Either Way

Album: Sky Blue Sky (2007)


  • This song finds Wilco lead singer and songwriter Jeff Tweedy returning to basics. It's a very optimistic song about the uncertainty around us, and how he's OK with whatever happens. Tweedy has repeatedly said that Sky Blue Sky is about living with ambiguity. He is accepting that nothing is certain, but what he is certain about is that he loves his lover, and isn't really concerned if she feels the same way and accepts the doubt.
  • This is the opening song on the first album after Tweedy's "graduation" from rehab. Throughout the album you get the feeling of his social anxieties about being sober in public. >>
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  • This was one of several songs from the Sky Blue Sky sessions that was used in a 2007 Volkswagen campaign. In this particular ad, a car thief nabs a new VW Beetle and witnesses small moments of kindness on his joyride to the tune of "Either Way." The experience changes him, and he returns the car where he found it.
  • This was used in the TV series Friday Night Lights in the 2008 episode "Jumping The Gun." It also appeared in the 2009 comedy I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell.

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  • Angie from Martinez, GaGreat song and perfect opener for the album, Sky Blue Sky. Wilco is a dynamic band who stays true to their roots. I think Jeff Tweedy is a songwriting genius!
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