How to Rob

Album: In Too Deep Soundtrack (1999)
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  • Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, y'all know who this is boy, for real
    The art of getting robbed
    This is how we do Brooklyn-style, boy, you know what I'm saying?
    R.I.P B.I.G, nigga R.I.P P.A.C, R.I.P
    I got my nigga 50 Cent, yo, this is how it feel, how to rob a industry nigga
    Don't take this shit 'cause we just buggin' the fuck out
    Enough of that shit, it's time to O.D, one time
    But y'all could take it how you want it, word

    Ayo the bottom line is I'm a crook with a deal
    If my record don't sell I'ma rob and steal
    You better recognize, nigga, I'm straight from the street
    These industry niggas is starting to look like something to eat
    I'll snatch Kim and tell Puff, "You want to see her again?
    Dance your ass down to the nearest ATM"
    I have dreams of fucking an R&B bitch
    But I wake up early and bounce with all her shit
    When I apply pressure, son, it ain't even funny
    I'm about to stick Bobby for some of that Whitney money
    Brian McKnight, I can get the nigga anytime
    Have Keith sweating, staring down the barrel on my nine
    Since these Harlem World niggas seem to all be fam
    I put the gun to Cardan, tell him, "Tell your man"
    Mason Betha, haha
    Come up off that watch now, I mean right now
    The only excuse for being broke is being in jail
    An entertainer can't make bail, he broke as hell
    I'd rob ODB, but that'd be a waste of time
    Probably have to clap him, run and toss the nine
    I'd follow Fox in the drop for four blocks
    Plotting to jux her for that rock Kurupt copped
    What Jigga just sold, like four milli? He got something to live for
    Don't wanna nigga putting four through that Bentley coupe door
    I'll manhandle Mariah like "Bitch, get on the ground
    You ain't with Tommy no mo', who gon' protect you now?"
    I been scheming on Tone and Poke since they found me
    Steve know not to wear that platinum shit around me
    I'm a klepto, nah for real, son, I'm sick
    I'm 'bout to stick Slick Rick for all that old school shit
    Right now I'm bent and when I get like this I don't think
    About to make Stevie J take off that tight ass mink
    I'll rob Pun without a gun, snatch his piece then run
    This nigga weigh four hundred pounds, how he gonna catch me, son?

    This ain't serious
    Being broke can make you delirious
    So we rob and steal so our ones can be bigger
    50 Cent, how it feel to rob an industry nigga?
    This ain't serious
    Being broke can make you delirious
    So we rob and steal so our ones can be bigger
    50 Cent, how it feel to rob an industry nigga?

    I'll catch P and Silkk the Shocker right after the Grammys
    And Will Smith and Jada ass down in Miami
    Run up on Timbaland and Missy with the pound
    Like, "You, give me the cash, you, put the hot dog down"
    I figured it out, niggas been robbing Joe before
    That's why his ass don't wanna be a player no more
    My attitude while robbing J.D.? "Fuck you, pay me!"
    Had Da Brat with 'em, should've had his gat with him
    DMX wanna get down, well, you tell, homie
    I'm on that Treach shit, I do my dirt all by my lonely
    I should rob Clue, man, his shit did well
    I wanna stick TQ, but his shit ain't sell
    I hit the studios, take niggas' jewels and leave
    Catch Rae, Ghost, and RZA for them funny ass rings
    Tell Sticky give me the cash before I empty three
    I'll beat your ass like that white boy on MTV
    Canibus wanna battle while I'm sticking him up
    Fuck the cab, the coroners picking 'em up
    Heavy tried to hide his shit, hey nigga I saw you
    He said "Why you robbing me? I got nothing but love for ya"
    Caught Juvenile for his Cash Money piece
    Told him I want it all, he said, "Even my gold teeth?"
    I caught Blackstreet on a back street in a black Jeep
    One at a time, get out and take off your shine
    Did you ever think that you would be this rich?
    Did you ever think that you would have these hits?
    Did you ever think that I'd flash the nine?
    And walk off with your shit like it's mine?
    I'ma keep sticking niggas until I'm living
    I'll rob Boyz II Men like I'm Michael Bivins
    Catch Tyson for half that cash like Robin Givens
    I'm hungry for real, I'm about to stick Mister Cee
    That nigga still eating off Big's first LP
    I had Busta and the whole Flipmode on the floor
    He asked me if I had enough, I told him, "Gimme some more"
    If you feeling this, Then wait for the sequel
    I gotta get Kirk Franklin for robbing God's people

    This ain't serious
    Being broke can make you delirious
    So we rob and steal so our ones can be bigger
    50 Cent, how it feel to rob an industry nigga?
    This ain't serious
    Being broke can make you delirious
    So we rob and steal so our ones can be bigger
    50 Cent, how it feel to rob an industry nigga?

    Yo, yo, for real son, this The Madd Rapper, you know what I'm saying?
    And for real, you know what I'm sayin'?
    Niggas just gotta get stuck up, yo, that's just how it goes down
    It don't matter if you an industry nigga or a regular nigga or a bitch
    It really don't matter if you got it and I need it I want it
    You know what I'm saying? That's just how it go down
    50 Cent ain't fuckin' around, Trackmasters ain't fuckin' around
    Crazy Cat ain't fuckin' around, The Madd Rapper ain't fuckin' around
    You know what I'm saying?
    So watch your backs, watch your pocket book, watch your pockets
    Watch everybody on the train, watch everybody on the bus
    'Cause we gonna get you whether you like it or not Writer/s: Curtis James Jackson, Harry Wayne Casey, Richard Finch, Deric Michael Angelettie, Samuel J. Barnes, Jean Claude Olivier
    Publisher: Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Downtown Music Publishing
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Rap Aint Crap from Ny, Nyits an alrite song
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