Album: Good Girl Gone Bad (2007)
Charted: 1 1
  • In this song, Rihanna comforts her partner by singing about how she will be there for him in good times and bad. She knows that even though he is a star, there will be some rough times, which she articulates in the lyrics, "Baby cause in the dark you can't see shiny cars, and that's when you need me there, with you I'll always share." The umbrella is a metaphor for her support, which she promises to provide. >>
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  • Jay-Z, who runs Rihanna's record label Roc-A-Fella Records, performs a somewhat gratuitous rap at the beginning of the song emphasizing his wealth and business success. His presence on the song made it much more marketable even if it didn't advance the storyline.
  • This was written by Terius "The-Dream" Nash, who helped write "Me Against The Music" for Britney Spears as well as several songs for B2K and Nivea. Jay-Z also got a songwriting credit on this.

    The-Dream didn't have anyone specific in mind when he wrote it. "I felt in my heart at the time that I needed a friend like this," he told Billboard. "I wanted to also be that person for someone else."

    He added: "It took maybe 15 minutes to get out the song, it began like a rap freestyle and it just never stopped pouring, metaphor after metaphor. I was in a zone and in a feeling that wasn't going to end until I finished what I had to say."
  • This was an instant hit in the UK, where it debuted at #1 on the strength of download sales. The song went to #1 in most of the countries where it was released.
  • Chris Brown, when he and Rihanna were still a couple, recorded his own version of this song, changing the chorus from "You can stand under my umbrella" to "You can be my Cinderella."
  • Following the success of this song, Rihanna launched a line of umbrellas through the Totes company.
  • Mandy Moore recorded a new version of this song, which was used on an episode of MTV's The Hills. >>
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  • In an interview with MTV News, Mary J. Blige revealed that this song was originally written for her by Tricky Stewart and The-Dream. She said, "They did the song for me. And it was during the Grammy time and I was really, really busy, and I heard it, and I was like, 'Oh my goodness, that's a smash. I love this song.' And it was like, 'It's yours.' So in the midst of it being mine, they were probably telling [Rihanna] it was hers. She's such a beautiful lady, and I love her to death. I was so glad that she caught it and knocked it out of the park, and it's still one of my favorite songs to date."
  • In an interview with Q magazine (January 2008), Rihanna was asked if she always knew that "Umbrella" was destined for greatness. The singer replied: "I definitely knew that it was one of the most original sounds that I'd heard for a while. But a lot of people didn't really understand it. They thought the repetition was annoying. But I knew that was what people would catch on to right away, because that's what stuck in my head. People didn't get the lyric either."

    Rihanna was then asked if this song was about proving protection. She replied: "An umbrella is protection, it protects you from rain. The rain in this case is negativeness and vulnerability."
  • In the same interview with Q, Rihanna said that she thought the weather "definitely helped the song stay there for so long. People hate the rain, but here was this song that speaks about the rain and makes you feel great. Even if the weather is horrible."
  • At the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards, this won for Video of the Year. >>
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  • At the inaugural 2007 VH1 Soul Presents: Vibe Awards Special, "Umbrella" won the Video of the Year accolade.
  • This entered the UK chart at #1, then spent 10 weeks at the top. In its 11th week it tumbled to #3, thus breaking a record that had stood for nearly 55 years. No other single has had to wait so long into its chart career to occupy a position other than #1. The previous record holder was the very first UK chart topper, Al Martino's "Here In My Heart," which occupied the summit on the very first singles chart in November 1952. It remained there for nine weeks, and only registered a different chart placing on its tenth week on chart.

    In addition, it overtook the nine-week run at the top of Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy" to become the longest running #1 of the 21st century in the UK. Indeed it's the longest running UK #1 since "Love Is All Around" by Wet Wet Wet in 1994, which spent 15 weeks at the top. "Umbrella" also became the first single to be #1 in both the UK and US for at least five weeks each since Elton John's two-sided hit, "Candle in the Wind 1997" / "Something About the Way You Look Tonight," which was #1 in the UK for five weeks and in the US for 14 weeks in 1997.

