It's My Birthday (Remix)

Album: Girls Volume 2: All Adventurous Women Do… (2014)


  • This was played during the end credits of the "She Said OK" series three episode three of Girls. It's performed by Zero DeZire, who are a trio with the performing names of Zabrina, Zally and Zima DeZire. In an interview with, Girls' Music Supervisor Manish Raval explained: "The original end credit song for this episode was the Big Boi song 'She Said OK,' which inspired the name of the episode. But we decided to replace it with a different hip-hop song."

    Raval added. "We knew it had to be fun and sexy, so we pitched an additional 15 hip-hops songs to everyone. But then, out of nowhere, I get this song ["It's My Birthday (Remix)"] and hear the lyrics about 'It's My Birthday' and 'I wanna get f---ed like it's the first time' and immediately sent it to Lena (Dunham). Within five minutes of sending it to her, this became the new end title. I believe there's a saying about this: right place, right time."


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