Album: Weezer (The Blue Album) (1994)


  • According to the album's liner notes, Susanne was a talented A&R assistant at Geffen Records. In the long months of limbo between completing The Blue Album in October 1993 and its eventual release in May 1994, she became a big Weezer supporter, doing her best to keep the guys optimistic about their future with the label. As the lyrics imply, Susanne did in fact help Weezer lead singer Rivers Cuomo out with her spare winter coat when he needed one, and made plates of brownies to cheer him up. Her devotion and aid were perfectly summed up in this song. Before she knew of the song's existence, Weezer performed it a cappella for her in her Geffen office.

  • Originally, the line "Even Izzy, Slash, and Axl Rose, when I call you put 'em all on hold" read "Even Kurt Cobain and Axl Rose..." In April 1994, the shocking news came of Kurt Cobain's untimely death. Though the two had never met, Rivers Cuomo had found great inspiration in Kurt Cobain's songwriting on Nirvana's Bleach. So when it came time to record Susanne, Rivers Cuomo decided to change the lyric, not wanting to disrespect the memory of one who had been such an inspiration. >>
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  • Suzanne from UsThis was spelled as 'Suzanne' though, originally...right? Anyone know why the spelling changed?
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