Slipped Away

Album: Under My Skin (2004)
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  • Na, na, na, na, na, na, na
    I miss you, miss you so bad
    I don't forget you, oh, it's so sad
    I hope you can hear me
    I remember it clearly

    The day you slipped away
    Was the day I found it won't be the same, oh

    Na, na, na, na, na, na, na

    I didn't get around to kiss you
    Goodbye on the hand
    I wish that I could see you again
    I know that I can't
    Oh, I hope you can hear me, 'cause I remember it clearly

    The day you slipped away
    Was the day I found it won't be the same, oh

    I've had my wake up
    Won't you wake up
    I keep asking why (I keep asking why)
    And I can't take it
    It wasn't fake
    It happened, you passed by

    Now you're gone, now you're gone
    There you go, there you go
    Somewhere I can't bring you back
    Now you're gone, now you're gone
    There you go, there you go
    Somewhere, you're not coming back

    The day you slipped away
    Was the day I found it won't be the same, no
    The day you slipped away
    Was the day that I found it won't be the same, oh

    Na, na, na, na, na, na, na
    I miss you Writer/s: Avril Lavigne, Chantal Kreviazuk
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Michelle from AmericaMy 18 year old son passed away December 9th (3 weeks ago) and we played this at his funeral. I love it because it’s an angry song and I am angry. It was a freak accident how he died, and I am very angry. My world will never be the same. Thank you Avril for saying everything I feel.
  • Decipo from Italiain some way BELLA would be right...
  • Anonymousi cry like every time i listen to this song it reminds me so much of my educational assistant EA Patricia Smeets-Ruml AKA Mrs Pat who died in her sleep last year June 25 2020 at 59
  • Tea from Usadamn bella got some inner hatred and insecurities
  • Leslie Woods from KentuckyI have a question, what genre of music is this song ¨Slipped Away¨?
  • Olivia from UsaThis song sometimes brings me to tears because I think of my cat named Lily who died of cancer, and I didn't get to say goodbye, and before she died I had promised her that once she had returned from the vet, she was going to be okay, but that promise broke because we had to put her down.
    Also, Bella, it is extremely mean and rude that you would accuse everybody who is suffering from grief that they lied. We don't want attention. We just want to share what the song makes us think of. Like Gina said, you obviously have NEVER experienced true grief.
  • Palesa from Botswana,gaboroneMy grandad past and i cant stop crying my eyes out. Bella from usa:you are the pathetic one you dont feel the pain we feel
  • AnonymousI don’t remember when they died but whenever I listen to this song I sometimes cry because it makes em think about all my pets their names were Cindy/smokey/babie/blackie/albie/daisy/midnight Cindy lost a battle to cancer and Smokey he died because we put him in the garage because their were opossums in our yard we found him 3 days after his nose was bleeding and his left eye was bleeding we brought him to the vet and had to put him down and blackie and babie they got killed by dogs or a wild animal blackies throat was bit and babies stomach guts were hanging out my parents didn’t let me see albie disappeared one day and didn’t come back.... and daisy same thing that happens to albie..... midnight she lost a battle to old age..... and also my hamsters their names were peaches/Rosie/and blue Rosie and blue died from wet tail and peaches we don’t know how she died she hung on a little to her life to say bye to me... it hurts thinking about them but at least their in a better place
  • Gina from ArizonaBella you have obviously never suffered from true grief. It’s not about getting attention when someone expressed their pain as much as it is to honor the person who they have lost. I lost my mother and my child in the past few months and every comment I make to anyone about them is honoring their memory. This song was written about the death of someone so OBVIOUSLY it reminds people of someone they lost.
  • Bella from UsaWowwww. Every single comment on here says something like "I cry every time i hear this because it reminds me of ______ who passed away. I's so sad and I miss them so much." Every... single... coment... on this song is about someone who passed away or is gone. It's stupid and pathetic. Nobody would announce to the whole freakin world that someone close to them died unless they were just seeking attention and sympathy. If you were truly devastated that someone passed away then you wouldn't announce your pain to the whole world. So, everybody who posted a comment saying that, whether someone really did die or not, I'm not stupid. I know what your trying to do and I'm not falling for your pathetic little act.
