Unholy Confessions

Album: Waking The Fallen (2003)
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  • "I'll try," she said as he walked away
    "Try not to lose you"
    Two vibrant hearts could change
    Nothing tears the being more than deception, unmasked fear
    "I'll be here waiting tested and secure"

    Nothing hurts my world
    Just affects the ones around me
    When sin's deep in my blood
    You'll be the one to fall

    "I wish I could be the one
    The one who won't care at all
    But being the one on the stand
    I know the way to go, no one's guiding me
    When time soaked with blood turns its back
    I know it's hard to fall
    Confided in me was your heart
    I know it's hurting you, but it's killing me"

    Nothing will last in this life
    Our time is spent constructing
    Now you're perfecting a world, meant to sin
    Constrict your hands around me
    Squeeze till I cannot breathe
    This air tastes dead inside me
    Contribute to our own plague
    Break all your promises
    Tear down this steadfast wall
    Restraints are useless here
    Tasting salvation's near

    Nothing hurts my world
    Just affects the ones around me
    When sin's deep in my blood
    You'll be the one to fall

    "I wish I could be the one
    The one who won't care at all
    But being the one on the stand
    I know the way to go, no one's guiding me
    When time soaked with blood turns its back
    I know it's hard to fall
    Confided in me was your heart
    I know it's hurting you, but it's killing me" Writer/s: Brian Haner, Jr., James Owen Sullivan, Matthew Charles Sanders, Zachary James Baker
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Brayden Wolf from Saint Louis, MoI’ve memorized the whole song at this point, I play it every morning to warm up my fingers
  • Colden from GreerI always thought this song was about rebelling when people are ordering you around hence, "I know the way to go, no ones guiding me."
  • Cole Zigler from Eagle Creek OrI have been listening to this song for a couple months now and really like it. My friend and i have even learned the intro!
  • Branden from Orange Park, FlThis was my first a7x song I ever heard and always be my favorite I miss of how heavy they use to be...I seen a7x live back in Jacksonville, Metro Park back in 2013... RIP JIMMY "REV" foREVer and A7X4LIFE!
  • Ferniswolff from Valhalla, NyI first heard of this song by a recent ex of mine... he told me that it reminded him of me and I've been wondering ever since he told me as to "why?!" He broke up with me (literally abandoned me). Meaning, he told me it was over, without a reason, and left... ignored me, shut me out of his life and so on... Anyone know as to how in the world such a song like this would remind him of me? >.<
  • Neko from Selden, NyWhen I saw these guys in Virginia, this was the last song they played.
  • Megan from Stevenson, AlI absolutely love listening to this before away football games on the band bus. Lol we have sooooo much fun singing this song!
  • Alex from Houston, TxEvery single person that is talking S*** about Avenged Sevenfold is such a jealous person...They do whatever it takes to keep going..and now that The Rev is gone, they are working harder to keep their music unique...M Shadows is the best singer I've ever heard. And im not trying to be a "Sarcastic" person, but I think that people like YOU don't appreciate how five guys worked and are working to satisfied their Fans...Thank!
    Now Your Nightmare Comes To Life!!!
  • John from Altamonte Springs, FlI agree with Gabbi...u shoudnt hate a band just cuz they want more people listening to them.if u were in a band u wud want as many people listinin to u as possible rigt?Ther still amazing no matter what...
    (rest in peace james...we love,and miss u)
  • Daniel from Winchester, OhUm.. this song is kinda freaky
  • Weston from Aztec, NmThe first A7X song i heard and still my favorite song by them. I dont care what it means :P
  • Tina from Santa Ana, CaTrue, though maybe it had to do with him being cheated on for not being the best boyfriend toward her. But who knows. A7x always kicks ass without the lyrics either way. Dont listen to them much anymore. I use to just like the screaming and listening to the drums and guitar parts and Matt still screams once in a while :] <3
  • Gabby from Austin, TxAlrightt. First of all, this song is not overplayed. Even if you think it is, in my opinion, this is their best song. All of you people calling them "sell-outs", you're the sell-outs for giving up on a band when they decided to expand themselves musically. I'm in love with this band because of the fact they're not afraid to try new things with their music and don't just stick to one sound. When you think Avenged Sevenfold, you think so many things along with it. It's like Zacky said, "We wanted to try and stick to Avenged Sevenfold, but what is Avenged Sevenfold?" They're unique and anyone who can't respect them for their accomplishments can shove it. Be more open minded and less ignorant.
  • Chauncey from Omha, Neyo scott, "Sea of Lies" sounds like a Symphonic song. just by the name of it. It might be hard for a two year old and such. Right up your alley than
  • Syton from Colorado Springs, CoI think Waking the Fallen is their best album. Though props to the band for holding my attention through all the change, I like all their albums. This is a really good song.
  • Betuel from Bat Country, Txok yea they changed their sound but its not like they did it all of a sudden shadows himself had said he wanted to make a hard album an album with screaming and soft singing and then do a soft one they just took it down a notch
    they still kik anyone elses ass with SHadows's voice and the rev's drums and zacky and syn's guitars and this song kix ass but i think the whole album's fkking sick!!
  • Kodos from Muswellbrook, Australia($)this is a kik ass song it rocks n i luv th guitar intro its so sik($)
  • Chucky from North Sydney, Canadaok they changed there music and at first i too hated it but i got use to it because i decided to be open minded about it and give it a try and they have actually improved in overall song writing and even guitar it is much better put together and lyrics r much more complex and just cuz there is no screaming does not mean they r not heavy they r but 1 thing that 1 of u guys were rong about is they did not stop screaming cuz of shadows throught sergury that did not afedect his screaming at all he proves that on there newest album avenged sevenfold he stoped screaming because he did not like screaming he sayd that in there first ever interview for sounding of the seven thrumpets he is now doin what he loves to do and thats not being a sell out thats what metal is
  • Ozzy from Fresno, Caok we get it. every1 here likes a7x and so do i. the weird thing is that i like them, and then i like the beatles and syd barrett.
    and this song is bloody awesome and am i the only one who thinks the guitar sounds like ozzy osbourne?
  • Mer from Mount Gambier, AustraliaA7X are the best!
  • Hunter from Marshamellow, Vahey, scott, from raleigh, NC, u can kiss my ass, kuz a7x is the hands down hardest rock band evr
  • Bow Wow's Shortie from Nya7x is the best band ever nd this song is the best..my fave song!!
  • Fred from Thetford Mines, CanadaTo Scott. A7X rules! I listened to your song by Symphony X and, although the riffs ARE difficult, the song, for me, is not that good. You thin A7X sucks because the style changed but, you should try to be more open minded about music. Even though a song might be easy, it doesn't mean it's bad. And if a song is hard, it doesn't mean it's good. Next time, think before you post!
  • Stormi from Las Cruces, NmThis is to Scott.

