Fool For Your Lovin'

Album: Ready an' Willing (1980)
Charted: 13 37
  • This was originally released on Whitesnake's 1980 album Ready an' Willing where it was a #13 hit on the British charts in 1980 and reached #53 in the US. The band re-recorded the track on their 1989 studio album Slip Of The Tongue, and it became a hit single again, reaching a high of #43 in the UK and #37 in the US.
  • Co-written by David Coverdale, Bernie Marsden and Micky Moody, the song was inspired by the breakup of Coverdale's first marriage. In Firecracker magazine, Coverdale said: "You can look at my first marriage and see 'Fool For Your Lovin' and 'Don't Break my Heart Again.' A lot of those were fueled by songs about a relationship that once was very positive but sadly was unfolding into not positive."
  • According to Coverdale, the song was written for B.B. King, which is why the original version has a bluesy feel.
  • Glenn Hughes, who was Coverdale's bandmate for a time in Deep Purple, contributed vocals to the 1989 version of the song.

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  • Laurent from Manama, BahrainAs it has been widely reported in the press, the song was originally written to be presented to BB King. When the band recorded it, they thought it was too good and kept it for themselves. It was their first top 20 hit in Britain and really lauched their career. The original version and the live version from 1980 are brilliant. In my opinion, all the other versions lack warmth and soul and sound like a cheap commercial song.
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