Broken Over You

Album: Echoes from the Underground (2013)
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  • Vertical Horizon lead singer Matt Scannell explained the song's meaning to AntiMusic. "'Broken Over You' is a song about losing that initial magical connection with someone you love, he said. "When you can't read their mind anymore the doubts start creeping in."

    "The song came together for me in the bridge with the lyric 'Broken over you. How do I get from broken to over you,' he added. "Every once in a while the simplest idea in the world becomes the deepest and most powerful. Writing those lyrics was a 'Eureka!' moment for me."
  • At first Scannell wrote this as a slower song. He explained: "Originally I wrote it as a ballad, with a slow tempo and a more laid-back, introspective feel. But when I looked at the collection of songs on the record as a whole I realized I needed some more uptempo material – so just as an experiment I started messing around with turning 'Broken' into a rock song. Oddly enough, it instantly seemed to work better. Now when I listen to it I'm so glad I pushed and shoved it around for a while until it was 'just right.'"
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