Feels Like Summer

Album: Pacific Daydream (2017)


  • The lead single from Pacific Daydream is an upbeat hybrid of stadium rock and EDM. Rivers Cuomo had had the chorus in his backpocket for a while.

    I'm holding on and I don't want to let you go
    Yeah it feels like summer
    Yeah it feels like summer to me
    Yeah it feels like summer
    Yeah it feels like summer to me
    When she was a lover to me

    Cuomo didn't know what the verses were going to be about until his manager emailed with a suggestion. He then completed the song.
  • Cuomo explained the song's meaning in a Genius attribution:

    "The feeling of this song is melancholy to me. If you can write a lyric about loss, reminiscing and what it feels like to spend summer without someone/thing. Could even be a pet. Shannon by Henry Gross was a #1 that gives me the same feeling and was about his dog."
  • Every line on the song is taken from a different source and a different experience. Rivers Cuomo pieced it all together to create a story about something that never actually happened. He explained to NPR:

    "I think I've gotten more into the idea of cutting and pasting. I remember reading when I was first starting out in my early 20s that Kurt Cobain was a big cut and paste-er and I was like, 'But then it's not really about anything.' Or, you know, it doesn't doesn't make sense. It totally worked, listening to him. But when I tried to do it it just seemed like I was pasting together random lines and it didn't add up to anything. But I've definitely evolved in that direction."


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