by YC

Album: Got Racks (2011)
Charted: 42
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  • Yung Chris aka YC's debut single took the southern rap scene by storm. The bouncy, energetic track earned the Georgia rapper a major label deal with Universal Records.
  • The tune features YC's fellow MC Future, who indicated in an interview with Ozone Magazine that he wrote the chorus. The Atlanta rapper claimed: "We actually went in the studio together, didn't nobody have no pen, no paper, no nothing. [...] We both put our heads together and came up with everything." YC denies this is what happened.
  • For those of you not up on urban terminology, 'racks' are a stack of thousand dollar bills.
  • Yung Chris is not to be confused with ex-Roc-a-Fella MC Young Chris and his abbreviated name is nothing to do with Toot It and Boot It rapper YG.
  • According to a YC interview with Billboard magazine, the song came about when the subject of racks arose while having some fun recording one night.
  • The song's music video was filmed in YC's hometown of Decatur, Georgia and features cameos by Gucci Mane, Shawty Lo and Yung Joc.
  • The song's producer was Atlanta native Sonny Digital, who told MTV News that several well-known rappers passed up on the beat before YC took it on. "I know I sent it to a couple of people because I remember I'd go back and tell 'em after the song got hot, 'You dudes go re-check your email and you gonna see that I sent that beat to him,' " he said. "Now they mad at it like, 'I done looked over that beat; it could've been my hit.'"

    Sonny added that he didn't remember sending the beat to the Georgia rapper. "The way I found out about the record, YC had brought it to me one day at the studio," he recalled. "It wasn't finished at the time, but he had played it for me and he was like, 'This is gonna be a hit.' He was real confident in the song. He didn't even have his parts laid down yet, but he just knew that it was gonna be a hit. So I was just behind him."
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  • Keena from Spokane, Waanyone know who the 3rd guy in the music video is??? He look exactly like my homeboy Monster, so either this is him or he's got a damn twin
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