Album: Mer de Noms (2000)
  • You're such an inspiration for the ways
    That I'll never ever choose to be
    Oh so many ways for me to show you
    How the savior has abandoned you
    Fuck your God
    Your Lord and your Christ
    He did this
    Took all you had and
    Left you this way
    Still you pray, you never stray
    Never taste of the fruit
    You never thought to question why

    It's not like you killed someone
    It's not like you drove a hateful spear into his side
    Praise the one who left you
    Broken down and paralyzed
    He did it all for you
    He did it all for you

    Oh so many many ways for me to show you
    How your dogma has abandoned you
    Pray to your Christ, to your god
    Never taste of the fruit
    Never stray, never break
    Never choke on a lie
    Even though he's the one who did this to you
    You never thought to question why

    Not like you killed someone
    It's not like you drove a spiteful spear into his side
    Talk to Jesus Christ
    As if he knows the reasons why
    He did it all for you
    Did it all for you
    He did it all for you Writer/s: BILLY HOWERDEL, MAYNARD KEENAN
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group, BMG Rights Management
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  • Taco from Oklahoma I grew up loving Tool and A Perfect Circle. I grew up listening to alot of Music really and every song is about their emotions. Yes I believe in Christ but I will not hate Maynard or his words in a song, Maynard was given this Gift for a reason. I'm going through things right now and its brought me closer to God, I know he has question but until he are close to that edge the he will understand why his mother did that keep the music going Brother, as soon as I can get better at the Acoustic, I will be playing your music
  • Nathan Mcb from TxI have to disagree with Pit from Ore. it’s harder living without it. First off the community support is low because being open about non belief often times results in isolation from family and friends and can be a serious threat to your employment.

    You bring up this odd idea that non believers are about prostitutes and easy money. Though I think prostitution should be legal because it’s a right between two concerning adults. It’s nobody else’s business what they do behind closed doors. As long as it’s with enthusiastic convent. What’s actually wrong with it? It hurts no one. Easy money? I don’t believe and unless you’ve served in the military I find it very unlikely you e worked harder than I have. And I’ve given to the point that’s it’s put me in tight fanancial situations several times. But I knew I could do without and help someone and that I’d recover from it. There is no intellectual strength in being a mind slave. You are too intellectually lazy to go through life and analyze situation after situation to see what is the best moral choice that leads to highest level and happiness and well being to all of those involved in the situation and the lowest amount of cost or pain or other negative. This is a very difficult process. Which you don’t partake in. You let the thoughts of ignorant desert dwelling nomads that murdered their neighbors do that kind of thinking for you. So to me it’s utter bs that you have it anywhere near as hard as someone like me. It’s imperative that I’m good now because my actions impact others and their actions impact me and we have to cooperate to make it as good as possible. Justice must come in this life and be appropriate because their isn’t a cosmic one to make it all better with promises after you die. What should cheapen even more is that rapists and murderers are also in heaven as long as the truly believed before they died. But someone not believing is worse than priest that screwed some kids 20 years ago. Grow up Pit
  • Pb from U.s."Why do bad things happen to good people if there's really a caring god?" Question as old as time, that's why one of the most ancient stories in the bible is the book of Job. People like Maynard may sneer at it because 'it's in the bible', but it's a very sophisticated and philosophically engaging. The bible doesn't just gloss over these subjects-- it's all in there.
  • Chris from Carbondale, IlOne of the greatest 4 minute songs ever!
    Nearly all adult followers of monotheistic religion choose to follow their faith because they themselves are inadequate at taking ownership of their own natural emotions. Said differently, these individuals do not give themselves permission to deeply and regularly explore the depth of emotionality that makes them human. Read Nietzsche's literature on (1) Nihilism and (2) True World.
    Maynard, sorry about your mom bro. And yeah, how would such grave injuries to your mom be a sign of holy love? It's like trying to give praise when babies die.
  • Pit from OrSome one here posted that it takes more courage to live without God than with God. I say hahaha to that, ridiculous and week! It takes a lot of balls to try to be a better person everyday. To get up from your comfort and go to a celebration of mass, to stay away from easy money and easy sex (prostitutes). It takes a lot to share what you have with the one in need and be a devoted father and husband. Be faithful and in grace that takes a lot of balls! It is complete bulls--t that society thinks that now with can grow away from Faith because we are now able to discover a lot of technology that give us answers.
    It is like a child that grow up and becomes a brat and never gives back to his father and mother.
    Going back to this song when someone gets sick and ill it is faith what gives you the strength to endure anything that comes. We will all eventually get ill and die from it most likely. The ones with true faith will go gracefully to the next life, the ones with out will seek to see someone suffering more than them or committing suicide or raging against God.
    This sing is awesome, even though is against having a blind faith I see it as the lament and the loudest weakness feeling of not having a strong faith!
  • Corbin from My SkinTo Jacob-
    God is there until he isn't. You saying he's always there for you is a bit narcissistic and selfish isn't it? If God us up there, actually watching all his flock. Then God is indifferent to you, me and the most evil, crooked, honest, loving...etc. That is the pain Maynard is trying to put across. His mother was, as I'm sure many consider themselves, a good Christian, Jew, Muslim, whatever, yet suffering is human, as us bliss. You stated that you'd hope he returns to the church. He doesn't need to, he found his peace, and so did his mother. I relate to this song for the same reasons. You don't need God, just as Stalin or Hitler didn't need a Satan. They are the same, if you want to go Old Testament, God created the "Enemy". But man creates their Gods. I mean no disrespect, but your comment about hoping for Maynard really upset me.
  • Jacob from Lafayettefurthermore, the only thing that a man is harming when cursing toward the Blessed Trininty is himself. It is my belief that the Blessed Trinity is completely impervious to any form of curse.
  • Jacob from Lafayettefor me personally, it is about relationship and intimacy. Not man made religion. Religion consists of mainly traditions. Traditions have never served to further my intimate relationship with the Almighty.

