Album: Wolfmother (2005)
Charted: 49


  • In this song, Wolfmother frontman Andrew Stockdale sings about being transported to "Another Dimension," meaning travel through time.
  • This song contains a few references to Jimi Hendrix. The lyrics "Purple haze was in the sky. See the angel's wicked eye. All these things we must try. Until we see the reasons why," are all taken from lyrical quotes of different Hendrix work.
  • Wolfmother recorded this song in Palm Desert, California, at the same site that Pink Floyd rehearsed their classic album "The Wall." Andrew Stockdale frequently cites Pink Floyd as a major influence on the band.
  • This was the theme song to an HBO special called Tourgasm, starring comedian Dane Cook.
  • This is the first track on the self-titled album in every country except the band's native Australia. So the first thing the rest of the world heard on the album was Andrew Stockdale's loud, high-pitched "WOW" scream. >>
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  • The intro to this song has quick cymbal crashes played backwards, a technique also used on Jimi Hendrix' "Are You Experienced?"

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  • Chad from Bath, PaThe verse parts of this song are so driving and deep. I freakin' love this band. I can't wait for their next album.
  • Justin from Georgetown, Inthis song definatley pays tribute to the bands they look up to.
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