Pretty Angry (For J. Sheehan)

  • i wish i drank tequila
    I wish i stayed up late
    But lately when the sandman comes
    You know i just can't wait
    No lately i can't wait
    And we packed up all your boxes
    It's all been hauled away
    I never stare at walls so bare
    'cause something always stays
    Yeah something of you stays
    And i want to shout from my guitar
    Come out come out wherever you are
    The joke is over open up your eyes
    A heart like yours it never dies
    And i found your keys behind your chair
    I still can see you sitting there
    This isn't funny don't fool around
    You let me go... you let me down
    And i guess i'm still pretty angry
    And i don't want to be
    I don't know which was the bigger waste of time
    Missing you or wishing instead it was me
    I wish i walked on water
    Pulling rabbits from my sleeve
    Guessing cards and saving everyone
    I wish i still believed
    Oh i wish that i believed
    That i could also channel voices
    That i've endured the burning blade
    That i could make some of your choices
    I wish i weren't afraid
    Of those choices that you made
    Like i could give you what you need
    So ally ally oxen free
    The game is up and i give in
    So show yourself so that you can win
    Come claim your prize and i don't care
    I still can see you standing there
    How you could leave, how you could lie
    You cut me off in mid reply
    The will to win the urge to race
    I still can see it on your face
    Thought i'd keep up but only crashed
    I wasn't built to move that fast
    Thought i could match you stride for stride
    But i was on the other side
    And holding on to the safety rail
    With knuckles white complexion pale
    A could of dust and you were gone
    Thought i would catch you later on
    I limped behind your race was won
    But were you racing or on the run?
    How you enjoyed, you loved to drive
    And i'm destroyed... 'cause i'm alive
    'cause i'm alive
    (chorus x2)
    Writer/s: JOHN C. POPPER
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Lisa Wolf from Doniphan, MoNot to say anything bad about the bass player Bobby Sheehan, but, yes he died in his sleep, but the full story is he died in his sleep do to drugs.

    The only reason I mention it is maybe knowing that will help others to avoid taking drugs themselves. Not to desecrate the memory of this great bass player.
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