    "Umbrella" has reached the summit of many other countries' charts including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal and Spain.
  • The December 2007 Observer Music Monthly asked Rihanna what she thought about when she's singing this song. The Barbados-born singer replied: "At first, I tried to channel the emotions of the lyrics as best I could. Now when I perform it, I'm just blown away when the whole audience is singing the words back to me. So I have to just concentrate on remembering them and not get distracted!"
  • Rihanna and British band The Klaxons performed this in a mash-up with the Klaxons' "Golden Skans" at the 2008 Brit Awards ceremony. The Barbadian singer told BBC 6Music: "It was really different, very cool, unexpected. But when I hear it, I just want to hear it more. It makes it so much more rock and roll. It's a different tempo and everything. But I actually want to release a version like that. Maybe the same version. I really, really liked it."
  • Rihanna told the Daily Mirror that mass outbreaks of umbrellas on dance floors and at her shows have rid her of the superstition that it's bad luck to put them up indoors. She said: "I believed that when I was younger, but after all the rehearsals for videos and live shows it kind of fell away. People bring umbrellas to the show and you see them opening - it's the most amazing sight."
  • Rihanna told Men's Fitness magazine about filming the silver scene in the song's video: "It was actually fun doing it because it's probably something that I'll only do once in my lifetime. Two women painted me, spraying coat after coat. Then I stood in a big black box so that no one could see me in the nude while they filmed. There were only, like, eight people in the box including the director and my manager. The body paint was really oily. I couldn't wait to get it of my face. That was the worst part about it - getting it off. I was in the shower for two and a half hours! My best friend had to come and shower with me, because after I tried to do it myself, the silver would just go back to where I just washed myself. She was just like, 'Take your hands off and let me do it.' Days after, I still had some in my hair, ears, even my belly button. It would not come off. [Laughs]"
  • English R&B singer and producer Taio Cruz told The Daily Telegraph that when he was working as part of Tricky Stewart's Redzone production team, they were asked to submit songs for Britney Spears' Blackout album and Stewart put forward "Umbrella." He revealed: "They sent it back saying it doesn't work for her. So I demo-ed it and brought it to my record company in London, but they didn't think it was that much of a hit." The song was then sent to Mary J Blige, but before she could record it, Jay Z decided it was just right for his protégée Rihanna.
  • The Welsh rock band Manic Street Preachers recorded a version of this for an album of covers by various acts for the New Musical Express. Released as a digital only single, it climbed to #47 in the UK chart. Their bassist Nicky Wire told the New Musical Express: "This was my favorite track of 2007. It's just so razor-sharp. And who'd have thought a song called 'Umbrella' would be #1 all over the world? It's such an un-pop word. I love it when a record seems to come from another universe. I just wanted us to have a stab at it!"
  • Rihanna was not impressed by the fact that "The Dream" Nash and the co-writer Christopher "Tricky" Stewart hawked this song around to Mary J. Blige and Britney Spears as well as her. She told the Guardian newspaper May 23, 2008: "No one wants to be teased. How can you bring a record to me when you took it to a million people at the same time? I thought Mary J. Blige was going to get it for sure. But at the back of my mind I was thinking, No wait, I'm never giving this up. I went up to the guy [Nash] at the Grammys and I was like, 'Umbrella is my.' And he just kind of giggled. And I really held his face" - she grabs her own jaw to demonstrate - "like, 'No you're not hearing me, Umbrella is my record.'"
  • "Tricky" Stewart told MTV News that he was originally unsure whether Rihanna was the right choice for the song, but when the Barbadian singer nailed the "ella" refrain, he knew they were all onto something. He said: "When she recorded the 'ellas,' you knew it was about to be the jump-off, and your life was about to change if you had anything to do with that record."

