Hands Up! Hands Up!
by Zig and Zag (featuring Rednex)

Album: released as a single (1995)
Charted: 21


  • Zig and Zag are puppets. They're also from outer space. And Irish. This gets weirder.

    They started showing up on Irish TV in the late '80s, and in 1992 got a gig on the UK show The Big Breakfast, where they would provide comic relief. They proved quite popular and branched out into books, merchandise, and music.

    Simon Cowell, later of American Idol and X Factor fame, signed them to a record deal with RCA, and in 1994 they released the single "Them Girls Them Girls." That song went to #5 in the UK; their next single was "Hands Up! Hands Up!" which made #21, their last UK chart entry.
  • This was written and co-produced by Pat Reiniz, one of the masterminds of Rednex, whose members play on this track. At the time, Rednex had burst onto the European music scene with the hits "Cotton Eye Joe" and "Old Pop In An Oak." The band was very mysterious, claiming to be inbred Americans who made their way to Sweden. They didn't give interviews, but by this time the media had revealed their identities.

    They had a unique techno-hillbilly sound that Cowell wanted, so he had Reiniz work on this song for Zig and Zag. The sound is very Rednex, with high-energy fiddle and banjo.
  • "Hands Up" is an expression used in a lot of kids' games, but it's also and Old West trope, said by bad guys during robberies. This song uses it both ways, having us throw our hands up for fun, but also in reference to cowboy times and square dancing - also very Rednex. The video has an Old West theme, with Zig and Zag causing all kinds of trouble in a saloon.
  • The furry duo is voiced by Ciaran Morrison (Zig) and Mick O'Hara (Zag).


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