I Miss You

Album: blink-182 (2003)
Charted: 8 42
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  • I miss you, miss you

    Hello there
    The angel from my nightmare
    The shadow in the background of the morgue
    The unsuspecting victim
    Of darkness in the valley
    We can live like Jack and Sally if we want
    Where you can always find me
    And we'll have Halloween on Christmas
    And in the night we'll wish this never ends
    We'll wish this never ends

    I miss you, I miss you
    I miss you I miss you

    Where are you?
    And I'm so sorry
    I cannot sleep I cannot dream tonight
    I need somebody and always
    This sick strange darkness
    Comes creeping on so haunting every time
    And as I stared I counted
    The webs from all the spiders
    Catching things and eating their insides
    Like indecision to call you
    And hear your voice of treason
    Will you come home and stop the pain tonight
    Stop this pain tonight

    Don't waste your time on me
    You're already the voice inside my head (I miss you, I miss you)
    Don't waste your time on me
    You're already the voice inside my head (I miss you, I miss you)

    Don't waste your time on me
    You're already the voice inside my head (I miss you, I miss you)
    Don't waste your time on me
    You're already the voice inside my head (I miss you, I miss you)
    Don't waste your time on me
    You're already the voice inside my head (I miss you, I miss you)
    Don't waste your time on me
    You're already the voice inside my head (I miss you, I miss you)

    I miss you, I miss you
    I miss you, I miss you
    I miss you, I miss you
    I miss you, I miss you Writer/s: Mark Hoppus, Thomas DeLonge, Travis L. Barker
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management, Royalty Network, Songtrust Ave, Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Jarofflies from Kansasmy fav sad song. from a band that has 2 in my top five. "Sean from State College, Pa" yeah dude ty for your comment, and everyone else!. i came here to see if others loved this song as much as i do. i was not disapointed
  • Getstickedbugged from BuggedAmazing Song
  • Terry from InvernessJohn from Gloucester is spot on, i am in this situation right now , i can relate to this in a major way
  • John from GloucesterFor me this is about someone who's split up someone that they didn't want to really but things made it happen (their own head, influences, family, the ex cheated etc).

    They regret splitting up so quick it so it haunts them, they said things they didn't mean, they then can't call the ex to apologise as they don't know how to rescue the situation.

    "Don't waste your time on me you're already..." is saying you don't need to remind me I'm obsessed by you because I am. This issues are mine I miss you but can't fix it.
  • Mira from Phoenix, AzMost people say that they think its saying that someone in the band had someone close to them die.I don't necessarily think someone died.
    I think it's just that they lost someone,or just lost a relationship they had with someone.I think it's saying that they had some great memories,and they want things to get better,but part of them knows that things will not get better no matter how hard they try.
  • Sean from State College, PaWhen ever I hear this song I took a modern day look: Maybe it about a love one who died, but I always thought of the other people as living but the singer thinks of them as being dead to them. I think it's a song about heart brake. The singer has his heart broken by a lover, who mostly likely cheated on him which is how I thought of the line about treason. The singer misses her but think of her as dead because the version of her he use to see,the version of her he loved is dead in his eyes and can't come back. The angel of my nightmare; she was the best worst thing of his life. He feels dead inside and thinks of being with the version of his lover that is died (the victim) by possiblely kill himself - (nightmare before christ lines, life after death). He can't get her out of his head even though its over. He can't stand not having the person he loved, his best friend any more. He can't call her because it would be like spiders eating his insides. I know its not rigth but I like to believe thats what it means because more people have felt that way. The last line to me means he wants things to go back the way they were before he felt this pain, he wants the person he fell in love with back, not the "monster/villian" she's become. I don't know.
  • Cheyenne from West Valley City, UtI completely agree with SC, for Alaska. This song is definitely about his partner passing away. Only I see it as he blames himself for her death. Like they were in a car crash and it was the singer's fault. He is devestated and doesn't know if he should try to communicate with her or not, he is scared that she blames him and he tries to forget about her, but he can't. She's a "voice inside his head"