    Example, if i am in a relationship with joe, and (following my heart,) i will not utter a curse word toward joe. Cursing is an inherently evil and hateful thing. The intent behind a curse is just that. To do harm, etc.

    Finally, i abhor this song. I am deeply saddened to see Maynard expressing himself in this way. i grew up listening to some of his music. i am in hopes that he will repent, and turn.

    This all being said, and quite contrary (and merely by the grace of GOD i am able to express this) GOD is not what Mr. Maynard has made Him out to be.

    Yeshua Ha-Mashiach (God the Son) is truly an amazing Savior! There is no one like Him. He is always there for me.
  • Pereira.kara@gmail.com from United StatesMatt-United Kingdom
    I completely agree with you. Whatever makes you happy. The further the spiritual evolution of mankind advances, the more certain it seems to me that the path to genuine religiosity does not lie through the fear of life, and the fear of death, and blind faith, but through striving after rational knowledge. The important thing is NOT TO STOP QUESTIONING. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every day. Never lose a holy curiosity. - Albert Einstein

    "All fanaticism is false, because it is a contradiction of the very nature of God and of Truth. Truth cannot be shut up in a single book, Bible or Veda or Koran, or in a single religion."
    – Sri Aurobindo

    Spirituality feels that all religions are valid; like the analogy of many paths leading to the same goal. Spirituality embraces all the world religions, but at the same time, is not constrained by any religious dogmas or forms.

    Religion and spirituality do conjure up differences, but at the same time they are just terms and words. Spirituality and religion can be interchangeable. The boundary between religion and spirituality is fluid. Rather than a debate between religion and spirituality we could think of the difference between human religion and divine religion.

    Whether religion is good or bad, really depends on how it is practiced and lived.
  • Jaycee from Washington, Dc, DcI was raised a Christian AND I really like the song Judith. As human beings it is our right to question "WHY?" To tell someone just to believe anything without questioning is wrong. There are those who say all the answers are in the Bible but I say there is a lot of confusing and conflicting things in the Bible. Remember, a lot of things were taken out and put into the Bible - especially the King James version. When I am going through meltdowns and I am angry at God I listen to the song Judith. It helps me to release my anger. It is scary how so many Christians become outraged, violently angry at someone just wanting to question "WHY?"
  • Maynardfan from Tampa, FlWow, Some people please read all comments befor you post your own so alot of people dont have to read the same s--t, as for the song I can understand what James is talking about. Being raised extremely strict per. school catholic, as I left home distanced myself from this establishment. My parents became older and with extreme health problems, they became even closer to God. I know bad things even happen to the nicest of people, most faithful of people, but your views might seriously change after you see and take care of one of your parents due to something like a stroke.
  • Trenton from Oklahoma City, Ok'In my opinion, it takes much more courage to live without a God than to live with one.'
    That is very true. I attend a school that has a very large Christian population. I have morals, are all for equal rights, gay rights, etc. I am constantly looked down upon because I have my Tool, A Perfect Circle, Puscifer, Pink Floyd, Rage Against The Machine, Mastodon, QOTSA, etc. If you're shirt dosen't say One Direction, Justin Beiber, or KJ-52, you're not welcome. Luckily, Maynard came along, made some badass music, and made me feel like a huamn for once. Thank you, Maynard. Thanks fellow Songfactors!
  • Matt from Newcastle, United KingdomReligion is part of someone. Religion is a matter of personal choice. Personally, I'm atheist, and I'm happy as an atheist. I have a good life as an atheist. I have friends from many different cultures and backgrounds and I don't think different of people because of their religion. Be a Christian if that's what you believe is right and don't let me stop you, but do you know what I HATE!? People who try to convert people. Leave people as they are. Tool are far from a religious band, if you like Tool don't go bringing your God into the matter. Some of you guys are going around saying you're "Strong Christian"s and you listen to Tool? Isn't that a 'sin'? I may be atheist but I'm a good person with morals and I don't appreciate being looked down on by a bunch of people who live their lives by someone/something mentioned in a book. If you just want to be a good person then have morals like me, treat people nicely and do good things but at the same time enjoy life while you can. Forget about so called 'sins' and keep morals; it's this song which brings up the point that bad things happen to 'perfect' people. You know what, though? These 'perfect' people are no better than I. This may seem hypocritical but it's not - I'm not out to convert, I'm just trying to help people see that if they miss the opportunity to have fun, bad things still happen. Death is inevitable and will happen to us all. Live life to the full, regardless of consequences.
  • Joel2point0 from Nashville, TnIn my opinion, it takes much more courage to live without a God than to live with one.
  • James from Springfield, MoIve always wondered if James was a christian or not. Its very interesting to find this information out. He has been my number one since high school. I will pray for his salvation. He is worth every penny the lord spent on his creation.
  • Laure from York, Pa, PaWow, there's so much i want to say about this song, i don't even know where to start. i can respect maynard for expressing himself through his music. but i also think it's a bit of an emotional cop-out as to why his mother's death angers him so much AND THEN to go as far as to blame god for her death. if he spent any amount of time actually being open-minded enough to learn anything about the bible, you'd think he'd be under the slight understanding that god DOSEN'T LIKE IT AT ALL when people die. it's not his fault. death is the result of sin, sin is the product of satan. SIN IS NOT THE FAULT, CREATION OR INTENTION OF GOD!! He needs to realize that people as a whole, fuel the fire that satan needs to do his "dirty work". Jesus didn't ask YOU why he should die for you, he did it because it needed to be done so he could come back for us all when we DO die. so sad that his efforts are a waste and in vain to most people on this earth. don't ask why, just be grateful and thankful that he died for you. save the questions for when you die. just have faith that you'll be able to - if you work hard enough towards being able to do so. i don't understand why people are so afraid of having a bit of faith. who cares if you've never seen god! i'd rather believe in something rather than nothing at all. it's ridiculous how people ask questions about god, but never talk to someone who believes in him. they want answers, but are to cowardice to pick up a bible and get the answers for themselves. people don't even want to go learn the basics. how can you judge god's existance or falsification, if you only "hear what you want to hear". you shouldn't need to question WHY you follow GOD. YOU NEED TO FOLLOW HIM, BE FAITHFUL, NEVER DOUBT AND SAVE THE QUESTIONS FOR LATER.....IF YOUR'RE FAITHFUL ENOUGH TO BE PRIVILEGED TO EVEN BREATHE THE SAME AIR AS HE IS WHEN HE'S STANDING IN FRONT OF YOU. sometimes you don't need to ask questions because god's got it handled. it's not that people want answers to their questions, it's that they are afraid of things if they can't SEE them, and if they aren't blatently obvious and smacking them in the face. so, to wrap this up, I HAVE A QUESTION,....WHY DOES EVERYONE HAVE THE DIRE NEED TO HAVE EVERYTHING BLUE-PRINTED FOR THEM??? it's almost like they need someone to hold their hand like a scared little child!! i'm not preaching, i'm simply telling you that if you want to find the answers to your questions about god, PICK UP A BIBLE AND READ!!! even if you don't nessacarily believe every last word. it may just help your understanding a little more about why things happen the way they do. if you still don't get it, ask someone who does believe in god, how THEY interpret it. you may be enlightened and a bit more open-minded!!! hope maynard does the same thing.
  • Anders from Copenhagen, DenmarkHe sayes: "f--k your God, Your Lord and your Christ".
    And if he is a non believer then "Your god", could be any and all gods, but I think it is pretty clear that it is at least pointed at the Christian God.
    He is basically saying: How can you, without questioning, believe in a god that leaves you crippled even though you where a devout follower and a generally good person.

