Album: Black Ice (2008)
  • She was a danger,
    Ain't no stranger,
    You give me rock 'n' roll, around the town,
    Just foolin' around,
    She's gonna break ya,
    Wanna make ya,
    Gonna make it,
    Wanna take it down,
    She's gonna rock 'n' roll 'n' slide it down,

    Spinnin' around my brain, driving you insane,
    Rolling 'round my head, going through the red,

    She wanna shake you, no way to save you,
    She's got me shot, I'm fallin'
    I'm blowin' it out,
    Know what I'm talkin' about,
    She's gonna ride you, wanna slide you,
    Ain't no fakin' she wanna take you out,
    You betcha right, she's gonna spin you 'round,

    [Repeat: x2]
    Spinnin' around my brain, driving you insane,
    Rolling 'round my head, going through the red,
    Flyin' down the road, ready to explode,
    Burnin' down the road, hitting overload,

    Hitting overload
    Ready to explode Writer/s: Angus Mckinnon Young, Malcolm Mitchell Young
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Zero from Nowhere, NjUpdate: I listened to it last night again (there are 15 tracks, my mistake), and I might even go as far to say it's BETTER than Back in Black! I really mean that. I like how they were able to try new sounds while still sounding like AC/DC. Great job guys!
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjI don't know how everyone else is gonna react to this, but I really think Black Ice is their best album since Back In Black, in that every song is good, which is an even bigger accomplishment for Black Ice because there's 14 songs on it as opposed to BIB's 10 songs. Though I don't think it has songs that are as epic or will be as greatly remembered as Hell's Bells, Back in Black YSMANL, or Shoot to Thrill; I still think it's great! What does everyone else think?
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