    In the same MTV interview Stewart explained how Jay-Z altered his guest verse. He said: "There was actually another version before that one that he did. And the first one was perfect. And right before they were about to press it up, he went and changed his verse. And nobody even knew he changed his verse. At the time when he did, I didn't really understand. But now, when I go back every once in a while and listen to the old rap, what he wrote [instead] makes so much better sense. And from a songwriter's standpoint, he just really made it more about the song, with the metaphors about umbrellas and about the weather versus what he had before."
  • England was pounded by rain during the summer of 2007 when this song was a huge hit. The London newspaper The Sun suggested that "Umbrella" might be the cause, as clubgoers could have been doing an unintentional rain dance when it played. They suggested a ban on Rihanna and an effort to download songs like "In the Summertime."
  • We don't believe him, but The-Dream claims that he pocketed $15 million for writing this song. Speaking with BBC Radio 1Extra's Tim Westwood, he joked that every "ella" is worth half a million. We're guessing he's exaggerating for effect or using some very creative accounting. Top songwriter/producers usually earn somewhere around $300,000 for a hit.
  • After pitching a few ideas to Rihanna and Jay Z, director Chris Applebaum, who helmed Rihanna's "S.O.S. (Rescue Me)," was given just one hour to come up with a treatment. He recalled in an interview with Genius: "I drove up to the house, sat in the living room, spread out a bunch of photo references. I had a bunch of rain images, silver and gold body paint… They said don't be afraid to go out there with it. It doesn't even need to make sense so long as it had a thematic thread. They liked it right away. Rihanna called me and said, 'I love it, I think it's great.'"
  • Rihanna told Applebaum she wanted to incorporate a dance routine with an umbrella, a nod to Gene Kelly's famous dance sequence in Singin' in the Rain. Applebaum combined that idea with his memories of the Super Bowl of Motocross videos of the '70s that featured motorcycle jumps and exploding cannons.
  • The video is a popular example for Illuminati conspiracy theorists who believe that a shadowy organization pulls the strings of the government and the media in a bid to establish a New World Order. Sharp-eyed viewers have spotted lots of the organization's symbols in movies and music videos, including this one, where Rihanna sits inside a large triangle - one of the group's most favored symbols. Sorry guys, you've been Punk'd.

    "I freely admit to having placed symbols of imagery in music videos, just to f--k around with people, all throughout the 2000s," Applebaum says. "Every time I put something on air on MTV, there’s a shrunken down image of the devil or some kind of odd symbol. For just a single frame. Nobody's stopping me and nobody has stopped me."
  • According to Applebaum the video made around $10 million dollars through iTunes, and he didn't see a penny of it. He had already successfully transitioned into directing TV commercials, such as the notorious Carl's Jr. ad campaign that featured models seductively eating junk food, so he didn't mind doing a freebie. "I fought all the way down the line to make it exactly the way I wanted to be, the way Rihanna wanted it to be. That's the symbol of something good: would you be willing to do this for free?"

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  • Christinajeanne from Clearwater Wooooow! Jessica in Los Angela's I'm blown away by your awareness and the time you spent dropping wisdom on the MASSES by your breakdown of "RiRi's",....first single on the radio "Umbrella". I mean damn girlfriend you are SMART!! I'm not a religious fanatic but I believe. Everything you said is TRUE. What I find disturbing is that these Satanists run the world and we are all just PAWNS in the game called life. They brag about the fact that they are pieces of s--t that bring on the suffering and destruction of the planet & predict it in raps/songs. False idols who all sing about drugs, violence, murder, rape, Etc. Etc. Etc. This is just an example of how these PUPPETS as well as all the rest of their kind NEED eradicated and their abilities to influence and rule CEASES
  • Pmjm from Los AngelesThe drums in this song are actually a stock loop that shipped with Apple's GarageBand software.
  • Jessica from Los Angeles, CaThis is not a love song ppl.... It has a hidden message a bad one Rihanna n JayZ r both Illuminadi ok dis is from when she bacame Illuminadi Albums Name (Good girl gone Bad) Hint she was good n now shes bad.... Check it out.... I found dis here it contains pix n videos so u see its true...
    Warning: the analysis of this song deals with disturbing subject matters.