    Also if you look up some numbers on suicide I'm pretty sure that you will find that lots of people was put threw more then they could bear.
  • Anonymoushonestly i just recently started listenin 2 Tool and A perfect circle and i truly love their lyrics. All i have to say on this song in particur Maynard is very talented but i feel that instead of saying it is God who has done this to his mother, i feel that it is just the devil trying to find a way to diminish his belief in God IF that is what he meant by it. alot of you guys sound pretty correct to me... im glad he's not saying things about God because i am a strong christian and love their music but basically what im tryna say is, God will never put you thru anything that you cannot bear and that everything does happen for a reason. His mother's death was the devil's way of trying to get Maynard to turn away from God... but i also like whoever said that he doesnt say f### God but he really means f### your God. i dnt approve of it but its better than saying the Christian God in general. But i have to say that the package is my absolute favorite song... The guitar, drumming etc. is absolutely beautiful... Music indeed has power....
  • David from Carrollton, Ohi just like to add. i had the honor of meeting mrs. Keenan and she was a very nice lady. i met her @ carroll square apts. it was a senoir citizens home that my foster mother managed. she introduced her self as maynards mom, and i thought to my self this is so awesome, but kept my cool and told her i loved his music and so did my late mother and father. she showed me pics and it was cool as heck. just like to say thank you 4 the memory mrs.keena...
  • Gus from Fort Smith, ArHe does his job well. He pulls emotions out of people and makes them think. Like him or not, he is good at what he does.
  • Robert from Bronx, NyThis song is deep I like it, the lyrics has truthful meaning.
  • Adam from Atttleboro, MaSong just proves that anything can happen to anyone at anytime, doesnt really matter how good Religious or bad you are, you could be the worst person in the world pure evil and win the lottery or you could be nicest person in the world and become terminally ill and die. Just the way this f--ked up thing we all call "life" works.
  • John from Jackson, MsA mother's death is something that will change you forever, let alone a slow painful death such as a stroke. How can any of you have any insight into such an experience? I watched my mother burn to death in her home, listened to her scream for help as her body was consumed by fire. This was shortly after I buried my father, he only had to suffer for twenty years with terminal cancer. Did maynard question religion watching his mother suffer, only a fraction of what you can imagine. Christ saved our souls for eternity, our bodies are the property of this world.
  • Usagi from Hoover, Al
    If you are a real tool fan you will know that maynard isn't against god. time and time again he has stated to read between the lines of his music. I hates the ideal on how people cling to a "mans version" of who god is and what he does, he has asked us to stop being sheep and find our own way to god. Man is corrupt and human influences taint the absolute truth. Which in fact Jesus tried to tell us. But then you have bible thumping Christians who tell you that you are going to hell because your not a perfect person. THAT is what maynard is against
  • David from San Antonio, TxI don't think anyone really know's how he felt when he wrote this song. He was obviously hurt and because his faith was tested it sounds like he decided to speak out loud about it. With all things in life it's all about choice and even the greatest men and women have expressed themself through songs, stories or poems. Some of the greatest minds are concidered wise beyond their years when they pose impossible to answer questions and form an opinion based on there belief system. I would never speak for someone else or be so arrogant to presume what they meant or how they felt but this is my take on the song. It sounds like he's questioning his own faith and beliefs and tring to find confort with is own pain by having the people around him even his mother agree with the feeling that she didn't deserve this and why didn't GOD help her, even though it sounds like they don't agree with him. It's like when you're with a group with friends or family and you know that your wrong about something but you try to get everyone to relate with you and say you have a good point or you're right, it makes you feel better about how yourself and how you feel. It seems to be his coping mechanism and how he handled his mothers illness. Of course that's just my opionion, why doen't someone just ask him? I'm sure he would probably say what he meant.
  • Dakota from Colorado Springs, CoWhat's funny is that all the comments people leave, unless it's a statement from Maynard, are only going to be opinions. If it is a statement from Maynard, then prove it. I understand people are entitled to their opinions, but if it's going to be argued about, atleast do research and find out what the actual meaning of the song is. No I don't know the actual meaning. I have my opinion.
  • Angelboy from Cebu, PhilippinesI figured it out, i thought a perfect circle is anti-christ but maynard just hated god. I hope He can talk to him.
  • Brian from Hell, BelgiumHey everyone, "a stroke is the rapidly developing loss of brain function(s) due to a disturbance in the blood supply to the brain. This can be due to ischemia (lack of blood supply) caused by thrombosis or embolism or due to a hemorrhage." This quote from wikipedia about strokes does not indicate that they are sent by God to punish people. Just because someone is a Christian doesn't mean their life is supposed to be peachy. The world is an amoral place so bad things are just as likely to happen to good people as well as bad people. Peace be with you all.
  • Tim from San Diego, CaAlright Al from Philadelphia.This song was not written to bash anyone's beliefs. You have to be more open minded when you are trying to find the meaning of a song. What Maynard is doing is expressing his own opinion (which you are allowed to do even if their opinion of your beliefs are not the same as yours) about how he watched someone he knew praise someone for punishing her for being a good person. Maynard found that a bit ironic and so do I. That sounds the like the same as if somebody had stolen all of your life savings, for example, and then spending time trying to become that persons best friend for doing you that misdeed.
  • Cody from Nowhere, MiThis song is about a conversation he had with his mother and the arguments he presented to her, it is not necessarily an anti-god song, only the opinion he presented to his mother on her death bed, and maybe this is simply a way for him to vent his frustrations
  • Al from Philidelphia, Pathis is one of the most worthless songs of all time. if you made a song attacking,say, muslims or jews or blacks then everyone would be saying "OH THATS RACIST AND ANTI-SEMITIC WE CANT HAVE THAT!!!"(which theyd be right) but everyone can make songs attacking christianity and make a million bucks off it and have hordes of screaming morons saying how great it is to attack christianity. musically inferior and lyrically offensive.
  • Gnome from Choctaw, OkAnd now for the definitive answer... This song is one of many dealing with MJK's mother Judith. "Jimmy" discusses how when he was eleven...10,000 days before her death...she was hit by an aneurysm. That is the day he "waved goodbye" to the mother he had known. "Jambi" deals with how Maynard would give up everything to save his mother. The "Wings for Marie" saga is a tribute to his mother, and for the most part a less angry followup to "Judith". "Judith" delves into his mother's increasingly unwavering faith as she continues to get worse. He seems to be directing his anger toward her for "praising the one" who put her into the predicament to begin with. It nearly becomes a commentary about questioning your beliefs and looking at them for what they really are.
  • Tom from Charleston, ScSome people are stone cold sure that there is no God, however are blind to the good things in their lives so they want to focus on the bad things for whatever reasons loose all faith and bash the Christians as if it were a cry for attention. Look around you, how could anyone deny God, the events of the Bible have come to pass and continue on to do so. The poor me attitude the bitter people have, like they have the world's problems on their shoulders, people reject the way of Christ because it means the evil that they do will have to be given up, meaning no more porn etc. Finally as if there is one innocent, sinless person out there so untested faith is useless faith. I've only seen the ungodly complain against God, God isn't going to bless a house of sin though through grace and mercy still provides for them and furthermore I agree with guy up there, read the Bible for your answers.
  • Rob from Clovis, Caoh and fyi this song was written before she died!!!!!!