    Scott, bands are aloud to change their sounds. I don't 'member any rules as to where it's againsted the law. Matt had some throat surgery, and that's one of the reasons why they changed. Their lyrics are still meaning full.
  • Aaron from Albuquerque, NmA7X rocks! They are cool. I love all of the riffs and bridges they come up with.
  • Bryan from Kansas, Ksi think the best song on waking the fallen is and all things will end. it kicks butt
  • Matt from Millbrae, Cawhat are you guys talking about this is easy to play on guitar, all it is hitting notes on the a string, once in a while you pick the open bass string. You slide once and its not that difficult a manuever. just because somethings fast doesnt mean its hard.
  • Spencer from Windsor, Canadagood song more of a fan of sounding the seventh trumpet, but i like waking the fallen alot to just this song is overplayed and i think the band is doing great despite shadow's throat surgery. i still think the best song off this album is second heartbeat, #7. on sounding my favorite is Streets thatbass intro is the best and on city of evil trashed and scattered.
  • Elyssa from Goliad, TxAvenged Sevenfold have changed alot, but their definitely NOT sell-outs. They write all their own lyrics still, there songs still rock even though they've changed dramatically (musically) And I'll even admit, I liked their first album the best, it was awesome, one of the best albums period that i've ever heard, but there still aweshum! and i cant wait to see them in Corpus Janurary 22nd 2006! Woot! <3
  • Florabelle from Canterbury, Englandits a bit over-played , everyone thinks of ths song wen u say a7x
  • Scott from Raleigh, Ncuhhh neither of the those songs are hard on guitar. If you want hard, learn "Sea of Lies" by Symphony X. Ha theres a challenge. This song is pretty good. A7X was good, like this song, but nowadays, they are just sellouts and they suck. M. Shadows is such a loser
  • Dan from Petaluma, CaI guess this song is hard to play...some parts are hard. The the only parts that are hard are the slides and the pinch harmonic.
  • Matt from Locust, Ncyea i agree this song is relly hard to play on guitar!!!!
  • Loyann from Huntington Beach, Dethis song represents my life in so many ways
  • Michelle from Pueblo, CoAvenged Sevenfold is the best band ever they rock
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