Back Again


  • "Back Again" was first put together by You Me at Six guitarist Max Helyer. Vocalist Josh Franceschi was living with him at the time and he recalled to Kerrang that "after four or five bottles of wine one night we nailed it."

    "That song is about being in a rut and just waking up," he added. The "idea of being in a rut used to freak me out, like my life was going down the s---ter, but I actually think these moments in life are really important. Because without them you don't really know what you're made of."
  • Franceschi said in a press release that "'Back Again" was "quite a departure" for the band sonically. "We took some risks, we wanted to soundtrack people's weekends," he added. "It's a song, lyrically, about recovery, but not from vices. From feeling lost within yourself."
  • Max Helyer explained to AntiMusic that the song was created very quickly. "It took one day to basically write the music and then vocals took another day before the identity of the song was created," he said.
  • Regarding the song's meaning, Helyer explained that musically the tune is "coming from a place of feeling good and getting yourself hyped up for the weekend." Lyrically it's "coming from a place of re-building yourself again after having a difficult time in life - whatever that could be."
  • Former Athlete frontman Joel Pott contributed additional production to the track. Working with Pott on "Back Again" led You Me At Six to writing two more songs together: "3AM" and "Pray For Me."
  • You Me At Six named their 2019 world tour Back Again after this song, as it's been a while since the band played some of the cities on the tour's itinerary.


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