    she wasn't taken from him yet
    it is a question..........
  • Rob from Clovis, CaOKAY!!!!!!!!!! guess what...... you are all right / wrong lol

    judith = judith marie keenan garrison lol obvious
    but the song is meant to looked at both ways though

    if you truely pay attention to both tool and a perfect circle... maynard never states or inferences that he is "angered at god" in fact in the song 10'000 day's (wings part 2) he says "Ten thousand days in the fire is long enough, You're going home"

    i know how he f***in feels to..... my mother has Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, A petuitary tumor and an autoimmune disease

    the doctor gave her "6 months to live" about a year ago......

    really i QUESTION why a god so merciful bring so much pain........
  • Josh from Temecula, CaCmon guys. I see this on pretty much every tool/perfect circle forum. If you want to intellectually criticize something then instead of saying how much you hate God and religion provide some evidence. Writing in all caps and venting on a forum will not get your point across. Instead you should do what Maynard is suggesting you do about religion in this song, which is to approach it with strong skepticism, consider both angles. With that in mind, continue to INTELLECTUALLY,NOT HATEFULLY criticize Christianity, yet consider it before you do. I love Maynard and his music, but everyone including him who agrees with the message of this song should 1. get the ignorant hate out of their systems. and 2. read Job in the Bible. Or you could just keep being a hateful ignoramous and bash Christianity but never read the book or look at it in depth.
  • Nick from Knoxville, TnIts not about his hate for religon hes telling his mother to turn away from god
  • Ian from Lenhartsville, PaOh yeah I love this song. I like A Perfect Circle but Tool is my favorite band.
  • Ian from Lenhartsville, PaJeremy from Knoxville get a f***** life. Jesus is a dead guy who's bones finished rotting away a thousand years ago. He is not some freakin' son to "God" a guy who doesn't exist.
  • Jeremy from Knoxville, TnWhat do these lines mean???

    "He did this Took all you had and Left you this way"
    It can't be referring to Jesus because he never leaves us.

    "He did it all for you" mean?

  • Goddyss from Detroit, MiThe girl is Paz Lenchatin (sp). She left APC and went to Billy Corgan's band ZWAN. She also played violin on the Mer de Noms album.
  • Jeremy from Las Vegas, NvI can't find a link to back this up, but I fell in love with this tune when I first heard it, and researched its meaning at the time (close to when it was released). I swear I read a direct quote from Maynard on the APC website stating that he wrote it thinking about an interaction with a fan in a wheelchair, who was spouting some Christian horsechips about how it was all part of God's plan, but she still loved Him for doing it to her, because God was infallible and loving. The inane irony made Maynard so angry, he penned Judith, but did say that he doesn't know the fans name...so likely it is a hyrbrid story between the feelings that fan brought out and how that same sentiment mapped over to his sick mother.
  • Kyle from Culpeper, Vai have to congradulate Sarah from Sydney at puting out the most random ridiculous thing like him haveing a secret obbsesion like choclolate milk...lol
  • Matt from Toronto, CanadaWell I would like to say that I have alot of trouble understanding most lyrics because I WANT to believe there are hidden meanings in Lyrics. But I think It takes a real moron not to understand that this perticular song is bashing blind faith, just to many f*ck your gods, and sarcastic remarks about faith to suggest otherwise (plus that fact that the song writer said thats what this song is about might help)
  • Andy from Wanganui, New ZealandHow many times do you guys need to hear it, I mean honestly!! I guess it's understandable if you haven't seen the DVD, but why are you still posting idiotic comments when you have just read a comment how a person HAS seen the DVD and told you what Maynard has said?! You guys are insane!! And the 'yahoo' guy.. You have problems if you think ANYONE would put that in a song, let alone Maynard. And that other person who thinks songs have no meaning and don't need to be interpreted.. Well if you know best, why don't you go write some songs, I'm sure they'll sell 'cause they'll have so much nothingness to their meaning. APC and Tool do not write ANYTHING not one word, for the sake of it. Everything is their for a reason. The album 'Lateralus' is sung in the Fibonacci Sequence!! That just shows how much effort and passion he puts into his songwriting and singing. Listen to people that know first hand what the song is about!!
  • Jerry from Romney, WvOk, I just have to flame the guy that says that part of the lyric is 'yahoo' ... ok, first off, the chocolate drink is not called 'yahoo' it's 'yoohoo' Second, it's a 'chocolate drink' there is no milk in it. And thirdly, he is merely vocalizing the word 'you.' Also, he is bashing Christianity, 'F*ck your god, your lord, your CHRIST' And I think it's a little arrogant to distinguish Christianity as the religion with the name for their god as 'The God.' Ahh, I needed this flaming, makes me feel good. Oh, And a piece of advise for you, Sarah from Sydney ... learn to swim.
  • Katrina from Orlando, FlMAYNARD NARRATES WHAT THIS SONG MEANS ON THE DVD. Just watch the video with his commentary. And to any freakin idiots like this Daniel kid below me - he is NOT angry with his mother. He's angry at the people who were "christian" like his mother - who would be nice to his mother's face but turn around and talk behind her back. He was saying "F**k YOUR God of a religion that makes it ok for people to treat others like utter sh*t" (paraphrasing) And that Constantine took the word "love" or "light" out of the bible - which means, by the bible's definition, that he is satan. JUST FREAKING WATCH THE VIDEO WITH MAYNARD'S COMMENTARY. Jesus.
  • Daniel from Mcloud, OkThe song is about how Maynards mom was a devout christian and had a stroke. He's bitter! All you stupid people STOP over complicating things! This song is meant to be taken for face value. It doesn't need interpreting!
  • Robby from New York, NyOk,i will instill my two cents on the subject. we need to realize that songs are like poems, they are made to appear ambiguous but the undertows are quite clear when the song in itself is given a certain and just amount of analisis and contemplation. Judith (maynards mom) is just a metaphor or better yet a personification that Maynard uses to illustrate how more than a couple of people in the world follow certain political and religious ideals represented by subjective "ethreal institutions", heedless to the long-term consequences of surrendering free-will. Consequently the reason why there is so much anger lucidly expressed in the song is because Maynard feels that these ideals are basically human fantasies in which we created but have ignorantly exempted from the laws of humankind....in other words we idealize them no matter how cruel and savage they may be upon our fragile "eggshell" mind.
  • Brittanie from Oklahoma City, Okwho is the girl in the video playing guitar?
  • Neil from Clinton, MoThere is no subliminal message about chocolate milk in this song. Marnard wouldn't incorporate something so stupid into such a meaningful song.
  • K from Pville, MdIt could also pose the possibility that we aren't sinning. "It's not like you killed someone." Jesus didn't die for our sins... But that's just my take on it. Songs aren't supposed to have one, clear-cut meaning. The meanings for songs are different from person to person.
  • Xavier from Boyceville, WiThe song Judith is not about how Maynard hates God for taking his mother. You people who wrote that crap are idiots. Mer de Noms was released in 2000, and his mother died in '03, shortly before the Thirteenth Step album was released. According to his commentary on the aMOTION DVD, Keenan's mother had an extremely high level of faith in the Christian God. And Maynard isn't saying "**** God," but "**** your God", the one to whom you pray and give thanks to, the one who would do bad things to you without reason and leave you to your own devices thereafter, not the Christian God in specific.
  • Dannie from Xenia, Oh it's not as complicated as you all are making it sound... buy the dvd and watch him say exactly what the song is about
  • Sterlin from Abilene, TxFaith is stupid, is the basic meaning. Why devote yourself unto something so blindly? The truth is out there but why follow cultural values and government control?
  • Milatchi from San Francisco, CaIn general the song is about Blind Faith.
  • Chris from Highland Park , NjChloe, Hampshire, England, the lyrics are not "its not like you drove a spiteful spirit shall we say" but rather "its not like you drove a spiteful spear into his side"
    Which pertains to christian mythologies depiction of Jesus being speared in the side by a Roman soldier with "the spear of Longinus" while on the cross to ensure his death (seeing as people lived for days on crosses before thier muscles where no longer strong enough to hold their weight and allow breathing), the blood and water from the wound in his side filling the holy grail (not that that last part has any relivance I just watch to much history channel).