  • Madison from South CarolinaThis song reminds me of my grandma who passed away 4/4/15. I love this song even though it makes me cry every time I hear it, because it helps me cope with the fact that I can't see her but I hope she sees me, no words can describe how close we were, she was in the hospital for 1 day until, she was moved to the hospice house, on her 7th day at the hospice, at about 1 am, she passed away, I am 12 and was 12 when she passed away. She was my everything. I loved her so much that words could not describe. I believe that she watches over me and her other six grand babies. I love you Nanny!!
  • Patti from Vernon, NjThis song reminds me of my brother who I haven't seen in 2-3 years. We weren't close or anything but I cry when I listen to this song. He isn't dead but he's in jail and it hurts me that I can't even call him. I honestly forgot what his voice sounds like and I can't even imagine what he looks like. It's not entirely his fault - he has a mental illness too.
  • Lexi from Weslaco, TxI cry every time I hear this song. I lost my Best friend last April and it feels like it just happened yesterday! He meant the world to soooo many of us, it doesn't seem fair why god would take such a beautiful soul like his away from us! Losing my faith was the easiest thing to do, but learning how to find my way back to god was the hardest, but its something my best friend always keep dear to his heart which was faith, faith in people, faith in never giving up especially when things tough! I miss him soo much words will never describe what a huge hole in my heart there is! I think about him every, losing someone so suddenly make you appreciate life a whole lot more never taking things for granted. I wish I could see him one more time, to hear his crazy unique laugh :') We miss and love you Michael, Forever & Always!
  • Casandra from Mayfield, OhThis song reminds me of my girlfriend who passed away in October. Me and her were dating for 2 1/2 years until she committed suicide in front of me from depression
  • Bernadette from Arnold , CaI just found out yesterday 3-8-12 that I miscarried my twins. It's been a devastating blow considering I miscarried twins a year and a half ago. I love this song it gives you hope that there somewhere there being taking care of.
  • Veronica from Erie, Pai seriously hate this song because its exactly like my loss because it was my grandma and i couldnt see her and i found it wouldnt be the same without her when she died( crieng)and she was real sic and on labor day in 2011 she went to the hospital and then on december 10,2011 she died and bits so sad i keep thinking about her and shes not cuming back witch i just cant stand and i hate how people have to die i keeep asking god why and i just want to end this commment it is so sad butyou guys get losing your grandma at age 9 right see im not 19 im 9 i faked but anyways i misss her so much
  • Nell from Chatham, NjI lost a an 18 month old cousin after being sick for so long nearly 12 years ago I think of him when i hear this song
  • Teresa from Hamburg, NyI lost my grandpa when i was 11....He died the day after my birthday. I still miss him and this song also reminds me of my dog, he died that same year 2 weeks before thanksgiving he was my best friend since i was one. now this song related to me not because somone died but the kid im in love with is gone. im 14 and i understand i dont know what love is but seeing him leave kills me and this song just reminds me of the day he left. ts my favorite song
  • Aaron from Mississauga, CanadaThis song literally spoke to me. I lost my grandfather when I was 13 & it was the day before my Confirmation in the Catholic church. Then my other one passed away when I was 20 & it was the week before Christmas. The chorus really stood out:
    "The day you slipped away was the day I found it won't be the same."
    It rings so true...since then, I haven't been the same & I don't think I ever will be. Losing someone close to you can really crush you & make you distrustful and skeptical about happiness. It really changes you a person...sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. I still think about it to this day! Thank you Avril for writing such a poignant, beautiful song! Anyone who has lost somebody really close to them in their lives, they know what I'm talking about. RIP Avos
  • Carson from Pensacola, FlNow you're gone
    Now you're gone
    There you go
    There you go
    Somewhere I can't bring you back
    Now you're gone
    Now you're gone
    There you go
    There you go
    Somewhere you're not coming back

