Paper Airplane

Album: Paper Airplane (2011)
  • I've put it all behind me
    Nothin' left to do or doubt
    Some may say

    But every silver linin'
    Always seems to have a cloud
    That comes my way

    Anticipated pleasure
    Or unexpected pain
    No choice I feel

    Love is hard to measure
    Hidden in the rain
    That's why you'll find me

    Here all alone and still wonderin' why
    Waitin' inside for the cold to get colder
    And here where it's clear that I've wasted my time
    Hopin' to fly 'cause it's almost over now

    People come together
    People go their own way
    Love conquers few

    And I'll do whatever
    I'll say what I need to say
    Just not for you

    How many days should I smile with a frown
    'Cause you're not around with the sun on your shoulders?
    And how many nights must I wake up alone
    And know in my soul that it's almost over now?

    Love is like a paper airplane
    Flyin' in the folded dent
    Ridin' high, dippin' low
    But innocence is fair game
    I'm hopin' I can hold it in
    Our love will die, I know Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Mathijs from Houten, NetherlandsBeautiful song and album. A fine collection of well written songs and beautiful arrangements. Especially this song is touching and sounds 'honest' in my opinion. It definitely fondles a string.
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