    Anyway not makeing a new point just clearing up those those lyrics up and providing some additional background info (All those years as an alter boy finally comeing in handy)
  • Sarah from Sydney, AustraliaOkay Judith is Maynard's mother name. She got into a car accident and is now paralysed as a result.
    Many people tried to show her that God had abandoned her but she still believed that He did it all for her. That it was meant to be this way.
    Also, it has a sumblinal message about Maynards love for Chocolate Milk in it...
    "He did it all for yyaaahhhoooo"
    Yahoo is a chocolate milk brand.
  • Peter from Ottawa, CanadaWhile it does seem to be directly influenced by his mother's stroke, and Maynard is certainly no proponent of Christendom, his anger seems to be more directed at people's blind faith in general. He wants people to open their mind and think for themself. I think what happened to his mother is simply one example that obviously struck very close to home and inspired him to send this message out.
  • Ronald from Brownsville, TxDefinitely an enigma. His expression is passionate for what we want to understand. Do not look too deep?but listen. We all want to be listened to... however we all suck at the art of listening.
  • Kelly from West Lafayette, InThe Biblical Judith who killed Holofernes was not faithful. Holofernes laid siege to her city, and the rest of her people just waited, trusting that God would provide. Judith didn't believe in starving or dying of thirst, and went and seduced Holofernes, and then cut off his head. She saved her people because of her lack of faith, not because of complete blind faith. It's not really the same thing.
  • Robert from Lancaster, CaThe answer is simple. Maynard states it in several interviews and on the aMOTION DVD in the commentary during the video of the song in question. There are some real idiots on here both "God fearing" and not. try listening with an open mind and heart; you'll hear a lot more.
  • Stephanie from Grants Pass, OrPeople confuse this with Maynard hating God and also solely just about his mother since the song's title is obviously, Judith. In aMotion, MJK states that it's not F--K YOUR GOD, it's F--K THE GOD, the one who did this all to you, etc...I guess you can see it as the same thing if you want. His mother was paralyzed by a stroke and put in a wheelchair, and he found it ironic that these God-fearing Christians would come and praise her about her strong faith then go behind her back and I guess, make fun of her. He starts out the commentary on aMotion describing Fundamentalist Extremists and how they've turned around something as simple as "Jehovah" meaning "Love and Light" into a vengeful God that people on Earth should fear.

