Medicine Wheel

Album: @#%&! Smilers (2008)
  • The day you left and you called me bitch
    I called you selfish better pull that switch
    Put my son on amphetamines
    He came home crying and there's your proof
    Crying 'bout nothing but a missing tooth

    I did the right thing

    You shade the truth almost everyday
    Phone calls at night "it's going to be ok"
    Are you saddened baby under the bridge?
    Are you saddened baby on Lake Street

    Black marker on cardboard
    Little drawing of a medicine wheel
    Everything that's good you steal
    Everything that's good you steal

    Maybe you'll wake up in jail alone
    And hold the handle of the one pay phone
    And do the right thing
    Like I once tried but I bent the truth

    A five dollar dent for a little lost tooth
    There's a payback in front of me
    Because once you were like a walking high
    Breaking in motion through the parking lot

    Are you saddened baby under the bride
    Are you saddened baby on Lake Street


    Words of encouragement are just as real
    Saving my faith does have a smooth group appeal

    Are you saddened baby under the bridge
    Are you saddened baby on Lake Street


    Everything that's good you steal
    From me Writer/s: KATE WOLF
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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