    just my interpretation of this song. Maybe I'm just making it out to be a little darker than it needs to be.. but I like it :)
  • Sc from Anchorage, AkI think that this song is about someone whose partner passed away. The first verse of the song is very morbid and dark ("The shadow in the background of the morgue / The unsuspecting victim of darkness in the valley") so it could represent the mourning and sadness after the death of a loved one. In the second verse, the speaker sounds restless and yearning ("I cannot sleep, I cannot dream tonight / I need somebody and always, this sick strange darkness / Comes creeping on, so haunting every time"). This could be the voice of someone who is praying to their lost lover. The speaker doesn't know if he should try to communicate with her ("Like indecision to call you and hear your voice of treason"), with the "voice of treason" symbolizing her sudden disappearance from his life and her inability to cross the line between the dead and the living to be with him once more. The speaker wants his lover to move on without him, and he wants her to know that she will always be with him ("Don't waste your time on me / You're already the voice inside my head").

    I know that there are other interpretations out there...this is just what the song means to me. Not trying to read too far into it or anything. :)
  • Tiffanie from C-v, Aroh, forgot... before the soundtrack to new moon came out... i was reading new moon... this song was playing on my i-pod and i was hella thinking omg!!! this song would be perfect for the movie... i still wish they would have put it in... voice inside my head" and will you come home and stop this pain tonight"... any girl who has read twilight sereis can tell you this song is actualy perfect for it! so nw i think of vampires and my bf moody! lmao...
  • Tiffanie from C-v, Ari love this song... it has such true passionate meaning... fuc* everyone who says other wise... the guys never sold out they just explored new ideas and sounds... the lyrics are them... the meaning is there... its a emo's love song dream and they pulled it off AMAZINGLY!!! dude... blink f'n rocks!!!
  • Raven from Lockport, LaI love this song, but it is really confuseing. Like I think of it as a love song, but I dont know if I would dedicate it to my boyfriend. Because its like its saying that he is over the person he is singing about...
  • Crystal from Warren, PaThis song makes me think of my first love and how I never got over him but he never really had the same feelings as I did.
  • Indigo from Adelaide, Australiato me it sounds like a story of two people that were together but broke up. The guy still misses her,as in "I miss you, I miss you" and the girl still likes the guy "you're already the voice inside my head"but has already moved on:"don't waste your time on me". that's just my opinion, and in the movie the Nightmare Before Christmas Jack and Sally do end up falling in love.
    another thing:i know that the video clip doesn't necessarily mean the same thing as the song, but what is with the two women making out? great song.
  • Morgann from Rockford, IlThis is me and my Boyfriend's song. It means alot to me. I love him.
  • Monkey from Singo, AustraliaThis song has nothin to do with romance its about one person missin another but the other person doesn't feel the same way...the typical heart breaker
  • Monkey from Singo, AustraliaLook its plain and simple this is another of blink pownage from the land down under
  • Tyler from Oswego, IlThis song right now makes me think of this girl i like, shes really cool, and shes one of my sisters friends, and i think we like eachother, but right now i really miss her after hanging out with her all day, and i really wanna talk to her...
  • Jazmine from Corona, Caii am in lovee wiff thiss
    songg && this song goess
    tuhh alex r. && pleasee ask me out
    ;) (; :)
  • Nathan from Sunshine Coast,This song is by far my most favourite song in the history of all songs and I love the movie nightmare b4 christmas so well that's sweat as, love the songs blink 182. Nathan from the Down Under
  • Belen from San Antonio, TxThis is a great song, my boyfriend recently passed awayin December and we played all of blink 182 for him ( he loved them) and when i went up to say my goodbyes this song played. I cant help but to feel an overwhelming mix of all sorts of emotions happy sad all of it,. i dont know if its because of just the event or song mixed. all in all it is a great song, Michael would be thrilled to hear about blink gettin bak together, he predicted well :) i love you babe.
  • Kaylah from Stoneville, NcOMG i feel so silly! i've been listening to this song for years and I just now get the jack and sally line LOL XD i love the nightmare before christmas and i cant believe i never put 2 and 2 together....ugh i should be a blonde :) anyway love the song it's awesome!