    What is Rihanna’s Umbrella song about? First times I’ve heard this song, I was confused. Is it about a woman’s unconditional friendship for her man? Is it a “sexy song”? At face value, it seems so. However, if you listen closely to Rihanna and Jay-Z’s words, you might notice that the lyrics do not make any sense. The vocabulary used in this song is not about a relationship between two lovers. The fact is, Umbrella is about a subject matter that is sinister, dark and disturbing: becoming possessed by evil
    What does “under my umbrella” mean?

    In a nutshell, the song talks about a storm that’s about to take place and Rihanna offers her loved one protection under her umbrella. In this song, “You can stand under my umbrella” can have a sexual connotation but it mostly means “You can be under my protection”. When you are under something’s protection, this something has more power than you regarding your own security. You depend on it. It has control over you. IT possesses you. The song is not about love between woman and man, it’s about being protected. It is not an equal relationship. The one that protects basically owns the person that is protected.

    Analyzing the song

    The first thing that you need to know about the song’s lyrics is that Rihanna sings the whole song but she actually takes on two roles. During the first half of the song, she plays the role of an evil entity that is trying to seduce and possess Rihanna. For the purpose of this analysis we’ll call this entity the Devil. The second role she plays is herself. So the song is basically a dialog between the Devil and Rihanna. The video of the song makes this very clear and we’ll explain how later.
    What is possession?

    Possession, in relationship to non-human entities deals with the phenomena wherein a non-human entity controls the human being through various methods. In possession, the human being cannot think for themselves. Instead, their thoughts are given to them by their possessor. We’ll see how the Devil tries and succeeds at possessing Rihanna in this song. There is a reason why the album is called “Good Girl Gone Bad”.

    Jay-Z’s verse

    So the song starts off with a verse of rapper Jay-Z. He plays the role of someone that has already been possessed and already “under the umbrella” of the Devil. Here’s his verse:

    No clouds in my stones
    Let it rain, I hydroplane in the bank
    Coming down with the Dow Jones
    When the clouds come we gone, we Rocafella
    We fly higher than weather
    And G5’s are better, You know me,
    an anticipation, for precipitation. Stacked chips for the rainy day
    Jay, Rain Man is back with little Ms. Sunshine
    Rihanna where you at?


    “No clouds in my stones
    Let it rain, I hydroplane in the bank
    Coming down with the Dow Jones”

    So the “storm” is in fact related to the economy and the financial world. “Coming down with the Dow Jones” reflects this situation. The Dow Jones is the main indicator of the health of the stock market. If it plummets, we can talk about a market crash. You’ll notice that the whole song has a pessimistic outlook concerning the future. Jay-Z is saying “Let it rain”, he doesn’t care about the financial crisis, he “hydroplanes in the bank”. In other words, while the bank is being flooded by this storm and people are drowning in it, he’s above the water and surviving the crisis.

    When the clouds come we gone, we Rocafella

    In other words, when the financial crisis will occur, we won’t be here to suffer through it. “Rocafella” is the name of Jay-Z’s record label. It also refers to John D. Rockefeller and his family, the biggest industrialists in American History and huge actors in the formation of the social-economic world we’re currently living in. Many historians claim the Rockefellers have engineered the crash of 1929 to be able to obtain a stronghold on America’s banking system. Congressman Charles A. Lindberg Sr. accurately proclaimed in 1930:

    “From now on depressions will be scientifically created.”

