Roger That

Album: We Are Young Money (2009)
Charted: 56


  • This is the third single from We Are Young Money, the first collaboration studio album from Young Money Entertainment. The song features Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, and Tyga.
  • The song's music video, which pays homage to the graphic novel and movie Sin City, was released on March 1, 2010. Co-director David Rousseau told MTV News about it: "Jeff Panzer, the executive producer for all of the Cash Money videos, sent me the 'Roger That' track to sit with for a couple hours - and it really was a couple of hours because I had to get an idea back to him pretty quickly. We started texting back and forth and the idea to use 'Sin City' popped into my head and I came up with the concept. I thought of Sin City because it was so groundbreaking and I knew it'd be a great match, something different and edgy that people would remember. The idea was born in an hour."

    Rousseau then called on co-director Adam Rush and the pair began to develop the idea: "We discussed the concepts through style frames, which are mock-up images that show what the background would look like with Wayne, Nicki [Minaj] and Tyga," Rush explained. "When the artists came to set, they had already chosen their outfits and things, then we shot it all that day in Miami and the footage of them in front of the green screen was flown to Los Angeles where editors put together a rough cut of all the images. Then, after the rough cut was approved by the label, Universal, the film was shipped off to me so I could do the film's introductions, transitions, settings and background like the radar behind Tyga."
  • The video was filmed in front of a green screen, meaning the artists had to use their imaginations, as the images weren't created until post-production. Rousseau said: "Filming with them on the green screen and capturing their energy was great because they understood what we were trying to do. Green screen is hard sometimes because it takes a lot of imagination. We'll sometimes print out storyboards, which will have images close to what the screen will end up looking like to walk the artists through the idea. Nicki was great - I really enjoyed working with her. Tyga was great too. When artists are down to push the boundaries, that's awesome.

    On 'Roger That,' Nicki Minaj's delivery is almost comic book-like, and then Tyga and Wayne come in like they're rapping about fiction so the visual needed something out of the ordinary. The green screen was great because when you shoot on location, you're limited to what you see - but with green screen it's whatever you imagine, any scenario."


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