Busy Man

Album: Shot Full Of Love (1998)
Charted: 46
  • There's a little boy out in the driveway
    His basketball in hand
    Saying Daddy could we play a little one on one
    You pat him on the back and say not now son
    I'm a busy man

    His sister's out on the sidewalk
    Setting up a lemonade stand
    Hey Daddy don't you want to buy a glass from me
    You say maybe later, can't you see I'm a busy man

    You got to go, got to run
    Hit it hard and get it done
    Everyone can see you're going far
    You got responsibilities
    A crazy schedule that you keep
    And when you say that time's a-wasting
    You don't know how right you are
    Busy man

    There's a woman in the bedroom crying
    Saying I thought we had plans
    You say honey I'm sorry I'll make it up
    When the job slows down and I'm not such
    A busy man


    Have you ever seen a headstone with these words
    "If only I had spent more time at work"

    There's a call one day from the office
    They need you down in Birmingham
    You say no way, the weekend's mine
    I got plans with the kids and a date with my wife
    I'm a busy man

    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Erika from West Band, WiOk, this is my favorite song of all time. I'm fifteen years old, and I've been listening to this song my entire life. I remember back when I was around 4 or 5, and I listened to this song constantly. I thought it was the cutest song i'd ever heard, and I still do. It sounds exactly like MY Dad, so this song is kind of an inspiration to me, since he's pretty much a work-aholic. But I just think the song is pretty. Simple, but it gets out a very important meaning to life: enjoy it, because it's short. Here's to you, Billy Ray.... :)
  • Karen from Manchester, NhWho thought to file this under "More songs about an old girlfriend or boyfriend"? This song has NOTHING to do with that.
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