Album: 2 (2011)
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  • Take my eyes
    Burn down the sun
    How can you be so cold?
    You left me here
    All hope is gone
    Where is the life I sold
    I pray the dawn
    Will break this spell
    What will become of me?
    It took my breath
    So hard I fell
    Lost in a shell, ghostly
    And the rain falls down
    On this lonely child
    And I could not feel

    The fire
    And I realize
    This was meant to be
    And I need some time
    To grieve
    And you fade so slowly
    Now all that shines is gold

    And I feel I'm dyin'
    How can you be so cold?
    When the sky in fallin'
    Now that you're growin' old
    And I feel that I'm dyin'
    How can you feel so cold?
    So slowly wake me
    From my sleep
    Here in this house I dwell
    And I don't delay
    The wound so deep
    Down in this livin' hell Writer/s: GLENN WILLIAM HUGHES, JOE BONAMASSA, KEVIN SHIRLEY
    Publisher: Downtown Music Publishing, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., WORDS & MUSIC A DIV OF BIG DEAL MUSIC LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • John from AnonWhat a great song. I have lost my wife and daughter at this song really hits home. Great great song
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