Go Loko
by YG (featuring Tyga)

Album: 4Real 4Real (2019)
Charted: 49
  • "Loco" is a Spanish term that translates to "crazy." This song finds YG linking up with his fellow Compton native Tyga and Puerto Rican rapper Jon Z. The three artists spit rhymes in which they describe their wild lifestyles.
  • The song features a chorus by Tyga in which he brags about his prowess with women. YG explained to Genius they were trying to do some ghetto talk but they "didn't even know how to be correctly." A couple of days later, Tyga came up with the hook. And YG told him, "Bro you got it."
  • Previous collaborations between Tyga and YG include such tracks as "Hell Yeah," and "Do It With My Tongue."
  • Jon Z delivers a brutal 16 in Spanish during which he raps about mixing pills with the alcoholic drink Four Loko.
  • The track originated from a Mariachi-inspired beat that YG's frequent collaborator Mustard played to the rapper. The producer was assisted by GYLTTRYP, who also worked with him on his collaboration with Migos, "Pure Water."
  • "Go Loco" contains a sample from Atlanta crunk trio Trillville's 2004 track, "Some Cut."


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