Deutscher Girls

Album: Antmusic: The Very Best of Adam Ant (1982)
Charted: 13
  • We'll do the Tango
    We'll try the Fox Trot
    I'll eat a mango
    You drink a straight scotch
    You know I told you
    You could be classy
    So why did you have
    To be so nasty?

    Remember the curls
    Of the Deutscher Girls?
    A love of mine
    From down on the Rhine

    I'll fill your bath with
    The finest champagne
    I'll lick your skin dry
    I cherish your name
    The stakes get higher
    As you dress sparsely
    So why did you have
    To be so nasty?

    I love your blonde hair
    I kiss your pigtails
    And I could not share
    The scratch of your nails
    And though you mark me
    Your eyes so glassy
    Oh why did you have
    To be so nasty?


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