    We fly higher than weather
    And G5’s are better, You know me,

    “We fly higher than the weather” means that Jay-Z cannot be affected by the financial crisis because he is above the problem. He enjoys a protection that makes him invulnerable to the storm. The fact that he says “WE fly higher than the weather” implies that a select few can have the same kind of privileges he has. G5 is a kind of private jet so he will live in luxury even when the crisis strikes the rest of the world.

    an anticipation, for precipitation. Stacked chips for the rainy day

    Jay-Z says here that he was expecting this major crisis (the precipitation) and so he has prepared financially to face it. Seems like he had prior knowledge of the events that would occur in the future. Is he talking about the recession that is happening now?

    Jay, Rain Man is back with little Ms. Sunshine
    Rihanna where you at?

    Jay aka “Rain Man”. He has been possessed by the Devil, contrarily to Rihanna, who he calls “little Ms. Sunshine”. Rihanna is the good girl. Jay-Z is already bad and he is asking Rihanna to join him.

    So Jay-Z lyrics have NOTHING to do with love, friendship or any type of relationship. His lyrics are saying that he is part of the “chosen”, the elite, the secret group that cannot be harmed by the trials and tribulations of the “small people”. Even if there’s a major crisis, he’s associated with the very people that make those crisis happen, so he won’t be affected. This group however bows down and worships evil. If Rihanna wants to be part of them, she has to do the same.

    Rihanna’s lyrics

    You have my heart
    And we’ll never be worlds apart
    May be in magazines
    But you’ll still be my star
    Baby cause in the dark
    You can’t see shiny cars
    And that’s when you need me there
    With you I’ll always share

    Rihanna sings this part, but it is actually the Devil talking to Rihanna. He is “sweet-talking” her so she can accept the idea of the Devil entering her body. Here’s how we can translate the lyrics.

    I love you
    Even if I’m not from your world, I’ll never be far from you
    You may be famous and in magazines
    But you’ll always be MY star, nobody else’s
    Because when you won’t be successful anymore
    When you won’t be able to buy shiny cars and material things
    That’s when you’ll need my protection
    With you I’ll always share my riches

    So the Devil is offering Rihanna a lifetime of riches and luxury, even when she’ll lose her popularity and stop generating money from her singing carreer. Tempting isn’t it?


    When the sun shines, we’ll shine together
    Told you I’ll be here forever
    Said I’ll always be your friend
    Took an oath I’ma stick it out till the end
    Now it’s raining more than ever
    But we’ll still have each other
    You can stand under my umbrella
    You can stand under my umbrella

    (Ella ella eh eh eh eh)
    Under my umbrella
    (Ella ella eh eh eh)
    Under my umbrella
    (Ella ella eh eh eh)
    Under my umbrella
    (Ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh)


    When you shine from your success, we both profit from it
    I will always be part of you
    I will always be on your side
    I promised you I would protect you and I will do it as long as necessary
    Now the financial crisis is afflicting the world
    But I’m still here with you
    You can be under my protection
    You can be under my protection

    What’s up with the Ella Ella eh’s? It sounds catchy doesn’t it? The repetitive and hypnotic rhythm of this chant makes it very reminiscent of magical spells, conjurations or summons.

    2nd Verse

    These fancy things, will never come in between
    You’re part of my entity, here for Infinity
    When the war has took it’s part
    When the world has dealt it’s cards
    If the hand is hard, together we’ll mend your heart

    All of your material possessions will never separate me and you
    You’re part of my entity, I own you, until the end of times
    When the crisis has ravaged the world
    When we’ll know the final outcome of the world
    If you’re in trouble, me and you will stop the pain

    “You’re part of my entity” is very relevant here because “entity” is not a word in the vocabulary used between loved ones. Nobody will say to his/her lover “You’re part of my entity”. An entity is not human.

    An entity is something that has a distinct, separate existence, though it need not be a material existence.

    “Here for Infinity” also gives a non-human feel to the lyrics, as if this power doesn’t live or die, it is immortal.

    “When the war has took it’s part/ When the world has dealt it’s cards” is a particularly gloomy passage. It basically predicts a terrible event that will strike severely the entire world and that will rearrange the way it will function afterwards. Once again, we refer to a huge crisis that is about to occur and the Devil is trying to convince Rihanna to let him protect her.