    For those that think that this is a reference to the bible...no. It's totally against the idea of the bible and that all you need to know is "Love and Light" and not the rest of the ideas the Fundamentalist Extremists added because that's what they wanted followers to think.
  • Sascha from Fresno, CaWhether or not this song is about Maynard's mother, I am not sure. He is hatefull sounding towards christianity, but also very frustrated with his mother and her faith in christianity. It seems to be pretty clear to me, that the message he trying to get out is NOT really ...hate religion or christianity...BUT to not take for granted that what we have been taught and/or lead to believe in... is the truth! "You never thought to question why."
    He's ask's why have faith in a god who would leave you "Broken down and paralyzed". Anyways, to make a long story short...he saying WAKE UP...there's more out there! There are many more religions in this world and many of them make more sense than christianity.
  • Zashadow from Pretoria, South AfricaMaynard is clearly very angry with God and I suppose, in his view, rightly so. But he, I think, feels this way because he doesn't understand the make-up of it all (not saying I do). He is looking at this from a 2 dimensional perspective. Everyone dies. I believe this world is the Blackmith's shop and the harder you are forged, the better you are shaped for the next level (real life). I really don't think God has much concern about the physical world we are so caught up in! I hope Maynard someday realizes this. He is a brilliant musician and has exciting deliveries.
  • Steven from Victorville, CaI read these and listen to some of your responses, im not afraid to say i love Jesus, i have a feeling Jesus is showing me these things for a reason, im not too sure what it is yet but i have some type of feeling the belief of God and Jesus is still in Maynard somewhere, you dont just grow up in the church and completely go against it, somewhere its still there, and walking away half hearted is the most painful thing you do to yourself, you know your sinning but you continue, I just have a weird feeling right now, but about the song, Maynards point of view. Do you all take this man for a fool? Do you all really think hes blaiming God for his moms death? DO YOU THINK HES STUPID? HES KNOWS EVERYONE DIES COME ON, A 4TH GRADER KNOWS EVERYONE DIES. Theres a deeper message, maybe it is blind faith which im a full blooded Believer, i dont call myself a Christian cause I just catagorize myself like everyone else, I call myself a follower of Jesus Christ, the one and true savior and if some of you people would just open you hearts and see it you would too. Theres something deeper to this song because i dont take Maynard for a fool, he knows we all die, theres no way it means that, this is just my opinion, flawed like anyone elses about the song, and to you non believers out there, i have hope im going somewhere when i do, and some is better than none.....
  • Patch from Bangor, MeMaynard has a lot of anger toward his mother. He doesn't want to, but he can't help it. Orestes displays his urge to remove any emotional barriers holding him back from killing her. Judith is his way of displaying his opinion of her faith. He thinks she feels like her stroke was deserved, and god did it for a reason. He seems to be trying to prove to her that the christian god isn't her savior if he could allow her stroke to happen.
  • Chloe from Hampshire, EnglandI understand exactly how Maynard James Keenan felt when he wrote this song. My cousin died from a rock climbing accident when he was 20. Before it happened I was religious but since that I have become a pagan. He is not putting out an anti-christ message, he just feels that re;igion won't keep you alive, it won't bring you justice. His mother, Judith did nothing to make her worthy of death except have faith in the one who eventuall let her die, "its not like you killed someone, its not like you drove a spiteful spirit shall we say, praise the one who left you broken, down and paralysed, He did it all for you"
    He refuses to be religious as he has now seen first hand that it won't save you, "youre such an inspiration for the way that i would never choose to be" This song appeared on the soundtrack to UNDERWORLD (great film and great song) and Maynard has the BEST male voice in music (i think so)
  • Lucretia from San Antonio, TxIt's pretty well known that "Judith" is about Maynard's mother, but here's something else interesting and ironic:

    Judith is also a character in the bible (look in the Apocryphia) who also was a highly virtuous who held strong beliefs in God, although her city is under seige. However, unlike the song, this Judith DOES actually kill someone--Holofernes.