    These are the words I would say to my grandpa if I could talk to him ever again. He died on October 14, 2009. He was so important to me. He went to the hosptital on Oct. 8, 2009 at around 4:30 a.m. Cen. time. He had a hole in his stomach which made his stomach bleed and he threw blood much blood they had to give him 8 oz. of blood. He eventually passed away. R.I.P. Papa I love you so much, we miss you...:(

  • Naomi from Fort Worth, Txthis song is exactly how i feel.. words cant explain how much i miss you. only 21 years old life taken away..
    i will never forget you michael.. my best friend and my dear cousin
    you shall be greatly missed... 12/26/2010. mi querido primo, descanse en paz
  • Zada from Mims, FlThis song reminds me of my Grandma, Grandpa, and Oma. Things aren't the same without them. Same with my Dogs, Minnie, Louie, BoBo, and Maxie, They changed so much in my life and when Minnie, Bo, and Louie were put down, I cried, and when Maxie was hit by a car, It hurt just as much. It's too cold in bed, and too quiet in the house without the tapping of their nails, the only sounds are my music and movies and my cats Zahmir and Moochie meowing....
  • Mercedes from Nicholson, PaThis has always been one of my favorites. but April 26,2010 came and it became the ultimate favorite. On this day my cousin who was my best friend was killed in a car accident. it was raining and it was foggy... she lost control. she was 16 and only a sophomore. we did everything together. Her friends put together a slide show with all her pictures with this song playing and i cant help but cry everytime. i miss you so much kristyn elizabeth kromko
  • Whitney from Wooster, OhMy baby I had for 3 months... I miscarried at my dad's house & I cried all night long. Didn't tell anyone until morning when someone needed the bathroom and woke me from the bathroom floor curled into a little ball. I was a mess for months after. That is my dedication for this song. Love you always baby Caige. Never forget you!
  • Amelia from Mount Clemens, MiMy mom passed away June 11 2010. She was not only my mom but also my best friend. Anytime I needed a shoulder to cry on, to get out of the house or just talk she was there. Now my life will never be the same. Every time I hear this song I think of her. I love you mom and miss you so much. You were my rock and now all I have are the memories...
  • Maria from Liberal, KsI love this song because it says exactly everything i am feeling right now... My great friend Brianna Deree Flores passed away she commited suicide 3 weeks ago.. She was barley 15 years old... And im still hurtin so much an still am crying for her... And this song i wish i could sing it to her and she hears me from above... Best song that has ever gotten to me this deep.. It makes me cry and remember my friends beautiful face... R.I.P brianna i love u an mizz u ill never 4get you my great friend...
  • Dani from Largo, FlI love this song! I dedicate this to my father figure who passed away when i was 5 back in '95 and I also dedicate it to my father who passed away in '00! I never got to say goodbye to either person or tell them I love them for the last time!
  • Xxbleedingheartxx from Barrie, OnIm 14. I lost a close friend to suicide 3 months ago, and I remember the day I found out very clearly. This song hurts to listen to, but it's very well-written and happens to be one of my favourites.
  • Holly from Newcastle, United Kingdomwhen i sing this song, i also dedicate it to my grandad who died 1 july 2009.
    i can never listen to it with out crying
    i miss you so much grandad mike!
  • Kaylie from Fairport, Nyi love you michael. you have my whole heart, and it kills me that i share yours. I wish i could make everything right for you. you have me forever.
  • Kaylie from Fairport, Nyi think about you every time I hear this song Michael. I cry for you and my heart breaks at the pain you have gone through. I would do anything to put a smile on your face and to hear you laugh. It kills me that I have to share your heart but if I could fix things and put them back the right way for you...I would in an instant. Even if it meant losing you. I love you forever.
  • Rachel from Wewoka, OkOn July 26, 2009, my cousin Chase Whitebird and a friend from high school's dad Marvin Williams were both shot and killed in the line of duty. They were serving a warrant for a man who was supposed to have been arrested in May. These two men were two of the most kind and caring people I've ever known. And there are days that I just can't believe they are gone. It all seems so surreal and I miss them both. I will never forget either of you. RIP Chase and Marvin.
  • Lucy from Brighton , United Kingdomthis song makes me remeber people who died in my family :(
    xxx miss them xxx
  • Anna from Denver, United Arab EmiratesThis song really reminds me about when i lost my dad to cancer, since that day nothing has been the same. i felt him slip away from me. it was truly the worst day of my life. i miss him and i kno i cant see him again. this song is my fav song and it means a lot to me.
  • Jen from New Orleans, LaThe day I lost my baby, i felt its tiny body slip out of mine, literally my baby slipped away. Nothing me or any doctor could do to save its life. I never had a chance to say hello or goodbye, I don't get the memory of kissing her hand or holding my baby, just dreams and hope that there is really a heaven where one day i'll hold my baby. everytime I hear the chorus I remmember standing in the kitchen & feeling her fall out, the gut wrenching feeling, instantly I knew what it was, I still cry. RIP little baby 9/23/07

