Pardon Me

Album: Make Believe (2005)


  • Weezer guitarist Brian Bell: "I think this was a song that I fought for at Rick Rubin's house. And everything sounds so good at Rick Rubin's house, because he has this uber-sound-system, and it just was apparent that we had to do it. And I thought it was just an unbelievably sincere message that Rivers was conveying - I don't know if he knew the weight of what he was saying. It was really great. it's a personal lyric but it's extremely universal because it's hard to say 'I'm sorry' in any sense, it's hard to admit fault, and I just think it's a song for all guys that don't know how to express themselves, so that they can at least sing that lyric to whoever they harm - their girlfriend, or whatever." >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France

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  • Jeff from Austin, TxI never really got into the "Make Believe" album, but this is definitely my favorite song on there. Some of Rivers' most honest lyrics since "Pinkerton"
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