Album: Fang Bang (2006)
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  • This song was written about the 1978 horror film Halloween. Haddonfield is the name of the town where the movie takes place.

    Many of Wednesday 13's songs are inspired by horror movies, which he loves. This led to comparisons with the Misfits, who are also influenced by scary movies and released a song in 1981 called "Halloween." In our 2013 interview with Wednesday, he explained: "Back in '96 when I was doing my Frankenstein Drag Queen band, I started getting reviews in Flipside magazine and Maximumrocknroll, and people would be, 'Oh, these guys obviously like the Misfits.' I've never ever listened to the Misfits, but all my songs are about horror movies. Then when I finally checked the Misfits out, I was like, 'Wow, okay. I get it now.'"

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  • Mickey Knox from Route 666, NmMichael Myers lives. Not the best song but not the worst either.
  • Joel from Evergreen, WaInteresting song. Way back in 1998 I wrote a song called "Ten Miles To Haddonfield". It was about
    "Halloween" ofcourse.
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