    You can run into my arms
    It’s okay don’t be alarmed
    Come into me
    There’s no distance in between our love
    So go on and let the rain pour
    I’ll be all you need and more

    This part is actually a dialogue between the Devil and Rihanna. It is difficult to notice because there’s not difference in the tone of voice. The video however gives a visual clue of the dialogue by reversing the image when Rihanna answers the Devil.
    So, the Devil is telling Rihanna

    “You can run into my arms
    It’s okay don’t be alarmed”


    “You can come and seek my protection
    Don’t be scared of the crisis”

    Rihanna answers

    “Come into me” as in “come inside of my body and possess me”

    Both Rihanna and Devil say

    “There’s no distance between our love” . The Devil is effectively now INSIDE of her, there’s no more distance between them.

    And the Devil finishes by saying:

    “So go on and let the rain pour
    I’ll be all you need and more”


    Let the world get what it deserves, I’ll take care of you.

    So now that you probably gained another perspective on the song’s lyrics, we can proceed to analyze the video, which carry HEAVY symbolism and confirms the theory of the Devil trying to possess Rihanna. The video also adds a layer of interpretation by depicting the process of possession as a rape.

    Analyzing the video
    the beginning we see Jay-Z with six black-clad women. As previously stated, Jay-Z is already possessed in the song. The six women represent Jay-Z’s thoughts being controlled.
    The we see Rihanna dressed in black and wearing a top-hat, a visual clue to represent the evil entity, which is masculine. The long, claw-like fingernails give a sense of a demonic, ungodly creature. When Rihanna starts singing, she moves in sexually seductive way to reflect the Devil’s attempt to seduce Rihanna. He wants to possess her not only mentally but physically also.
    The picture above is the explosion we see in the video right after the first verse. This explosion of chrome-colored liquid represents something truly disturbing: the rape of Rihanna by the Devil.
    The frame above represents the rape of Rihanna. Dressed in white and thus embodying “the good girl with values”, Rihanna dances while performing defensive gestures. She is trying to protect herself from the chrome liquid, which represents the seminal fluid of the Devil. The liquid hits her a total of 6 times.
    We then see Rihanna naked, covered in chrome-colored liquid. Rihanna has been raped by the Devil and covered with his semen. She seems in pain and not herself. On the frame above we see her inside a triangle. This is VERY symbolic. For occultists, an upwards triangle represents the phallus, the penis, male energy. Rihanna is inside the triangle. She is completely “owned” and under the spell of the Devil’s energy.
    Look closely at the frame above. It appears very briefly at around 2:46 in the video. It is Rihanna on her knees, her head on the floor. It’s also something else: the face of the Devil! It has been made to look like “Baphomet” (see image), who is an intricate part of occult mysteries. You see the two eyes, snout and the long horns. This frame has been digitally manipulated to look like this because it is anatomically incorrect. No human can assume this position in real life. This image has been placed on purpose and only for a fraction of second. Classic subliminal message.

    So Rihanna has been raped and we saw the face of the Devil, so what’s next?
    Rihanna has now become the “Bad Girl” dressed in black. She is surrounded by 6 black clad men (like Jay-Z at the beginning), to represent her state of possession. She dances suggestively with a closed umbrella, which represents a phallus. The Devil has won, he has taken over Rihanna. And she is asking for more. At the end of the song, Rihanna asks her rapists to come into her again. Sick.

    It’s raining
    Ooh baby it’s raining
    Baby come into me
    Come into me
    It’s raining
    Oh baby it’s raining

    The “ooh baby” makes it clear that we’re not talking about raindrops falling from the sky. It means she is wet and ready to welcome the Devil again inside her.

    The analysis of Rihanna’s Umbrella was to prove the fact that the general public is blind to the hidden messages omnipresent in mass media. Kids from all over the world sing and dance to this song while registering unconsciously the hidden layers of symbolism.