  • Autumn from Williamsburg, Mii really love this song, it reminds me of my aunt who dies on febuary 18, she earlier before that had a massive stroke and she was recovering pretty well. but in that night she had a massive heart atack and there was nothing anyone could do. the parts that really get me are Now you're gone
    Now you're gone
    There you go
    There you go
    Somewhere I can't bring you back
    Now you're gone
    Now you're gone
    There you go
    There you go
    Somewhere you're not coming back

    And the chorus The day you slipped away...
    Was the day i found
    It, won't be the same
    things are never going to be the same. i really miss her so much :"(
  • Hope from Tulsa, Okthis song reminds me of my sister she died october 14 2007 in a car accident she fell asleep at the wheel its sucks because she was coming from her second job she was about to turn 19 dec 16 what sucks the most is that i answered the door at 2:45 am and the patrol man said if this was the resident of my sister i said yes buy she is noy here right now i felt stupid because he knew she wasnt here i thank avril lavigne for writing this song i miss her she was the one i loved and laughed with i can never laugh like i did with her again i hate life i would do anything to see her one more time R.I.P NATASHA MARIE BYRD
  • Jade from Narnia, CaThis reminds me of when my dog died in 2003.
    he was having seizures and such and was old, but my father had him put down and didn't tell us until later that day. he was a different dog. he was my best friend. i miss him.
  • Rebecca from Earlimart, CaI heard your song for the first time when My daughter passed away, she always used to listen to this song because her grandpa passed away it helped her get through it. she passed away jan. 17th 2009 at the age of 19. this song has helped me out a lot.
  • Avril from Corinth, Greecethis song is the best slow song cuz reminds me of something that happended last year... actually in 2007... firstly my uncle died, then my grandpa and then my grandma... after 3 months my bf died in a car accident... what do you say?? this makes me think that life is too short not to live it... from then on i do whatever i want n i don't care about the concequences cuz nothing is worse than death... and nobody will kill me b/c of smthing that i did to him/her... what else should i be scared of anyway??? what they're gonna say about the way i dress up?? no!! what mr calway is gonna do to make me stop destroying his garden??? ha ha!!! course not!!! so... "live today like is ur last day"... (avril lavigne-who knows)
  • Courtney from Salt Lake City, UtMy uncle just passed away on 12-19-08. I miss him so much already. This song is phoenominal.
  • Stasha from South Lake Tahoe, Cathis song really touches me because my grandpa had passed away in 2006. i had went wth a friend outta town and i missed his birthday because of it,i felt really bad so when i got back he had passed a few days after. he was like my father, he raised me up until he passed, he was my everything and when he went he took a big part of me that i will never get back he gave me the world i miss him. r.i.p papa i love you
  • Padieane from Concord, CaThis song has touched me a lot. My daughter died during an emergency c-section on April 26, 2007. The Lines "I've had my wake up, Won't you wake up, I keep asking why. And I can't take it, It wasn't fake It happened you passed by" - hits me like a ton of bricks. Thats the way that I feel, she passed by, she wont wake up, and the only question I have is 'why?', there are days that I live that I have to remind myself that it happened, it did. When I hear it it makes me think of her, and the life that would have been, could have been.
  • Haley from Tampa Bay, Flit would really b bad if you came home from somewhere and you had a great time and you find out yoour grandpa has died.
  • Mary from Warsaw, Inp.s. if you want to view his online momorial its
