Sweet Emotion

Album: Toys In The Attic (1975)
Charted: 74 36
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  • Sweet emotion
    Sweet emotion

    You talk about things that nobody cares
    Wearing out things that nobody wears
    You're calling my name but I gotta make clear
    I can't say, baby, where I'll be in a year

    Some sweat hog mama with a face like a gent
    Said my get up and go, must've got up and went
    Well I got good news, she's a real good liar
    'Cause the backstage boogie sets your pants on fire

    Sweet emotion
    Sweet emotion

    I pulled into town in a police car
    Your daddy said I took it just a little too far
    You're telling her things but your girlfriend lied
    You can't catch me 'cause the rabbit done died
    Yes it did

    Stand in the front just a shakin' your ass
    I'll take you backstage, you can drink from my glass
    I'll talk about something you can sure understand
    'Cause a month on the road and I'll be eating from your hand Writer/s: Steven Victor Tallarico, Tom Hamilton
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Seventhmist from 7th HeavenOver 40 years ago, when I was in high school, the school won a cash prize in an academic competition and the money was used to buy a state-of-the-art sound system for the cafeteria. There were certain popular songs that were and were not allowed to be played on it during lunch hour and I couldn't believe this song was one of the "allowed" ones. I guess the principal hadn't listened to the lyrics.
  • John from UsaI concur that "the rabbit done died" refers to the old-school pregnancy test.

    The "rabbit test" was introduced in the 1930s and involved injecting the woman's urine into a female rabbit then, a few days later, sacrificing the rabbit and examining her ovaries. The urine of pregnant women (and no other humans) contains a hormone that causes visible changes in a rabbit's ovaries.

    It's widely, but mistakenly, believed that the rabbit dying is the indication that the woman is pregnant; in fact the rabbit dies either way; they kill her to examine her ovaries. Pregnancy tests still look for the same hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin, but they don't use animals. All this info comes from the Wikipedia "rabbit test" article.

    So Steven is saying, "I'm making a run for it, and won't let myself be caught, because I got somebody pregnant and don't want to face the consequences".
  • Billy from Brick, NjAccording to Steven during an interview on the Howard Stern Show, in the beginning of the song you hear an instrument called a "Vibra-Slap". The Vibra-slap is featured four times, on the fourth time Steven said that it broke when he slapped it, and they left it in the song. You can clearly hear it break on fourth hit.
  • Micky from Pickney , MiThe being "talk about things and nobody cares" and "i can't baby were i'll be in a year" is about Joe Perry girlfriend (The band didn't really like her cause she was pulling Joe away from his band mate's) and" You stand in the front just a shakin' your ass I'll take you backstage, you can drink from my glass I'll talk about something you can sure understand 'Cause a month on the road an' I'll be eating from your hand" is about one of Stevens old girl friends who he was in love with but she was so young that he didn't want to ruin her life with drugs so after a accident at there apartment (i don't know what happend but something made her sick) he just sent her home to her parent.
  • Astrid from Guaynabo, Puerto RicoThe song is also used in the 1998 film "Armageddon"
  • Ryan from Orange, CaI agree that sweet emotion was the best song that could have been played in the beginning of dazed and confused
  • Tom from Robesonia, PaSteven Tyler's daughters weren't born yet when he wrote the song. His inspiration was Elissa Perry.
  • Norm from Clifton, CoCan't catch me 'cause the rabbit done died.....sounds like to me that he can't be the daddy.....test proved she was already knocked up.
  • Mike from Port Charlotte, Flmy absolute favorite band and song
  • Oldpink from New Castle, InJust love this one.
    The bass line is infectious, and the sneering lyrics crack me up every time.
    Can't catch me 'cause the rabbit done died
  • Barry from Selma, AlThis should read,"Sweet talkin' mama with a face like a gent." That sweat hog line was what was published in those "lyrics" mag rags of the day.
    It is about Perry's ex-wife, though.
  • G from San Jose, United Statesthis song is good, but the ending
    its cliche, like they ran out of steam
    there is a part of the song near the end
    which sound like kansas wayward son
  • Jack from Great Meadows, NjGlenn for texas is right. When the movie dazed and confused open up with that song it could not have been better.
  • Mike from Hueytown , AlAnother classic song
  • Copperhed from Jupiter, Flthis is my favorite song and if you are a drummer like me you would probably agree that tat is the best ending ever and i can listin to that song forever and ever. this is one of my favorite song next to november rain
  • Eli from Linn Grove, IaActually, in Starsky and Hutch, "Sweet Emotion" was started when Ben Stiller was driving the car and was played during the ending credits.
  • Gordon from Lake Havasu City, AzThis song right here is the reason why I got into classic rock. When I first heard Tom Hamilton's bass line and Joe Perry with the talk box, I was mesmerized. Then when it kicks in, the riff is so awesome, the song to me defines what rock music is and always should be.
  • Fyodor from Denver, CoI understand that there has been (don't know if it's used anymore, I doubt it) a test for pregnancy that kills a rabbit if the woman is pregnant. It seems this is referenced in this song, but it also seems like they got it backward, cause he implies that he's out of trouble cause the rabbit died. I would think it would be the other way around!
  • Jo-c from Lima, PeruThe riff sounds so powerful!
  • Glenn from Bandera, TxRichard Linklatter originally wanted to use Dazed and Confused by Led Zeppelin for the opening scene in his wonderful film of the same title. Because of money, he opted for Sweet Emotion. The result could not have been better.
  • Angelo from Las Vegas, Nvi always think of my dream girl when i here this song
  • Brian from La Mesa, CaI love the way the vocalists draw out the 4-measure 2-word title line over the fast rhythm. The contrast of the sustained lyric with the quick instrumentation really makes this song for me.
  • Matt from Portland, OrLisa, the video mentioned is "Sweet Emotion". "Love in an Elevator" starts with Steven Tyler walking into an elevator and the attendent asking him something like "Going down Mr Tyler?"
  • Lisa from Manchester, CtI believe the video referred to in the facts section was actually "Love in an Elevator," not Sweet Emotion.
  • Liz from Lake Orion, MiIt was Steven's way of expressing his jealousy and anger toward Elyssa Perry. After all, she was stealing his best friend. You could say this led to the bands breakup... it sparked some terrible feelings between members because of their wives. And the breakup was about spilled milk and a wife fight, wasn't it? (At least for Joe, not necessarily for Brad)
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandDefinitely my favourite Aerosmith song.
  • Jason from Wylie, Txyep one of the great opening credits scenes in movie history using sweet emotion great song great flick
  • Brad from Manteca, CaThis song was written for (about) Joe Perry's wife
  • Ben from Durham, Ncthis song was used in the movie Dazed and Confused. it is the song playing during the opening credits.
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