  • Parag from Mumbai, IndiaThis is Avril's Favourite song......
  • Britt from Tville, AustraliaOMG i love this song, i love the way the bass works (lyk it isnt a bass really, its lyk a celo). If eva get famous here in Aus, i wanna play the music like they do... I love bass hehe
  • Angela from Cartersville, Gai don't care what this song is about i just love it!! =)
  • Jamin from Sheppard Afb, TxThis is, quite possibly, one of the most nausiating songs I have ever heard. The annoying pauses every two syllables (don't waste...your time...you're all...ready...) combined with their horrible accent, just makes for a song that makes me want to projectile vomit at the mere mention of the song.
  • Mike from Hillsbrough, NjI'm not guna lie this is my favorite song and it makes me the person I am right now. This is me and my girlfriends song because a few years ago I fell in love with her to it and then she rejected me and I like went suisidal for a year about it and then I started drugs and weed and other stuff and last summer she called me to ask what song she was listening to and she said I miss you b182 and it made her think of me so after that we started catching up and then she told me she started having feelings for me so I stopped being a pot head and started to absess over her and asked her out and this time around she said yes and now we have been together for a year having the best times of our lives and being completly in love with each other all because of this song and if she hadn't listened to it over the summer........I would still be a pot head having a terribe life it's funny how one song can change your life
  • Travis from G-boro, NcThis song, holy crap. Me & my girlfriend just broke it off because she moved to Ohio but this was her favorite song, and it's one of my favorites, too. But she always thought we were like Jack & Sally, and this song is about Jack & Sally, and I really do miss her. Pretty crazy how so many people can relate to this song.
    And another weird thing is that my name's Travis and I happen to play the drums too.
  • Chelsea from 7oh6, Gai miss blink 182; this was [in my opinion] there best song e v e r! <33333 i love the whole jack and sally concept :) may the blink live on<333
  • Nady from Adelaide, AustraliaThis song came out when my brother...went away. Makes me cry, but he's a bit of an idiot and I dont really want to give him a tribute song. But this is it.
  • Courtney from Salt Lake City, UtZeb...Don't know you, but she didn't deserve you. I am not a fan of weed (My personal opinion) This song is too great to remind you of a dumb ex! Find a better girl to replace her and make this song a million times better! LOL!
  • Zeb from Hackleburg, Alugh that was me and my exs song she chose a pot head over me lol but i dont have a problem with weed.it just makes me mad lol great song first one i ever heard of blink and ive been a fan ever since
  • Courtney from Salt Lake City, UtConstantine; I completely agree with you...I am going through the same thing you reference to except for the complete opposite, I am the girl missing the guy. He has clearly moved on from me and getting married. I can totally relate to this song...I miss him.
  • Michelle from Brook Park, MnI love this song so much cuz it reminds me of my boyfriend who is now in Texas. He loves this song.
  • Constantine from Westlake, OhI've always loved the idea that this song may actually be sung by two lovers, even thought it's Tom and Mark respectfully...at first you have Mark saying "Hello there angel" Like he's addressing the girl, and thus, talking about his feelings and hopes, as if something happenned between them, then Tom, I suppose, would be playing the other side as if he/she were alone and thinking the same thing...then at the end, you hear repititions of "You're already A voice in my head" and then "I miss you." This always meant perhaps, in my case, the boy is saying, "I Miss You" and the girl is saying "Don't waste your time missing me!" then I say "I miss you" and she tries to implore me...finally, Tom stops singing and Mark keeps saying I miss you because the girl has clearly moved on, but the boy still misses her. That's just me...I'm weird.
  • Max from Leesburg, VaI like how they still keep the punk attitude when tom's voice comes in
  • Billy from England, Arthis song reminds me of me and my girlfriend in the part where it says "i need somebody and always".i can't believe someone actually made a song that describes my feelings for her.thanks you guys for writing such an amazing song.
  • Reginald Palmer from Kearns, Oklol... uhmmm its not acoustic