  • Mary from Warsaw, Ini love this song because my fiance passed away in 04 in his sleep... and at the time he passed, i was at my uncle's and the day i came back.. i was going to go see him but my mother and step dad sat me down and told me that he passed the night b4 in his sleep... i miss him dearly and i'd give anything to bring him back... and now when i listen to slow songs or songs like this i break down and cry... thanks avril for making such a great song...
  • Tina from Tbilisi, GeorgiaMy boyfriend has got heart decease and he can die......he can die very soon. Every time I think abut it......It's very hard. I can't imagine living without him. Every time I listen to this song I cry. It's just like I feel. Everything I have to say is already said in this song.
  • Christine from Toms River, NjThis song has a different meaning for me. I just found out today that my uncle has lung cancer and will die shortly. He decided not to take the treatment and told us to just let him move on. it makes me cry every time i listen to this song because im thinking of life without him.i was never really close to him but he was still in my life. its just sad to see someone you know give up on life.
  • Vincent from Manahawkin, NjDear Pupils , I am 12 when my grandfather died I felt like everyone does . The last thing you say is the worst thing always. no argument . so when i heard that he died i started to feel grief because he loves me and the last thing that i thought was that he was wierd and smoked to much. then when i heard he died h just mmmmmmmmmmm goodbye
  • Haley from Tampa Bay, FlThis song makes me cry every time I hear it becuase mygrandmother died on my birthday which was on November 24 and she died of cancer. She died one day after Thanksgiving and that was the last day I ever spent with her. At least I got to spend one last holiday with her, right? The last thing she ever said to me was she loved me.
  • Sara from Flint, Mii lost both my parents and grandmother who was dear to me, and this song in particular comforts me during grief. it is good to know that i am not the only one who has lost loved ones. and that others understand.
  • Nicole from Holly Springs, Ncmy father passed awey and i think this song is very sad to me and to my family because of what happened i also feel i can sort of relate to avril.
  • Candice from Edmonton, AbI just found out that my friend passed away. A tragic Death... I am to sing at her funeral, this is one song that her Mom picked for me to sing. I had never heard it before, until now... I had chills when I listened to it... AMAZING SONG!!!
  • Frankie from London, Europethis song was played at my best friend's graveside on the day of her funeral. her name was charlotte and died on the 9th novmbr 2007, aged just 17. i miss her very much and i find this song very comforting and moving. i will never forget her. i love you always charlotte xXxXxXx <3 My best firend forever!
  • Erica from São Paulo, BrazilAvril wrote this song, after she new that her grandfather passed away, so in the album she dedicat this song for him.
    This song is amazing, but sad

  • Meghan from Portland, MeI love this song. It reminds me of me and my best friend. Word for word. I moved away 2 years ago and its been pretty hard im still strugeling with the huge change today. I miss her to death :/
  • Holli-beth from Timmins, CanadaMy pa (grandfathr) who was pretty much like a father to me had passed away from advanced lung cancer on July 6 2007 at the age of 62. He was 16 days away from his 63rd birthday and meant the world to me. I watched him laying in his bed and heard him scream my name to get me out of the house because eh thought there was gas in the house. It was a because the cancer had spread to his brain and he was thinking the past was now. I sure do miss him. :'(
  • Darienne from Barrie, CanadaThis song reminds me of two people I know who died at the worst times. My old friend Angelina's mother died on Angelina's birthday! Can you imagine that? Finding out your mother died on your own birthday?! Nice birthday present. We will always remember you, Natalie Loren-Ramagilia!