    I just thought that was interesting.
  • Jon from Merrimack, NhSome of you have the meaning of this song down and others couldn't be more off. You people are going on and on about how Maynard "hates religion" and Judith really means "Judas". Let me enlighten you. The song is about Maynard's mother, which is where the name "Judith" came from. Most of the titles on Mer de Noms are names of people Maynard knew. The song "Thomas" is named after someone who lived near Maynard as a child. The song is about Maynard's mom and her struggle with her stroke, exactly how the first comment stated. He says "f--k your god" in the song NOT because he is against religion but because he is saying "f--k this god that you worship and has made this happen". "You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never ever choose to be". This quote simply means his mother inspires him, however he doesn't agree with her choice in religion after this has happened to her. The reason I am so sure of myself on this is because I heard it from Maynard himself. On his DVD and from interviews you can really learn a lot just by simply opening your ears. Thanks for listening.
  • Kyle from St. Louis, MoThe Phrase "f*ck your god" is not in reference to "THE GOD" but refering to the hypocritical people that would praise judith (maynards mothers name)to her face, then criticize and belittle her behind her back. So in that sense Maynard is say f*ck the god that those type of people worship
  • Jason from Fort Worth, TxC'mon, people! Listen to the words. He is singing about a person who blindly follows her religion. Christianity is dogmatic, plain and simple, and apparently it has abandonded her, left her. It's another one of Maynard's famous archetypes. Why did she never taste of the fruit? and never thought to question why? Religion oppressed her, and she felt responsible for the spear in his side.
  • Michael from Hurricane, Utthis song was about his mother, and every other devout christian out there. f--k your god your lord and your christ. he did this. he's saying give up on the pr*ck. he did this to you. and yet you follow. and you never thought to question why. its also about the guilt and shame religion forces upon you. its not like you killed someone. its not like you drove a spiteful spear into his side. your an evil person because you touch yourself at night. your an evil person because you QUESTION them. and all you have to do to not suffer for all eternity is to crush your spirit, your natural desires, and your mind overall.
    people have so much potential. and the song was about how it is wasted on such horrible thing as christianity
  • Chris from Highland Park , NjJust to throw a wrench in the works...
    Ever think that the song is about a woman named Judith who is in a relationship with a man that treats her like crap yet she follows him and stays with him anyway, and maynard is trying to talk sense into her. Then again to use catholisism as a metaphor like this you would have to be against it, so that also makes the song anti organized religion.
    In all probability the song is probably about his mother, but I don't think its a coincidence that it can be interpreted this way, I think Maynard makes his songs ambiguos on purpose, you get out of them what you put into them.
  • Dirge from New York, NyVery well said, - Trevania, Michigan City, IN (AND) Maynard writes songs that aren't to be taken literally. But I think the best thing to do is to listen to a song and NOT worry about what it means to the songwriter....think about what it means to YOU!! -Brent, Neodesha, KS-
  • Jordan from Boise, IdThis song, has NOTHING to do with Maynard hating God/Christianity. In the recent aMotion DVD that A Perfect Circle has released, the commentary for the music video "Judith" Maynard tells the story about his mother, who after she entered the hospital, her faith in god escalated, and she continued to believe in god. Friends and family memebers would come and visit her, and tell her that god was with her, and when they left, they would begin to talk bad about her. He clearly states that the song is about believing in a vengeful god. He doesn't believe is a spiteful/vengeful god, but says that the definition of "Jehova" is "Love and light" he feels that once you read that, that you should be able to set the book down, and not have to read any further than that. He doesnt believe in a god that punishes. He questions the blind belief in a vengeful god.
  • You Don't Know from Nyc, NyThe song is (which is said before) about the death of his mother. The "f--k Your God" reference is saying to his mother...look at all that prying you did and he took you away from me.
  • Toby from Wolverhampton, EnglandIts not a slur on christianity, his mother was a christian. What he's crying out against is the god that makes people afraid and that confines people to be afraid of a figure from a book.
  • Nut Sac from Long Beach, CaExcuse me the Album is dedicated to his mother
