And We Run

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  • This song is described by frontwoman Sharon den Adel as an anthem about how to live your life. It features the rapper Xzibit; she told about the collaboration: "We contacted the management and they contacted him and pretty fast afterwards we were talking to Xzibit," Adel said. "He heard the song and liked the song and we told him what the song was about. I must say I didn't talk to him but Robert (Westerholt, guitar) did. I was still recording my vocals at the time he was talking to Xzibit actually on Skype."
  • Adel told Ultimate-Guitar how the band made several attempts at balancing between rap and rock, before coming up with this track: "We just tried and tried constantly with several songs and just taking rap music from the Internet and trying it on our songs," she said. "For a lot of songs it didn't work and finally we had this song 'And We Run' and we felt like, 'OK, this could really work with this song.'"

    "Combining this with a rap kind of voice like Xzibit's, which is very dark and very heavy and has a lot of bass in it, was a good contrast with mine," Adel continued. "He was like the perfect person to ask for this song and also because he already tried a lot of experimental stuff on his own things. He already tried rap with guitars and orchestration and we felt like, 'OK, he's somebody who's really open-minded or open for this kind of collaboration.'"
  • Xzibit said about the collaboration: "When I heard about the enquiry from Within Temptation to do a track together and Googled them, I was surprised to say the least. Once I had spoken to the band and heard the song, though, it all made total sense and it was fun to discover new ground outside of our genres!"

    Robert Westerholt added: "'And We Run' song is about how you've got to live your life now. He's rapping at full force on this song, it's really heavy."
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