No Sympathy For Fools

Album: Zos Kia Cultus (2003)
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  • FOOLS! I cast you all aside!
    Your bullets harm me not
    I am heresy, blazing hell
    The embodiment ov all you fear
    I am all which you can never be
    A truth revealing hate machine
    No longer will I tolerate
    Lies from a kingdom built on dread
    Yet what if naught exists above?
    No shining glory and no god
    You question not, blindly believe
    Upon your ignorance I shall feast
    Damn higher virtues, divine love
    Your wooden idols and your law
    Kneel before your god yet do not see
    He doth feel you lies
    Blinds you with fear
    Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth
    Your hearts I shall tear
    With paws ov truth
    With slashing jaws I rape
    Your feeble womb
    No god exists to save you from thy doom

    You will never see the light!
    Bound to always live by lies! Writer/s: ADAM DARSKI
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Attila from Dunavarsány, HungaryBassam, it only gets worse for people who like that kind of music (good music), and it gets better for the mainstream... That means they're selling out. Like Metallica: Once probably the greatest band of all time, now a piece of mainstream crap...

    I fully agree with Nergal, and the lyrics are just awesome!
  • Daniel from Derby, KsNo lyrics.... could it be that nobody can understand what they're saying? hehe just saying... this type of music is good... gets me pumped up
  • Bassam from Sydney, Australiap.s. i too agree with nergal, another thing you can notice this change that nergal is talking about in musicians, it's when their music starts to suck.
  • Brendan from Easton, CtActually, I quite enjoy this song. I also happen to agree, somewhat, with Nergal's message. For those of you who don't know Behemoth that well, Nergal is a college educated, very intelligent man, he can talk most people into circles. It's hard to argue with him here.
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