Bleeding Mascara

Album: The Curse (2004)
  • A wraith with an angel's body.
    A demon with a smile of gold.
    You soul-sucker.
    I won't become like you.

    A killer with the perfect weapons,
    Crystal eyes and a heart of coal.
    You soul-sucker.
    I won't lose myself in you.

    Look how pretty she is, when she falls down.
    Now there is no beauty in bleeding mascara.
    Her lips are quivering like a withering rose,
    She's back again.

    What the fuck do you think love means?
    It's much more than words and feelings
    Sucking me dry.
    Is my marrow that sweet?

    Your dead lovers have left a trail of
    Broken hearts and misspent hopes.
    Sucking them dry.
    Does their marrow taste of sweetness, sweetness,

    I hope you choke.Writer/s: Brandon Saller, Daniel Jacobs, Ektor Varkatzas, Travis Miguel
    Publisher: Another Victory Publishing
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind
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Comments: 8

  • Ray from Palmdale Ca, CaThis song is about love and lies dnt fall to hard to fast life is short live it.. Peace
  • Joe from El Paso, Txthis might be about a guy who had an emo/gothic girlfriend who was a real downer who started to make him feel depressed, i dont know
  • Corey from Richmond, VaThis song fits my ex-girlfriend she said she "loved me" but I think she really didn't. Think God it's over, huge mistake in ever asking her out.
  • Agustin from Reedley, Cathis is an awesome song but I do wish they wouldve made it longer
  • Michelle from Sydney, AustraliaThis band was the first band i saw live in the sydney roundhouse 2006 i love this song and it was an awesome concert hope to see you again soo
  • Christian from La Puente, Cayou soul sucker! love those parts
  • Becca from Camdenton, Moalso what the f@%$ do you think love means gosh i love atreyu!!!¢¾
  • Aj from ???, Mithis is like, my favorite song. there's no beauty in bleeding masscara, her lips are quivering, like a withering rose..shes back again!
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