Who Made Who

Album: Who Made Who (1986)
Charted: 16
  • The video game says "play me"
    Face it on a level but it takes you every time on a one on one
    Feeling running down your spine
    Nothing gonna save your one last dime 'cause it own you
    Through and through

    The databank know my number
    Says I gotta pay 'cause I made the grade last year
    Feel it when I turn the screw
    Kicks you round the world, there ain't a thing that it can't do
    Do to you

    Who made who, who made you?
    Who made who, ain't nobody told you?
    Who made who, who made you?
    If you made them and they made you
    Who picked up the bill, and who made who?
    Who made who
    Who turned the screw?

    Yeah, satellites send me picture
    Get it in the eye, take it to the wire
    Spinning like a dynamo
    Feel it going round and round
    Running out of chips, you got no line in an eight bit town
    So don't look down, no

    Who made who, who made you?
    Who made who, ain't nobody told you?
    Who made who, who made you?
    If you made them and they made you
    Who picked up the bill, and who made who?
    Ain't nobody told you
    Oh who made who?
    Who made you?
    Who made who (who made who)
    And who made who (who made who)
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  • Zero from Nowhere, NjAwesome song, awesome video!

    I love AC/DC but about that Metallica comment I think in the 80's Metallica is the best (In my opinion of course!) After that the band pretty much used AC/DC as an influence and and made simpler, more direct hard rock.
  • Steven from Universal City, TxThe movie may have been a box office throwaway [to some] but this song and the soundtrack itself, must've been good if it's still here today! Rock on!
  • Stacia from Manhattan, KsThe early guitar riff is obviously based on final riff of The Who's "Baba O'Reilly," but I don't know if it's merely homage or has more significance.
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandOld Pink, the guy's name is JIM BREUER, not Brewer
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandThe song is about man inventing things that ultimately take over people.

    Video games are programmed by people yet make people addicted and lose their money.
    Bank accounts hold your money yet you make a high grade at school and you lose more money in tax.
  • Aaraon from Dallas, TxWhen taken in context of the movie, the song is clearly about a man talking to an attacking machine. Machines are made by men, but in the movie, the machines are killing men. It's basically along the lines of "Why would you do this to me? I MADE YOU!" Kind of like Frankenstein's monster, I suppose.
  • Sean from Kearns , UtI still dont see what this song is about, My opinion is that it asks the question who made who? Did God make man? or did man make god to explain that that he could not explain
  • Andrés from Montevideo, UruguayQuite a POWERFUL song... it just transmit such an amount of energy, damn perfect to start the day :)
  • Oldpink from New Castle, InThis is one of their best.
    Angus just rocks out, and that quick rhythm trick he uses really drives this song irresistibly onward.
    Since Brian screams as always, it's hard to say if he really stands out, but whatever he says sounds so awesome.
    If anyone has ever seen the Jim Brewer piece in which he portrays (complete with full band!) what it would sound like if AC/DC did the Hokie Pokie.
    It is hilarious.
  • Elanor from Liverpool, United Kingdomall of acdc songs are better than metillica
  • Austin from Bristow, VaSo underrated and underapreciated. AC/DC deserved more respect back then.
  • Bess from San Diego, CaThis is the only AC/DC song I've ever heard that has even vaguely thought-provoking lyrics. Rock on, guys!
  • Selina from Perth, Australiayeah...good theory but y the hell would Acca Dacca sing about robots..? tis weird...
  • Levi Foe from St. Petersburg, FlI think it's saying did humans make robots or did robots make humans,hecnce who made who,in the video they take Angus' measurments.When i say they i mean the robots.But i could be wrong
  • Selina from Perth, AustraliaI love this song...but I don't really get it...like What's Next To The Moon...any1 no?
  • Selina from Perth, Australiaand what the hell is this song about
  • Chelsea from Wichita, KsSuch an underrated song,it's my fav. of AC/DC's.
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