    My grandma, Kathleen{Nanny}, died December 27, 2006. She was 79. She was so kind and wonderful. I miss her all too much. I want her back! She's was my mother's only living parent after my grandad, John, died when I was a baby. He was 70.

    Thank you Avril Lavigne for writing a song to remember our loved one{s} who have died. It makes me feel better and by listening to it, It help me move on.

    Your biggest fan,
    Darienne E. Wilson
  • *..medina..* from Birmingham, EnglandIts All Sad I Always Cry When I Hear This Song Because My Uncle Died Last Week He's Kidney Gave Up On Him && I Just Wish That I Could Give Him One Of Mine To Save He's Life, But It Was 2 Late,he Day Of He's Funeral Came && I Was Asked To Come But I Said No! Because It Was 2 Sad For Me! I Just Loved Every Moment Being With Him && I Wish He Would Come Back Into My Life..x
  • Hillary from Louisville, Kymy grandfather died while i was at school this song told me i was not the only one!!!!!!!!! thanks avril for writting that song!your biggest fan Hillary
  • Sarah And Jordan from Anderson, Scthis song relates so much to our friend that just died on the 9th of june 2007. he was in a horrible car crash with his brother charles caler. his name was cody caler and he was only going to the 8th grade, he was a loving boy, who was obsessed with girls and the phone, lol. he loved to eat. it makes us cry every single time we hear it and we look at his picture and try to figure out why he had to go at such a young age. he was a really good kid who loved god. he never did anything bad. his brother did make it in the car crash but he was in icu for a few days. we miss you so much cody and can't wait to see you when we go to heaven, have fun skating the streets of gold you sexy beast.
    thanks avril for righting such a powerful song that has touched many hearts.
    this tragic accident has changed our lives forever.
    we will allways love and miss our sexy beast cody parker caler<3
    june 9th,2007

    by: sarah and jordan
  • Shade from Laguna Beach, Casorry this is the right one.
  • Cooper from Dub Town, NjI've lost two friends within the year. One, Rocco, died from a car crash On June 25th, 2006. He was only 17. It wasnt his time. He was like my best friend. Also my best friend, Jake, died on Aug. 24th, 2006. He was only 12, he fell from a ladder and broke his neck. I should have let his brother go and watch him to make sure he didnt fall. But I didnt, becuase I was mad at him. I miss him so much now. They we're like my brothers. This song reminds me how much I miss them. Also how you should always tell people you love them. Even before you lose them. Also that you shouldnt be mad at people no matter what they do. I still miss Jake and Rocco a lot. Even a year later I cry about them.
  • Shelby from Lakeland, Tni was looking for avril lavigne songs for a certain meaning then i saw this meaning and i thought it was perfect for me because my grandpa died and i loved him soo much so right now im downloading it
  • Anna from Dallas, Txmy dad passed away last month due to colon cancer and my cousin told me that if i needed a good cry i should listen to did and now it has to be one of my favorite songs, it does a wonderful job explaining the situation.
  • Tara from Moundville, AlI heard this song from one of my friends...
    Last July one of our friends died...
    to this day ever time I hear "Slipped Away" I cry...
    this song means so much too me...
    and I can't believe how well it fits into my situation...
    RIP Cory Freeman....
  • Catherine from Corona, CaMy granddad passed away from a heart attack when I was 14 years old while my mother was going through chemotherapy, and 5 months ago, my other grandfather, who was the father of my dad died from lung cancer...
  • Leeann from Orlando, FlThis is one of the most amazing songs EVER! I can relate to it so much. I'm 22 years old & I lost my mother in 96, I lost 3 of my grandparents in the same 2.5 years ago, One of which was my mom's mom and she passed away on my 21st birthday. In 2006, 2 days before Thanksgiving, I lost one of my Uncle's & most recently on Jan 7, 2007 I lost a dear friend,Matthew Berry (22. We've known eachother since kindergarden. It has hit me extremely hard. And to hear this song just brings so many truths and tears, it's unbelieveable. Avril really knows how to touch hearts. And I will forever be greatful!
  • Natalee from Falmouth, Kyi like this songs because it basically says what i cant say to a guy i gave up on. He didnt die but i still lost him.
  • Rachael from Yuba City, CaI never got to say Good-Bye and i still to this day after 8 years dont ever want to say Good-Bye
    Love Always your Daughter
    Rachael Stewart CA
  • Rachael from Yuba City, CaThe first time I heard this song I loved it I can personally relate to this song because I was 23 years old when I lost my mother she was my mother, best friend everything to me I miss her so much I cant express in words how i feel about losing my mother. I miss her so much and need her in my life. This song is exactly how i feel and if there were anything i could do to bring her back i would so quick. Mom I love you so much and miss you it was just like yesterday that i heard your voice. Rachael Stewart CA
  • Alyssa from Toledo, OhI love this song!!! I can personally relate to this song becuse i lost my sister when i was 7 and she was nine i was left at home with my grandparents while she was in the hospital with my parents and she died 4 days after my birthday and i never got to say goodbye to her she died in my mothers arms. it was a sad day and i remember my parents holding me and crying and i was just sitting there all confused i never cried by i cry every time i hear this song!!