    no matter what the video portrays
  • Kayley from Manchester, EnglandWell is there actually words to describe how good this song is? I love this song, being a blink fan i love all their songs but this is one of my favourites!!!
    The video is cool to never thought id see the day blink would be in suites ha ha.
  • Sharon from London, Englandthis is actually the first song by blink i've ever heard and i fell in love with it straight ahead... the fact that i couldn't understand the lyrics at all at that time made it even more interesting :P anyway, after listening to this song i got more of blink's songs and it became one of my most favorite bands
  • George from Salisbury, Ct"Webs from all the spiders, catching thongs and eating their insides" kinda gross, dontcha think?
  • Madison from Blackwell, Oki love the bass in this song..its pretty awsome....
  • Max from Loveland, Coi think this song is weird, cuz they sing two verses in the beggining, then they sing the chorus over and over until the end of the song.. idk. good song i guess
  • AnonymousOMFG! Il ove this song soooooo much! it's my favourite somg ever! I am really obsessed with it.
    I know that it's 3:47, which is really wierd because those are my lucky numbers... it all started wiht a boy, I missed him, so i listend to it 15 times. But a few months later i listend to it 50 time in a row which I about four hours straight! I love Blink-182! And that one part when they talk about Jack and Sally is awsome becuase my favourtie movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas. Even if they did sell out, I don't care because they still rock! WWOOOOOWW!
    Joelle Desjardins, Powassan Ontario
  • Jocaline from Brigham, Utthis is a beautiful song. I love the reference to living like jack and sally. lol the nightmare before Christmas is a favorite of mine, so is this song!
  • Stacy from Lake Elsinore, CaWhen I can only see the love of my life through a window this song brings me back to him.
    "Where are you and im so sorry i cannot sleep I cannot dream tonight will you come home and stop this pain tonight"
  • Jimmy from Twinsburg, OhThis song basically sums up my live life, a girl in it, and i am just pretty much hesitating right now on calling her to officially ask her out, but it is killing me inside.
  • Daneen from Burnslake, Canadaokay this song is realy good when your sad about a breck up. its calm and mellow...amd kinda depressing but i think that we agree that it has to be that way... i like the way the lyrics flow together and seem easy to relate to... and that they sing about jack and sally!lol yes!
  • Shannon Mulvany from Spokane, WaThis is pretty much the only Blink-182 song I like. I have just never been a fan of their music.
  • Sam from Sacramento, Cai love the cello and drums in this song.
  • Dan from Brisbane, Ncthis is one of those songs that people listen to hundreds of times ...literally..in many peoples opinion the greatest song of all time
  • Dan from Brisbane, Ncill just stae sum obvious facts..gretest song ever: i miss you... arguably the best band ever: blink 182......they rock . adams song and i miss you will go down as great punk rock /rock songs
  • Dan from Brisbane, Nciv just got to say they did a survey on america today .. the most popular blink 182 song eva is I miss you followed closely by adams song....blink 182 are the grestest band to rock teh planet ..all their songs rock sum of their best are stay together for the kids, adams song, dont leave me, all teh small things and of course i miss you
  • James from Wadsworth, OhAn interesting thing about this song, and I don't know if they meant to do it or not, is most of the lines can be found in romantic movies of some sort, the refrence to Jack and Sally to Tim Burton's Nightmare before chrimstmas also, there is a movie out Called Two Weeks notice that a key phrase in the movie is "You're the voice inside my head" refering to the fact that if you love a person enough you become their conscience. I can't help but think there are other more obscure refrences that I have yet to find. But when interviewed on fuse (I can't for the life of me find when or on what show, I was just flipping channels) they seemed to say most of the song had an allusion to some work of romance.
  • Nic from Sydney, Australiathis song is so sad....but tom looks so HOT HOT HOT in the filmclip!!!!!
  • Eileen from San Diego, Cai love this song so much. it means a lot to me. this song reminds me of my ex, and how he has moved on. well, i'm tryin' to let go. gettin there, yet i'm not quite there yet. this song gets stuck in my head like 5 times a week. thanks for making this song. it rox!!!!