    To finish off this great report on Rihanna’s masterpiece of deceit, here’s her performance at the MTV Europe awards. Once again, HEAVY occult symbolism here.

    Rihanna is dressed in a priestess costume surrounded by pyramids with illuminated capstones. There is no mistaking the occult significance of those symbols, who confirm the fact that this song is way more than simple love song. Umbrella was the first single of the album “Good Girl Gone Bad”. The second single was “Disturbia” and represents Rihanna’s state of mind while she under the control of the Evil Entity.

    Before leaving a comment, please make sure that I’m VERY AWARE of the fact that Rihanna DID NOT WRITE this song and this fact changes ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in the analysis.
  • Katie from St. Paul, MnTrain's cover on the Golden Gate edition of Save Me San Francisco is leagues better than the original!
  • Indigo from Adelaide, AustraliaGerard Way, lead singer of My Chemical Romance one sung this at one of their concerts. it was awesome.
  • Ivana from Edgewood, MdI really love this song! I got the lyrics so I could sing it sometime and record.I'd like to sing it for my boyfriend. It's one of the best love songs I've heard. It's really sweet!
  • Nicole from Syracuse, NyThere is also another way this song can be explained. It's a very convincing argument, to tell you the truth, if you have an open mind.
  • Connie from Anthony, KsAll Time Low also recorded their own version of this. I love that version!! The Rihanna one is pretty good also
  • John from Mansfield, TxFolks in the Upper Gulf Coast from New Orleans to Galveston will certainly be needing their Umbrella-Ella-Ella's this week due to Hurricane Gustav!!
    Seriously though,I hope everyone is safe and sound and comes out okay!!
    Now back to the song:'Umbrella'is a catchy little ditty about loyalty and faithfullness,
    plus you can't forget the chorus!!
    By the way,have you seen MAD TV's parody"Under Barack Obama"with Nicole Parker as Hillary Clinton and Keegan Michael Key as Barack Obama??
    It's Hilarious!!
  • Joshua from Little Rock, ArIt's a really catchy song with decent lyrics... I mean Rihanna pulled off the "ellas" and made a weird lyric the most memorable part of the song! lol
  • Chidinma from Mcdonough, Gahfhlrgrj
  • Julia from Richmond, Hill, GaThis is an amazing song! It is something that totally gets your flirtacious part of you going!
  • Christina from Karlstad, -I love this song. A swedish metalband called Lillasyster have done a great cover of it ^^
  • Theo from Johannesburg, South Africafor a long time i thought she was singing "you could be under my arm forever"!!!LOL!!!!!!
  • Elmer from Honolulu, Hii love this song before, and now i hate it, i like "Say It Right" than this song.
  • Alex from New York, Nymy boyfriend just dumbed me over the phone just now he was the cutest boy in school :(
  • Alex from New York, Nythis song isooo cool i just bought good girl gone bad i also love shut up and drive!!!
  • Nicole from N/a, Wiim with aggie on the song. it grew on me too.
  • Rene from San Francsico, CaI love this song, when i first heard it i thought of friendship and things that are meaningful for a friend...then chris brown showed up and ruined it! now its about love which to me is a cliche'
  • Aggie from Suva, Otherat first i thought this song was GAGH! but it sort of grew on me (thx to the countless no. of ppl who'd be singing it out loud everywhere!)
    Rihanna's lyrics are pretty regular & nothing spectacular.
  • Lauren from Trophy Club, Txthis song was ok but the cover done by scott simons was much better.
  • Jack from Newark, DeIf this song sucked any harder it would be a vaccuum cleaner. I would be sad, too, if my mind was so empty that it liked this song.
  • Carrie from Milford, OhI love this song, as sad I am to admit it.
  • William from Pontypool, WalesI just love this song! Every time it comes on I sing to it. It is one of the best songs I have ever heard. It may start to rain every time it comes on, but it is still good.
  • Krissy from Boston, MaThis has to be the most annoying song I have ever heard.
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