    Alyssa, Toledo,OH
  • Victoria from Willoughby, Ohi love this song my best friends mom died on 7*31*06 and i considered her a mom even more than my own mom and her name was traci and she was a wonderful person. and at the wake my friend ashleigh wrote a speech about her mom and then she played this song at her wake and the funeral. Traci also felt that she related to the song "nobodys home" . and everytime i here the song "slipped away" i come to tears because it reminds me of her and i loved her and i never got to say goodbye and i hope she knows we all love her and miss her, and we know shes in a bettter place.
    I love u MoM 7*31*06
  • Raven from Sheridan, Inmy grandfather died like 12-13 years ago....but when i heard this song it made me think of him. i miss him more and more everyday!!!!!!!!!!! when i listen to this song it makes me think of him......
  • Kerri from Brantfordthis song is fantastic, one of the best songs ive heard in a long time, she truly sings it from the heart and i can sense where she is coming from. just after i heard this song, a friend of mine died in an accident, he was too young to go, he still had his whole life ahead of him. but he went and when i heard of his death, i just went to my room, laid there in the dark and played this song over and over again. after a couple times i started to sing along with it, and it truly felt like it could be for him.

    L.J.-Loved by Many, Hated by Few, Respected by All
    April 13 1987 - September 6 2004

    this ones for you, because i know you are looking down on us, i just want to lead my life well enough to meet up with you in the end.
  • Kristine from Tepmle City, Camy cousin jus died and the day before i could have gone to see her but i didnt want to because i didnt feel like going
    and now that she passed away
    i feel really bad
    and I know that I will feel like this for the rest of my life
    i really love her and I miss her soo much
  • Dalton from Southampton, Pawell a coupel months ago my mom tthought she might have cancer so she went to the doctors and got checked, the resolts did not come ack 4 like 2 weeks . my friends and i were so sad they all prayed. and when i heard this song i was touched ( now i cry everytime i listen to it ) i loved the song so much that i sung it to her every day till the result came bk ( finily they came back and she did not have cancer :) :) thnx avirlaven Luv ya
  • Rebecca from San Antonio, Txthis really.. reminds me of when my great grandfather died. a few months before that.. i could have moved in with him, both me and my mom. but instead we moved to another state.. about 5 months later i found out he had died. around the same time i had gotten that avril cd. it has been a yr and a half.. or a little over. the pain--i still feel it everyday. one of my biggest regrets is filled with this song.. i hadnt seen him for 3 years before that.. i could have changed it. but i didnt.
  • Natalie from Spokane, United StatesThis is one of Avril Lavigne's best songs.I love the melody and the lyrics.
  • Jonalyn from Zambales, Flthis song reminds me when i was in high school,and i really like this song because its remind me also when my bestfriend and my younger sister was slipped away,and go to other city to stay for a year!!i miss them so much,so i dedicate this song for them!and i really like avril lavigne........
    jonalyn duave of Zambales,Phils
  • Claire from Birmignham, United StatesThis song is brilliant...
    My grandad died almost a year ago now, and the first time I heard this song, it reminded me of how my grandad died, and I never got to say goodbye...and also how much I hate the ambulances in Dudley, because they got there about half an hour too the time they arrived, it was too late. I miss him sooo much!!!!!:'(:'(:'(