  • Gerald from Philippines, Otherow c'mon! where's the challenge? this is a very good record by blink 182! its all about creativity! in the melody! it is really soothing to the ears!
  • Faith from Perth, AustraliaAll Blink's lyrics have this amazing, spine tingling sotr of truth and clarity to them. About people, mainly teenagers struggling through their life. It's amazing how honest they've managed to stay in all their songs. The lyrics sort of tell you that there's always a struggle before you get what you want. It's amazing the way the vocals are almost always perfectly suited to the lyrics.
  • Ariana from Lima, Peruone of their greatest songs, if not, the greatest..i dont normally like blink..i mean..i LOVE travis in every single way..n love some of their songs of the albums b4 of the "blink 182" coz the lyrics r amazing..such as not now..goin away 2 collage, all da small things -basic-..stay 2gether 4 da kids..reckless abandon..n the album "blink 182" is one of my favorite cds in the whole existance of music..or wutever u call it..it's PERFECT..the lyrics rock..so i guess i love that album n the songs i mentioned n the rest just dont touch me at all..
  • Jeevan from Brampton, CanadaThis song is so wicked! It's one of there bests. Blink-182 rocks!
  • Stacey from Nowra, AustraliaMy favourite song ever i always thought it was about a girl breaking up with him. In the nightmare b4 christmas jack and sally are lonley and thats how he feels without her
  • Alex from Loveland, CoTom is so sexy in the video and the other guys too. This song makes me feel bad about my ex even though he was a jerk to me. I mean, what would you have done if your guy of 7 months just got sick of you and decided to ignore you and avoid you? sound worthy of a good dumping to me
  • Ryan from Fort Mcmurray / AbAvril Lavignes favorite Blink tune ,

    My favorite too !
  • Sinead from Dublin, Irelandi miss you is the best song in the world!!! blink 182 rock :) Sinead-Ireland
  • Gary from Elkton, MdBlnk-182 didnt sell out music is about expressing your emotions, when theyre sad, like I miss you, a "emo" song is produced. If you cant respect the song for what it is then u don't know crap about music
  • Whitney from Hazelhurst, GaHave ya seen the vid? Creepy when I first saw it but once I listened to the song it made perfect sense! Call me Tom!
  • Greg from Oakville, CanadaThis song makes me feel like no matter how hard i try with gurlz, it will never happen. It makes me think that someone got dumped or sumthing and they're hated for a long time. Like me.
  • Alex from Austin, TxIt made me think about life, and how sometimes you have to let go or stop trying so hard (don't waste your time on me. . .)
  • Charla from Kansas City, Mothis is an great song it kind of has a lot ogf memories for me. i also like them because they are not to poppy but also not metal. it's a good compromise.
  • Jason from Wylie, Txthis is mine and my ex-girlfriend's song so it has real meaning to me its the best blink-182 song peroid in my book and best video i love gothic stuff and i like nightmare before x-mas just cool all around
  • Ariana from Lima, PeruThis song is amazing. It's my favourite Blink 182 song.. I just love it.. I could listen to it like 100 times in a row without gettin' bored
  • Mac from Boston, MaThis song is wicked awesome. As well as all the other songs on the cd and all the other cds! I have to say though that this new cd has more emotion and shows how the band has kind of matured lyricly and musically. They can still be the boys of old but it just shows how great they are that they can be like this. Miss you is a great song lyricly and the overall texture and tone of the song is amazing. One of their bests.
  • Sam from Elkader, Iathe guys from blink always seem to just know what to write to grab a listener's attention. whether it be their more punk songs or these more deep songs, they always seem to pull you in. its wonderful.
  • Elle from Uk, United StatesThis has to be a classic. The way it sounds like the cure yet staying with the blink182 style with thier catchy lyrics its art. "Where are you and im so sorry" its kind of like an apologie to someone they are inlove with. I just admire thier songs
  • Merr from Nova Scotia, Canadai have to first say that i absolutely LOVE blink 182, their new album is so deep, i love it, this song is my favorite song in the world, its truely great, and its good ccause nightmare before christmas is my fave movie ..
  • Kasey from Noblesville, InMy boyfriend of two years commited suicide in 2003 and 'our' movie was nightmare before xmas and everytime i hear this i think of him. it always makes me smile no matter what.
  • Vanessa from Montreal, CanadaI this song is one of my favorites, it's so deep and nice and you can listen to it over and over again...
  • Wim from Brussels, BelgiumThe music video has the same atmosphere as 'lullaby' from the Cure. So... I like it
  • Dylan from Calgary, CanadaI love Blink along with other bands and just to tell all that is took over 50 layovers to do this song so it's VERY hard for them to play this song. Not only did travis use Jazz brushes but also Bungalo sticks, and regular drum sticks. There was also an orcistra for the background effect and there was a 3 man choir for the choirs.
  • Tyler from Nashville, InGreat song on Blink's part. This song helped me cope with my love problems. My love, Mary, and I were having problems and I would just blast this song day and night. Thus, helping me cope.
  • Chester from Lincolnshire, EnglandThis is one of Blink 182's finest moments to date! Never before have they created an almost-ballad like song with such atmosphere and energy.

