Album: Make It Big (1984)
Charted: 1 3


  • In an interview with the Christmas 2009 issue of The Big Issue, Michael said of this song, that when he wrote it he knew he had arrived: "When I was 19, I wrote 'Freedom' - the original version - and I thought, 'I can't believe I've just done that!' I was absolutely thrilled. Because until then I had no real understanding of my abilities, but with 'Freedom,' I started to take myself seriously as a writer." >>
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    Alexander Baron - London, England
  • The song finds George Michael telling a girl that he wants to fully commit to her, and not have one of those relationships where they can "see other people."

    When Wham! went to China in April 1985, they became the first Western pop act to play a concert in that country. While there is absolutely nothing political about the song, footage from the trip was used to make a music video for the track, implying a more global meaning of the title.

    The video opens with about a minute of the band talking under clips of the Chinese people and the countryside. Wham! was one of the biggest acts on MTV at the time, but the network, fearing the short attention spans of their viewers, wanted to cut out the intro (this was before Michael Jackson changed the game with "Thriller"). The band's manager, Simon Napier-Bell, refused, and MTV ended up airing the full video. Napier-Bell apparently found the negotiations with MTV much easier than those with the Chinese government.
  • This song hit #1 in the UK in October 1984. In America, the song wasn't released until August 1985, peaking at #3 that year after the video was released.
  • In 1990, Michael released "Freedom '90," a song about breaking free from the image he created with Wham! and in his early years as a solo artist.
  • Epic Records released two picture discs with this song - one was shaped like George Michael, the other like Andrew Ridgeley.

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  • Kunal Somaiya from Mumbai, IndiaOne of the Songs that reminds me of the Good Times! Very Catchy Wham! single :)
  • Jeanette from Elkridge, MdIf you listen to the organ music before GM's Faith you will hear the chorus of this song. Very good song, I am fan of George Michael. He has one of the best male voices ever. He is the only one who could replace Freddie Mercury in Queen because of his range.
  • Rushda from Cape Town, South AfricaI like this song a lot - not to mad about the video though. I think the totally different solo song by GM is the total antithesis of this one. In this one, George sings, 'I don't want your freedom' while in the other, he sings, 'I don't belong to you/you don't belong to me.' Love both songs!
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesGeorge Michael's solo hit Freedom was retitled "Freedom '90" so as not to confuse it with this song. The two songs are totally different, although I think Freedom '90 was like a kind of reflection on George's days with Wham!
  • Mjn Seifer from Not Listed For Personal Reason, EnglandPaul Galway and Katie Melbourne. You are getting confused with ANOTHER SONG CALLED "Freedom" which is by George Michael ON HIS OWN. Songfacts has it listed in "George Michael" not "Wham!". I can see why your confused though, as it was Kind of stupid for George to have a song that he made solo have the same name as one of his old songs.

    Anyway. This song is one of my All time favourites It makes me feel really good everytime I hear it, and it's one of thoese songs that makes me stop everything when I hear it.
  • Paul from Galway, IrelandNice song, nice video. for the supermodels, music videos were "in" so models such as Naomi Campell apperaed in the video with a host of others too
  • Katie from Melbourne, AustraliaThis song is very awesome, i also like the cover version Robbie Williams did :)
  • Papa Burgundy from Bridlington, Englandthis song is absolutely brilliant, george althought being a backdoor enterer, can really write a good song, also has some small reference to china concerning their politics ... Awesome.
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