Doom Days

Album: Doom Days (2019)
Charted: 65
  • When I watch the world burn
    All I think about is you
    When I watch the world burn
    All I think about is you

    There must be something in the Kool-Aid
    Cruising through the doom days
    God knows what is real and what is fake
    Last couple years have been a mad trip
    But how'd y'all look so perfect?
    You must have some portraits in the attic

    We'll stay offline so no one gets hurt
    Hiding from the real world
    Just don't read the comments ever, ever
    We fucked this house up like the planet
    We were running riot
    Crazy that some people still deny it

    Think I'm addicted to my phone
    My scrolling horror show
    I'm live-streaming the final days of Rome
    One tab along, it's pornographic
    Everybody's at it
    No surprise we're so easily bored

    Let's pick the truth that we believe in
    Like a bad religion
    Tell me all your original sins
    So many questionable choices
    We love the sound that our voice makes
    Man, this echo chamber's getting loud

    We're gonna choose the blue pill
    We're gonna close the curtains
    We're gonna rabbit hole down, third act love now
    She's gonna flip some tables
    I'm gonna move this tale on
    We're gonna rabbit hole down, third act love now

    We'll be the proud remainers
    Here 'til the morning breaks us
    We run away from real life, thoughts tonight
    We're gonna Peter Pan out
    Fade to the close-up, arms 'round
    We're gonna stay naive tonight, night, night

    When I watch the world burn
    All I think about is you
    When I watch the world burn
    All I think about is you

    You, you, you, you
    All I think about is you
    So I put my phone down
    Fall into the night with you Writer/s: Daniel Campbell Smith, Daniel Robin Priddy, Mark Blair Crew
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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