    And the sales reflect my feeling. 'I Miss You' became Blink 182's highest charting single in the UK charts in 2004.
  • Ben from Essex, EnglandThis song is really nice, but is it all just about Nightmare Before Christmas or something more personal?
  • Chloe from Somewhere, CanadaThis is my favourite song of all time liek i losten toit when im happy or sad and it reminds me of this kind of weird relationship I hads with this guy...
  • Gabe from Utica, NyThis is the best slow song on the album besides "All Of This". This song is awesome! But this is how I see it about this album. "Feeling This" is the best fast song, "I Miss You" is the best slow song, % " has the best bridge, "Down" has the best piano, "Asthenia" has the best guitar and best drums.
  • Bob from Boca Raton, FlDefinitey Maryland Style, boy!
  • Margie from Franklin Square, Nyok first of all i will say that they hav matured a little bit but they will never fully mature and thats why so many people love them....i love this song and their cd but i still think the best one is "take off your pants and jacket"
  • Blair from Baltimore, Mdi sorta agree the best song on the CD is "Feelin' this" though...
  • Blair from Baltimore, MdI luv this song. it is soo awesome. Now- only if they covered Violence on this site and I could score some tix i'd be covered..... lol
  • Gavin from Sydney, Australiablink 182 have sold out - nearly every show on their current tour. lol
  • Mike from Somewhere, NjBlink 182 tried somthing different in their new album, besides the single "Feeling this" the cd entirely sucks... They fell into the growing cliche of writing "emo-like" songs and its horrible. They should stick to what they used to play. And obviously a lot of you don't know what the term selling out means
  • Victoria from New City, NyThe music video creeps me out...but i love the song.
  • Kristen from Campbellville, CanadaSee I thought it was making refrence to nightmare before christmas but people told me I was wrong, I'm glad someone else feels the same way. Blink 182 never sold out they just matured, you guys are so right.
  • Mikael from Pleasant View, UtLike a few others have mentioned.. this song does show how blink has matured. I also think its hard to say that blink sold out. Especially with there latest album. If anything, they have gone the other way. But all in all, i say this is a great song... steps aside to other blink songs.
  • Ashley from Suquamish, Wai really appreciate this song it makes me feel a lot of emotions and it is true, that this song shows how the guys of Blink-182 have matured. I luv this song.
  • Will from Portland, Orfirst of all, I don't think a band like Blink182 can sell out! They are a little too poppy to be able to sell out.

    I really like this music video. Its kind of freaky
  • Anna from New Ulm, MnThe part where they say "We can live like Jack and Sally...We'll have Halloween on Christmas" Is a reference to Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. Jack and Sally are two characters in Halloween Town, Jack finds out about Christmas and decides to try to play Santa, but just turns out making Christmas into Halloween. Jack and Sally fall in love in the end.
  • Glenn from Sydney, AustraliaThis song is so awesome. It's one of the examples of how the guys have matured. And if someone says they sold out!!! They did not sell out. This is an original, catchy tune that i really appreciate.
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