  • Jon from Rochester, Englandthis song reminds me of the day my mum died & feeling so helpless as she passed away & tryin in vain to do every thing to bring her back .the words "i didnt get around to kiss you, goodbye on the hand" i forgot to tell her i loved her, really hits home .im an absolute avril nut but hate her singing this live as ive seen her 6 times now & although she hasnt always sung it when she dose my eyes well up & i get a lump in my throat. to all on this page that has lost some one or something (cat)i know how ya feel .and ya thats right The song is about her grandfather who passed away a couple of hours b4 she went on stage in dublin ireland.
  • Logan from Toronto, Canadasorry i meant he went in for a double lung and heart transplant, and i relive the time when they told us his heart had failed like every's hard to lose a soulmate
  • Logan from Toronto, CanadaThis song made me think of my bf who had recently passed away due to complications during a heart and lung surgery. He had been waiting for a double lung and heart surgery for about 3 years when he finally got the call, he went into the operation with a huge smile knowing that his dream was finally coming true and we could spend the rest of our lives together. But they had too many complications and i can't just remember standing there when they told us that the new heart had just failed, been rejected, thinking that my life was over with his. i like this song, but it's so hard to listen to, esp so soon after he passed away...i just have to go on with my live, living it for the both of us cuz that's what he would've wanted me to
  • Signe from Svendborg, DenmarkOnly 2 hours before Avril were going to sing for a big crowd, she heard that her grandpa was passed away... What a pity...
  • Bri from Labrador City, CanadaThis song reminds me of when My best friend moved to Australia...and he likes me and i kinda like him...and it's really weird. So when i liston to this song it reminds me of the time we whent to the mall with my other gest friend...and it was fun.I miss him soooo much.He's the best. Luvs ya!
  • Josie from Auckland, New Zealandthat must have been sooooo sad, i mean wouldnt it?
  • Kate from Haverhil, MaThat song made me think of my cat that had past away not kong before I heard sond. It made me remember the day I found out he had been put to sleep. I never got to say goodbye to him either. So I know how you feel.
  • Hannah from Adelaide, Australiai love this song, my friend died suddenly from diabetes and liver failer, she was my best friend. I stood there and watched her die. I couldnt believe what i saw, i just stood crying.
    the "i didnt get around to kiss you, goodbye on the hand" i forgot to tell her i loved her. i was so involved and numb at watching her die, watching her shut her eyes, hearing the doctor tell me 'her heart has stopped beating' i'll never forget it. this song lets me remember her when i forget that day. i wish i didnt have to remember it.
  • Sara from Anoka, Mni heard this song i and cries- this was the first song i had ever heard that actually mad me start crying. my grandpa died not to long before i heard this song and it just made me think of him so strongy i started bawling.... its a beautiful song.
  • Aiedail from Carnation, Wathis is such a great song, i agree
  • Michelle from Callahan, Flits breathtaking and powerful and touches your heart. Its the perfect song to describe the loss of a loved one!
  • Daisy from Ikast, DenmarkYeah, me too! I think it's one of the best songs on the record... :D
  • Tiffany from St. Joseph, Moi love this song :(..
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