  • Nut Sac from Long Beach, CaThe song is dedicated to JUDITH JAMES his MOTHER. He is cursing god because he took her away from him. He is not downing religion (not in this song)...he is just pissed! I think you would be too if your mother was your best friend as those 2 were.
  • Andrew from Some Where In Tx, Txim christian and im proud. i have also though about reasons why im christian. and i have been praying more lately and i have been having way better days. and my grades have actually been passing for once. and also i just get a good feeling when im at church. this song is really good though. i do prefer songs about hot chicks and rocking out. lol but apc rocks!
  • Ruth from Phoenix, AzIt's extremely obvious what this song is about once you pay attention to what he's saying. In more than just this song, it has shown evident that Keenan is not a fan of organized religion, especially Christianity. When he sings "It's not like you killed someone
    It's not like you drove a hateful spear into his side", "F--k your God
    Your Lord and your Christ", "Oh so many many ways for me to show you
    How your dogma has abandoned you
    Pray to your Christ, to your god", etc., it's pretty obvious he's referring to the atonement doctrine, and the pressure Christians have placed on other people to redeem themselves from their sins that Jesus died for. He also claims that too many people never think to question why they are following their religion, and let themselves surrender to blind faith.
  • Kristie from Bagley, MnYES !! thank you sooooo much for putting into words for me Trevania!!! u said it! thanks i totally agree wichya
  • Kristie from Bagley, MnThe song is talking about how he didnt do anything wrong like kill anyone so why does he have to worship someone he has never seen or knows exists for that matter. im sorry Gavin I dont think he is talking abou his hatred for christ or religion he is talking about why the heck he has to worship and give up his life for christ or go straight to hell if he didnt do anything wrong "its not like you killed someone, its not like you drove a spitfull spear into his side" is refering to the people who did give up there life for Christ and he is asking why? why did u do that when u didnt ask for it, you didnt ask for Jesus to die, why do you have to go to hell for it? you know? kinda hard to put into words but u get the idea
  • Leif from Duluth, MnI really believe that a pefect circle is playing the part of someone who is angry at God for whatever reason and intensley expressing these feelings, but comes to the realization that He really did do it all for you. The last 2 lines of the song are:
    he did this all to you,
    he did it all FOR you.
  • Iscariot from Tempe, AzJudith is not a veiled reference to Judas. The titular female character appears in an apocryphal chapter of the Bible of the same name, and is best known for seducing and beheading Holofernes, the chief of the tribe laying siege to Judith's home city.
  • Brent from Neodesha, KsIf you don't know by now...Maynard writes songs that aren't to be taken literally. But I think the best thing to do is to listen to a song and NOT worry about what it means to the songwriter....think about what it means to YOU!!
  • Jhg from Indy, InJudith is referring to Judas. He (maynard) was telling the story of the betrayal of Jesus from the viewpoint of the devil talking to Judas. After Judas betrayed Jesus, he went mad because of the devil speaking to him. The devil taunted him because of what he made him do. Judas committed suicide because of the guilt over what he did to Jesus.
  • Maureen from Philadelphia, PaActually, Maynard's mother DID pass away, last year. From toolshed.down.net:

    "From all of us, condolences to Maynard and his family, on the recent passing of his mother Judith. You can send flowers for the June 28th service to Judith Marie Keenan/Garrison, Toland-Herzig Funeral Home, 803 North Wooster Ave, Dover, OH 44622." (6/25/03)
  • Brian from Mayfield Heights, Ohmaynards mother isnt dead, people. Go to toolshed.down.net, and read the FAQ if you want verification on this. And tool's song "jimmy" isnt about his mtoher dying either.
  • Drew from Baltimore, MdHe is saying that even though he had never done anything bad like kill someone, god still screwed up his life. I think he is referring to his mothers death.
  • Gavin from Albuquerque, NmThis song is obviously about how maynard hates religon. christianity seems to be the point of attack in the song "its not like you killed someone, its not like you drove a hatefull spear into his side" Jesus was stabbed in the side after he was believed to be dead to make sure before they took him off the cross.(the reason they drove the spear is because it was the night before the sabbath and they wernt supposed to work after dark)
  • Linda from College Station, TxI sort of thought this song was about his mother. Her name was Judith and she died recently (I don't know if she was sick or not). You can tell he's singing about someone who hasn't lost their faith through hard times.
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