her fat ass out tha door...
  • John from Hendersonville, NcNo, it's about drugs as well because it shows Scott taking them. And while we are on the subject, he does seem like a pretty decent actor.
  • Brittany from Cinci, KyIf you watch the video to this song, its not really relating to any drug abuse. Its showing how a man is falling to pieces because the woman he loves left him. He needs her and cant make it without her.
  • Shonda from Los Angeles, CaI love this song. I think alot of people can relate to it.
  • Emily from Buffalo, Nylol Alex, I was watching the video yesterday and thought the same exact thing.

    Oh man I'm in love with this song.
  • Alex from Madrid, SpainAnybody else thinks scott is a good actor?
  • David from Lakeview, NcI love this song. It has special meaning for me now because I live in a different area than the one I love, and we don't get to see each other that much. "Falling to pieces" is exactly what it feels like when you can't see the person you love the most.
  • Shana from Detroit Rock City, CanadaAwesome song, but it got slightly overplayed up here in Canada...still rocks though
  • Amy from Leeds, EnglandThis song is one of their best songs to date, and i agree with caitlin...slash is so cute! in the video duff hugs scott and I want to hug them both
  • Jenz from Melb, AustraliaThis ballad is under-rated, its amazing, so is scott!!
  • Dev01d from Wollongong, AustraliaAmazing ballad with an amazing guitar riff. Can never get sick of it.
  • Shrek from CaitlinSlash is still sexy, doesn't even look any older
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